LEGO Fortnite: How To Get Bait Buckets? And Fish Locations

Get to know everything about the newly added bait bucket in LEGO Fortnite and learn how to craft and use it.

LEGO Fortnite now features an exciting new fishing mechanism that adds more fun to the gameplay. To fish, players can use a fishing rod and look for whirlpools in the game. However, it can be tricky to find them sometimes, and that’s where a bait bucket in LEGO Fortnite comes in handy.

Key Takeaways
  • With bait buckets, you create a whirlpool for yourself.
  • There are four types of Bait buckets that you can craft in the game, and each has different fish in their whirlpool.
  • A Whirpool is a small circle of waves with a highlighted color that helps differentiate it from entire body of water.
  • Grey, green, blue, and purple whirlpools represent common, uncommon, rare, and epic items.
  • You must make fish fillets using the food processor to make bait buckets.
  • Each fish gives different loot when you catch them.

How To Craft The Bait Bucket In LEGO Fortnite?

LEGO Fortnite Bait Bucket
LEGO Fortnite Bait Bucket Recipe [Screenshot by eXputer]
To craft the bait bucket, you have to do the following tasks first:

  1. The bait bucket is unlocked as soon as you catch a fish.
  2. Each bait bucket has a different recipe to craft them.
  3. After catching a fish using the fishing rod, you must craft the food processor to make fish fillets. 
  4. Add the fillet and the required ingredients to the Juicer, and you will craft a bait bucket.

Each category of bait bucket has a different recipe. 

Name Recipe
Common Bait Bucket1x Fish Fillet
Uncommon Bait Bucket1x Fish Fillet
2x Vines
3x Raspberry
Rare Bait Bucket1x Bait Bucket
3x Corn Kernel
3x Pumpkin Seed
3x Pepper Seed
Epic Bait Bucket1x Bait Bucket
1x Slap Juice
1x Spicy Burger

Types Of Fish And Their Locations

Bait Bucket LEGO Fortnite
Bait Bucket in Food Processor [Screenshot by eXputer]
There are, in total, 15 types of Fish in LEGO Fortnite, and each fish gives different loot. Like Bait buckets and fishing rods, fish are divided into four categories. Some rare fish give more than just fillets.

Below, The table provides all the information regarding each fish’s category, name, location, and loot:

CategoryNameLocation Loot
CommonBlue Small FryGrassland and Dry Valley1x Fish Fillet
Green FlopperLakes in every biome2x Fish Fillet
Orange FlopperEvery Body of Water2x Fish Fillet
Blue FlopperAll Shores2x Fish Fillet
+ Recipe for Wavebreak Charm
UncommonCuddle JellyfishAll Shores3x Slurp Juice
Purple Thermal FishDry Valley and Grassland Shores1x Fish Fillet
2x Brightcore
Raven Thermal FishDry Valley and Grassland Shores1x Fish Fillet
2x Brightcore
Silver Thermal FishFrostland1x Fish Fillet
1x Frost Shell
2x Brightcore
Slurp JellyfishAll Shores3x Slurp Juice
Black and Blue Shield FishShores, Grasslands, Dry Valley2x Fish Fillet
1x Uncommon Knight Shield
+ Unlocks recipe for Black and Blue Shieldfish Sushi
RareBlue SlurpfishGrasslands1x Fish Fillet
2x Slurp Juice
Purple SlurpfishFrostlands, Grasslands Shores, Sandy Shore1x Fish Fillet
2x Slurp Juices
Yellow SlupfishDry Valley and All Shores1x Fish Fillet
2x Slurp Juices
Molten Spicy FishDry Valley1x Fish Fillet
1x Blast Core
+ Unlocks recipe for Spicy Fish Sandwich
EpicVendetta FlopperCaves in Grasslands1x Fish Fillet
2x Blast Powder
+ Unlocks recipe for Reflection Charm

And that will be all the necessary information regarding bait buckets and types of fish. Each fish will spawn in their respective color Whirlpool: Grey for Common, Green for Uncommon, Blue for Rare, and Purple for Epic. I liked the bait bucket. Finding a whirlpool is tricky, as you might find it challenging to find the epic whirlpool, but the bait bucket helped me find the Vendetta Flopper, a significant ingredient for Reflection Charm.


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