Some Of The Greatest Moments In Underrated Games

From Supernovas to betrayals, even games on a smaller scale end up delivering extensively.

God Of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and even FPS titles like Call Of Duty have their moments. These intense or shocking moments can come from shifts in the story, or just an insanely good play you made in a certain match.

Moments like these differ amongst players, but moments like these come in many different types of games, not all as big as the aforementioned.

No matter the genre or the game’s overall integrity, many games end up delivering memorable or somewhat intense moments or scenes that resonate with a player. I have played many titles that delve into the explorative, psychological, and even beautiful aspects of these titles, and from this, I compiled some moments, that I won’t soon forget.

A Picture In Motion – FURI

 Furi is a game about taking on jailers one at a time until you’re free from their clutches. These jailers are no ordinary men, they are skilled warriors bent on putting you back in your cell. Taking on these behemoths, coupled with the intense music, makes for an experience like no other.

Before every boss fight, there is a small monolog-type sequence that delves into a more cinematic tone and targets a musical front. These scenes are an opener for every boss, but this particular one hits on a whole other scale.

After the second boss, I got used to these beautiful segments. Still, this one had amazing scenery, great dialogues, expressive camera angles, and some of the best music I have ever heard.

YouTube video

The game consistently keeps up with this tone but what is achieved at this moment is unbeatable. Hence this moment became one of my most beloved, both in sound and visual quality.

The Fate Of The Sun – Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a little game that takes big steps in the exploration world. Taking a clear resemblance to No Man’s Sky and a time loop mechanic, the game focuses on exploration rather than combat. The entire focus is going through the solar system, trying to find clues about past civilizations, and the universe itself.

At one point after around 20 minutes, the solar system starts feeling weird. The stars seem to have disappeared, the comets have disappeared, the hourglass twins complete their interchange of sand, and the sun looks very… offsetting. All these things occurring at the same moment seem coincidental, and finally, this particularly exotic track plays, and we realize what’s coming.

The Sun at this moment is extremely red as it reached the red giant stage. This can’t be possible as this stage comes millions of years later, but it would seem that we were unlucky enough to be born near the end. After the music ends, the sun shrinks and finally, explodes into a huge supernova, ending this loop exquisitely.

YouTube video

This scene has a lot of weight, the end of the universe is nigh, and you are the only one who has the necessary power to fix it, however, you can. With the stakes as high as they can get, and your enemy being your greatest resource, this moment is beyond impressive.

Becoming the Hollow Knight – Hollow Knight

Hollow knight is a 2d platformer that dives into extensive lore and extremely timed combat, often so difficult it could give Elden Ring a run for its money. The story in the game is confusing to the player as there is no clear clue as to why we are there, but as the story progresses, we understand the bigger picture.

As we go through the story, we realize that the king of this realm decided to contain a certain virus using a being with no emotions. As we play the game we realize that the virus is seeping through the world, and we, as an emotionless entity can overtake the previous caretaker and fulfill the duty bestowed upon us.

YouTube video

After this moment, I felt a slew of emotions, on one hand, I was happy we succeeded, but on the other, it felt unbearable to think that our protagonist was never going to see the light of day again, a very insightful segment indeed.

“Jim, Jim… Stanley” – The Stanley Parable

When presented with two identical doors, the narrator says, “When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he entered the door on his left.” This is the first of many choices one will make in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

The game makes some extremely mind-bending twists, but one of them is your own creation, the creation of the players that is. At one point, the narrator gives the option to skip his dialogue by going forward in time, and if you do this too much, the ending is absolutely heart-wrenching.

At one point the narrator leaves and Stanley is left alone to wander. While moving around doing nothing, Stanley ends up in a room of buttons, in which one of those, says his name.

YouTube video

The significance of this can only be understood by someone who has played the game. The narrator is an odd individual, but doing something like this, from a character so cold, felt so human.

These were just a handful of my most memorable moments, and easily some of my most beloved. Although there are many more I would love to include, these will never be overtaken by any other title. Do you have any memorable moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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