Seeing Marvel Vs. Capcom And The Punisher Return Truly Made My Day

Thank You, Capcom. How about a Dino Crisis next?

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  • Capcom’s arcade revival streak continues, as the long-awaited Marvel vs. Capcom makes its entry.
  • With improved features like rollback, training modes, and artwork museums, it’s an incredible revival.
  • As if the Marvel fighting games weren’t solid enough, Capcom added The Punisher as a cherry on top.

Arcade games have a special place in my heart, as they serve as my gaming origin story. My journey begins with going to the nearest arcade to enjoy a couple of Tekken and Street Fighter matches with my friends, or booting up the good old arcade emulator at home to play Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara.

Thus, whenever I see an arcade game return now, it fills me with indescribable joy and serenity, as I immediately flashback to the nostalgic times when I was nothing more than a starry-eyed kid with an extreme passion for video games. And today, my reason to be happy is Part 2 of Capcom’s Fighting Collection.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom Finally Got Its Turn

Capcom is one of the biggest names around, but what you don’t is that the iconic developer was equally prominent during the arcade era. Resident Evil and Devil May Cry isn’t the only thing Capcom can do. Never forget Alien vs Predator, D&D: Shadow over Mystara, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and Final Fight. These were the games that made my day, back in the day.

Anyone play/remember this game? PEAK 90s’ arcade experience! AVP 4-player brawler, CAPCOM 1994
byu/darceezy inLV426

If there’s a company that cares deeply about its past classics and actively revives them, it’s Capcom. You know very well about the Resident Evil series, but Capcom has made an equally commendable effort for its arcade classics. This is but one of the many “collections” the developer has released to honor its retro gems.

There are plenty of past examples to praise Capcom for, but I’ll be sticking to this latest release today. Ever since Capcom started reviving arcade games, the demand to do the same for the past Marvel vs. Capcom entries has been pretty excessive. With the recent Nintendo Direct, it has finally become a reality.

Finally, Marvel vs. Capcom is back | Source: Steam
Finally, Marvel vs. Capcom is back | Source: Steam

Capcom said “Why Marvel vs. Capcom only? I’ll do you one better,” and brought the entire Marvel Collab saga back. As we know, this brilliant revival has everything from rollback netcode, a training mode for these classic gems, soundtrack compilations, and a museum mode to view awesome original artwork. It’s truly a great day for fighting game fans.

Growing up, X-Men vs. Street Fighter was among my favorite and most-played games. I vividly remember beating the lights out of my less-enthusiastic gamer friends with Wolverine and Akuma. This game’s return has made me the happiest guy on Earth.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter, my beloved | Source: Amy Rose Long... (YouTube)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter, my beloved | Source: Amy Rose Long… (YouTube)

The Punisher Was The Biggest Surprises For Me

Now, to address the stuff that still feels like a dream to me. Ever since the Darkstalker collection was released and the demand for Marvel vs. Capcom skyrocketed, I was ready to see these someday, but never did I imagine that the iconic Punisher Beat ’em up game I enjoyed as a kid would be tagging along as well.

Capcom’s Punisher Arcade Game is coming back via “Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics” for the PS4, Switch, and PC this year
byu/TheBigGAlways369 inthepunisher

Punisher is a pretty unique character in the Marvel Universe. With nothing supernatural but only his training and anger at his disposal, this anti-hero is ready to go to any lengths to rid the world of the heinous criminals other “heroes” refuse to rough up beyond a certain limit. Murder, kidnap, torture, nothing stops him. He’s a much more brutal version of Batman.

Pretty surprised at The Punisher's return | Source: IMDB
Pretty surprised at The Punisher’s return | Source: IMDB

This no-holds-barred personality, and the willingness to do stuff to heartless criminals we all thought at some point is what earned him the respect and adoration of countless fans. Thus, a game featuring The Punisher was bound to be entertaining, especially since it was by Capcom, the masters of Beat ’em up. It’s a rather niche game among Capcom’s vast lineup, but it’s deathly engaging and fun all the same.

Anyone a fan of The Punisher arcade game by Capcom? Just started it today and having a great time so far!
byu/whistlerite inretrogaming

Being able to beat the living hell out of bad guys with guns, knives, and anything at your disposal is a sublime feeling. I never expected this game to make a return at this point, but man, I cried out with joy when I saw the trailer.

More Revivals Please, Capcom

I know it’s still a little early, and I might sound ungrateful, but I want as much of Capcom’s buried gems to be revived as possible.

The tech giant still has a lot to do. Remember the interest-gauging survey that happened not too long ago? Do you know what was at the very top of it when the results were issued? That’s right, Capcom seriously needs to do something about Dino Crisis now. The revival train is going smoothly, don’t let it stop there. Until it reaches the Dino Crisis station, it needs to keep going.

Dino Crisis was the most requested capcom game for a sequel or new game
byu/Ok_Canary5591 inDinoCrisis

Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful for Capcom’s genuine effort to revive its classics. But I’ve vowed not to skip any opportunity to demand a Dino Crisis revival, so here I am.

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