Counting Down Games That Are Best Off Experienced Once

It's never going to feel the same anymore.

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  • Certain video games are so immersive and immaculate in storytelling, that they’re one of a kind.
  • That means that you won’t have the same experience with ’em on your second or third playthroughs.
  • Titles like Inscryption, Subnautica, and Tunic are perfect examples of the thought at hand. 

The gaming industry has given rise to a plethora of games over the years, but only a small percentage of the games pushed out have been able to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of players. While the titles I’m about to talk about are extremely rich In quality — offering you a one-of-a-kind experience — they aren’t without their due shortcoming, and that’s replayability. 

Once you’ve gone through these games, they’re not going to give you the same feeling of rush anymore, so if the replay value of your games is something you care about cautiously, I’ve written a separate piece for those, counting down titles with insane value-to-money proportions.   

You Don’t Want To Miss These Experiences 

Oh, and before we get started, it bears mentioning that you should leave a comment down below in case you have a suggestion to add to the listicle. 

1. Inscryption

Inscryption Isn’t Something You’d Want to Miss Out On | Source: Steam 

To begin with, we’ve got ourselves one heck of a card-based game that knows how to keep players on the edge of their seats perfectly. Inscryption is a title of multiple talents. That’s in the sense that this game — and this comes off as a spoiler as well — blends different genres together, hopping from an escape room style to one that feels more like atmospheric horror. It’s an overall fantastic game that you should check out. 

You can also finish Inscryption in a span of 20 hours, which I would say is a comfortable figure for even those with busier-than-usual lives.

2. Subnautica 

Best Twitch games Subnautica
Subnautica’s Lore Goes Way Deeper Than You Think | Source: Steam

Another highly worth-it game that I believe you should pursue is Subnautica. This is a title that’s all about mystery, because you never know what type of threat awaits you the next time you head out into the deep blue after departing from the shallows. It’s stressful as heck, I’ll give it that, but offers one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences one could ever have. 

It’s also got a fantastic storyline, with little bits of lore that you can gather to piece everything together. 

3. Tunic

Tunic Is Not Your Average Action Game | Source: Tunic Team

That feeling when you dive into Tunic blindly not knowing what it is and how it does what it does is something that I’d never take away from anyone. This is one of those hidden masterpieces in gaming that barely a lot of people know about, considering the level of quality and the popularity on display. It’s enjoyed from an isometric perspective, and features a progression system that, let’s just say, isn’t what’s usually found in games. 

At the end of the day, I recognize Tunic as a video game treasure that does not get recommended enough.

4. Return Of The Obra Dinn 

Return Of The Obra Dinn
Return of the Obra Dinn Sports a Masterclass in World Design | Source: Lucas Pope

An indie game of such stature should probably be getting more acclaim, but it’s like Return of the Obra Dinn is a little secret of players like me and you who like exploring more than just the usual in gaming. This is an adventure-style title that will keep you hooked from start to finish, though yes it’s true that once you beat it, it’s not going to be the same on your second playthrough. 

5. Outer Wilds 

Outer Wilds
Outer Wilds Is a Personal Favorite | Source: 

Just in case you’ve grown sick of killing people in video games, here’s a recommendation where you don’t have to do that necessarily. In Outer Wilds, knowledge is power, and learning is progress. The challenges and levels locked at the start of the game aren’t by force. If you know the secrets to the title early on, you may as well proceed along those as well right at the start, but that’s not how the brilliant structure of this game works. 

Mobius Digital, under the publishing hand of Annapurna Interactive, has worked up a sure-fire wonder here, making a game rooted so purely in action-adventure, it’s an immense pleasure playing through it. 

6. Nier: Automata 

game 30
Nier: Automata Is RPG Bliss | Source: PlatinumGames                                         

Last but surely not least, Nier: Automata is a personal favorite of mine, and one of the best games deserving a spot on this list. This dystopian action-adventure comes with mesmerizing soundtracks, an incredible atmosphere that really immerses you into the game like no other, and, of course, remarkable combat gameplay to keep players engaged and hooked. 

In addition to those traits, Nier: Automata excels in the storyline aspect, having its central characters built around a strong plot that unravels itself with time. The multiple perspectives part is one of the most interesting things about the game, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. 

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