N64: Recompiled — Creating Native PC Ports Is A Godsend For Game Preservation

Goes to show just how incredible fan-created projects are.

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  • N64: Recompiled, a fan-created tool did what seemed unreal; created native PC ports of N64 games.
  • Multiple, perfectly functional ports like Majora’s Mask have been created, and more are on the way.
  • It has done more for game preservation than the companies ever did; massive respect for the creators.

Just as video games have evolved considerably over the years, so has the potential of modding and fan-generated content. In the past, games had to be taken for granted, and there was nothing we could do but plead to the developers if anything needed fixing or improvement. Now, all of this is possible by adding mods to the game. 

That’s not all we owe to the creative fans who put their dedication into making games better for all of us. There are many instances of when fans did stuff even the companies that ought to have done so, didn’t. A good example of this is making long-lost games accessible. Speaking of which, you’ve got to keep an eye out on the revolutionary new project, N64: Recompiled.

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What is N64: Recompiled?

You must be wondering, what exactly is this N64: Recompiled? As the name implies, it’s a tool that recompiles your N64 ROMs and turns them into native PC ports for you to play. Created by Wiseguy, it’s available to download on GitHub.

No, I’m definitely serious, it’s not a joke. Seems too good to be true, right? Except it is, and there are no words to express my delight. On top of that, it’s extremely simple to use. All you have to do is download the utility, feed it your ROMs, watch it process them, and Voila. Your game is ready to be played. 

Recompilation: An Incredible New Way to Keep N64 Games Alive
byu/terrcraftguy inemulation

I’m no expert on its working, so I apologize in advance if I’m wrong. N64: Recompiled essentially translates a Nintendo 64 ROM into a modern language readable by your PC, creating an executable that can run natively, not by emulation. All this can be achieved in a matter of minutes, in contrast to the lengthy development procedures. It is indeed a revolutionary tool.

You can check the tool out yourself | Source: Wiseguy (GitHub)
You can check the tool out yourself | Source: Wiseguy (GitHub)

Majora’s Mask Is Here, A Lot More Possible

If you’d like to experience the wonders of the tool first-hand, there’s already a working Majora’s Mask PC port out there that you can play right away. It features widescreen support, and higher frame rates, and runs so smoothly that you can very much mistake it for an official release. No janky controls, no input lag, it’s like reliving a sublime dream.

If you think that’s incredible, I have some news for you. “What can be more amazing than a native Majora’s Mask?” It’s the future possibilities that it unlocks. Theoretically, it is possible to create native ports of each and every N64 game out there, and that’s not all. It can be upscaled to other platforms if it can be successfully applied to Nintendo 64.

A perfectly functional PC port which isn't official, it's still hard to believe | Source: GitHub
A perfectly functional PC port which isn’t official, it’s still hard to believe | Source: GitHub

Catch my meaning? All the forsaken gems stuck on obsolete hardware will get to see the light of day once again. Your PC will become an all-encompassing gaming device, a safe haven for all these defunct platforms. But first, excuse me for a moment while I go and enjoy the hell out of native PC ports of these N64 games.

N64 Recompiled and retro gaming preservation: what are your thoughts?
byu/rafaeloiticica inn64

Hands Off, Nintendo

Whenever I see a creative project like this, I’m both overcome with joy and fearful for its future, as I don’t need to remind you just whose property is Nintendo 64. 

Nintendo’s absolute hatred for everything fan-generated is a secret to none. Whether it be emulators that uphold game preservation, creative mods that brighten people’s lives like Garry’s Mod, or anyone respecting Nintendo’s content by taking inspiration from it, the tech giant will shoot it down without mercy. It’s doing nothing but discouraging people who are free publicity.

It feels like Nintendo doesn’t want us to play older games until they say we can…
byu/Kirbykoopa inRoms

However, before Nintendo comes any closer to the brilliant N64: Recompiled, it should be known that the project isn’t breaking any rules. N64: Recompiled doesn’t provide any ROMs to you, neither built-in nor download links. It is not promoting piracy in any way. It requires the user to supply the ROMs and then translate them into PC ports.

So hands off, Nintendo. This mind-blowing initiative is doing your work for you. Preserving your games and re-sparking people’s interest in them, what more do you need?

Getting to play these again is a sublime feeling | Source: NineteenEighty9 (Reddit)
Getting to play these again is a sublime feeling | Source: NineteenEighty9 (Reddit)

Props To The Creators For Upholding Game Preservation

I’ve discussed this extensively before, but video game preservation is in serious danger. Countless gems and classics that helped shape the gaming of today are now on the verge of destruction, yet the companies that ought to preserve them are doing nothing. 

Game preservation is important
byu/NotSkoobie ingamecollecting

Not only that but companies like Nintendo are hurting any attempts to preserve games as well. You don’t want to protect these gems? Fine. At least let someone else do it so that tomorrow’s gamers get to experience this beautiful medium’s origins.

In a time of crisis, steps like N64: Recompiled are a godsend. I have nothing but respect for all the dedicated people out there who are doing their best to preserve games. They enable us to enjoy these gems once again. I hope this initiative leads to something even more impressive, and that fans continue to support the industry, despite these companies trying to make their lives hell.

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