The Next Naruto Game Should Let Go Of The Storm Series

The vast world of Naruto deserves an immersive experience that surpasses the previous titles.

Story Highlights

  • Naruto is long overdue for a new entry that brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise.
  • Previous games like The Broken Bond laid the foundation for an immersive open-world experience.

As a veteran Naruto fan, I’ve spent countless hours reliving iconic moments through the Storm series. The arena battles were electrifying, capturing the essence of the anime’s dynamic jutsu clashes and character interactions. However, with Naruto X Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections falling short of its predecessors, I believe it’s time to acknowledge the series’ creative stagnation. Therefore, the next Naruto game should courageously depart from familiar territory and embrace unexplored possibilities.

Storm Connections Failed To Recapture The Quality Of Previous Titles

Naruto Storm Connections became the most lackluster entry in the franchise
Naruto Storm Connections became the most lackluster entry in the franchise

While Connections delivered decent environments and animations, its core gameplay lacked the innovation and refinement present in earlier installments. The combat system felt derivative, lacking the complexity and combo depth that fostered mastery in previous titles. Furthermore, the story mode, once a highlight, became a repetitive retread of familiar territory, failing to offer compelling new narratives or character interactions.

Another element that was degraded was the graphical quality of the game. This does not mean that I want mindblowing graphics since the game was also released on the current-gen systems. However, the fact that the quality in Storm 4, a game released 8 years ago, is better than the latest entry, we’ve got issues regarding the developer’s commitment to deliver a decent title.

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The boss battles, one of the important highlights of the Naruto Storm games have reduced difficulty which removes any sort of challenges the previous games gave me. Also, removing the 3D cutscenes in favor of screenshots from the anime makes the story mode bland in comparison to the previous titles. Increasing the saturation doesn’t leave much of an impact either as I prefer the darker look from prior titles.

This decline in quality isn’t a singular misstep. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution also showed signs of diminishing returns, relying heavily on roster bloat and rehashed content instead of introducing meaningful gameplay changes. While nostalgia holds value, relying solely on past successes risks creative stagnation and alienating fans yearning for a more refreshing experience.

The Potential Of A Detailed Open-World Naruto Experience

Naruto's World can be expanded into an immersive open-world experience
Naruto’s World can be expanded into an immersive open-world experience

Instead of rehashing the arena formula, the next Naruto game should explore the vast potential of an open-world experience. Naruto: The Broken Bond, released exclusively for the Xbox 360, offered a glimpse of this untapped potential. While technically limited by its platform, The Broken Bond laid the foundation for a deeper, more immersive Naruto game.

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Imagine exploring a meticulously reconstructed Hidden Leaf Village, bustling with life and teeming with opportunities. Players could train with Kakashi, complete missions for Tsunade, or simply wander the streets, soaking in the atmosphere. Imagine venturing beyond the village, exploring iconic locations like the Land of Fire, the Akatsuki hideout, or the Valley of the End, each locale rich in detail and offering unique challenges and secrets to uncover.

This open world wouldn’t simply be a backdrop; it would be woven into the core gameplay. Quests could range from simple fetch-and-deliver tasks to complex moral dilemmas, aligning with the character’s personality and goals. Open-world exploration could unlock hidden jutsu training grounds, rare resources for crafting, or even secret missions that flesh out the lore.

Give Boruto A Chance To Shine

Boruto has the potential to provide a fresh take if executed properly
Boruto has the potential to provide a fresh take if executed properly

While Naruto remains a beloved protagonist, I still think that the next game shouldn’t shy away from exploring the world of his successor, Boruto. Connections attempted to bridge the two characters, but it mostly sidelined Boruto in favor of retreading Naruto’s story. The next game should offer a dedicated Boruto experience, either solely focusing on his journey or featuring a narrative split between him and Naruto.

Boruto’s world presents exciting possibilities. The technology advancements and new jutsu styles create a distinct gameplay landscape. The political climate and generational conflicts offer fertile ground for engaging narratives. Exploring Boruto’s perspective allows players to witness the legacy of Naruto’s era unfold while forging new bonds and facing fresh challenges.

Important Elements The Next Naruto Game Should Focus On

The next Naruto game can expand upon great concepts from the Storm games while bringing in new mechanics as well
The next Naruto game can expand upon great concepts from the Storm games while bringing in new mechanics as well

While forging a new path beyond the Storm series, the next Naruto game should hold onto some beloved elements. By achieving this, the next game has the potential to not only to fans new to the anime but also to those who still hold the Ultimate Ninja Storm series special in their hearts. Here are the important elements I want the next game to focus on.

Diverse Roster

A diverse roster of established favorites and hidden gems can offer unique jutsu combinations and playstyles. However, the game should find the right balance between quantity and quality by making sure that every character feels unique instead of a reskin like Storm Connections. Also, character customization should allow for personalized appearances and jutsu load-outs, deepening immersion and encouraging replayability.

Captivating Narrative

A captivating narrative, whether focusing on Boruto, exploring new eras, or venturing into original stories, is crucial. Therefore, taking advantage of characters other than Naruto will allow the players to connect with them. Imagine playing as Kakashi and his time at Anbu Black Ops or playing in Itachi’s POV when he had to make the ultimate sacrifice of massacring his entire clan.

Engaging Combat Mechanics

Finally, responsive and engaging combat mechanics that reward experimentation and mastery will keep players coming back for more. By incorporating these valuable aspects, the next Naruto game can bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, creating an experience that both honors the past and excites the future.


Despite its more than a decade-long history, I know letting go of the Storm series might seem daunting, but it’s an opportunity for bold innovation. An open-world Naruto game with a focus on exploration, engaging narratives, and a chance to explore Boruto’s era has the potential to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers.

By embracing fresh ideas and building upon the strengths of past titles, the next Naruto game can write a new chapter of excellence for the franchise, leaving the Storm series as a cherished memory while forging a thrilling path into the future.


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