No Prototype 3 Even In 2024 Is An Issue, Seriously

This is one action franchise in dire need of a revival.

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  • The Prototype series by Activision and Radical Entertainment is a unique bundle of games. 
  • The last game in the franchise came out in 2012. Since then, there’s been no sequel to Prototype 2.
  • This is rather undesirable because the series itself boasts amazing potential for a new, modern-day game.

Video games that prioritize pure fun are almost always loved by their audience, but not all titles are made the same way, especially in the department of the open-world genre. However, if there’s one game franchise out there that hit the nail on the head with the “fun aspect” despite having its fair share of issues, of course, then I will have to put my finger on Activision’s Prototype—a balls to the wall action-adventure with a lot of punching power to its name. 

Before I go on and start blabbering about why I’m dedicating this piece to Prototype, you should know that the last title in the franchise came out more than a decade ago, and things have been left fairly barren on that front ever since. This is a huge tragedy, considering the premise surrounding the two Prototype games and the potential they can be pushed to if someone were to make a sequel that’s in tune with the times and tech of today.

Following its acquisition by Microsoft, Activision — the Prototype IP owner — was expected to at least start casting a lens on its buried, long-forgotten games starting the series at hand, but alas! Nothing as of yet, and the future is just as uncertain

The Prototype Games’ Adrenaline Is Unmatched

Starting off as a simpleton action-adventure game with modest-looking mechanics, I’d say that the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the Prototype series. To talk about the first one which was released all the way back in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, you could expect a fantastic storyline filled with plot twists and shocking turns, on top of its incredibly liberating free-roam gameplay, and a hell of a lot of powers and abilities.

It’s basically a game where you’re one sort of a villain, at least in the eyes of the average Joe who you can grab anytime, consume, and even shapeshift into without breaking a sweat, but in the grand scheme of things, yes Alex Mercer does save Manhattan from getting nuked to kingdom come, among other things. I don’t want to say anything further as far as the plot is concerned. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend you do. I really do. 

Prototype is still pure, mindless fun after all these years.
byu/longtimelurkerfirs inpatientgamers

Tantalizing Abilities 

Alex Mercer Is No Slowpoke
Alex Mercer Is No Slowpoke | Source: Steam

Once you start getting the hang of the movement and begin unlocking more powers, you’ll find it hard to put the controller down. That’s because Prototype offers fantastic creativity when it comes down to the abilities both Alex and James Heller, who is the protagonist in the second game, have and can acquire down the road. It’s possible to morph parts of your body into deadly weapons and wreak havoc upon your foes like a god of destruction.

It’s insane, really. 

All-Out Mayhem

Prototype 2
Prototype 2 Leaves No Stone Unturned in Terms of Offering Player Agency | Source: Radical Entertainment

Destruction and chaos are at the forefront of the Prototype games, and you’ll find enemy forces piling up in hundreds on-screen quite a few times because that’s the way of the series’ compensating for the overpowered protagonist so as not to make the whole thing seem too easy. In this way, a balance is maintained, much to the delight of players. 

A Chaotic Open-World Done Right 

Another facet of the Prototype games that I’ve personally grown to love over time is how great of a mission design do they possess. I mean, no linear formulas are followed, nor is there any restriction on how creative you can be when following an objective. Most of the restraints that apply to conventional open-world games where a particular mission fails the moment you go off-script do not apply here, and that’s flat-out amazing. 

YouTube video

Since you have the ability to go about missions in ways more than one, you never feel as if you’re held back by the game itself, and this type of freedom is severely lacking in the titles of today’s day and age. 

Is There A Possibility Of A New Game In The Series?

At this moment in time, there seems to be no news that would tell us that anything regarding the Prototype franchise is in the works, may that be a remake, remaster, or a new iteration instead. However, one indirect silver lining here is Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, which happens to be the Prototype IP owner.  

The gaming community needs Prototype 3.
byu/NewArtificialHuman ingaming

Fans — myself included — speculate that if there’s enough demand that word regarding the Prototype series reaches the higher ups, Microsoft could be inclined to look into the project more, and perhaps, create a new Prototype title exclusively for Xbox. Gauging the platform’s recent multi-platform approach, however, I don’t believe the exclusivity part will stick for long, but hey, that’s no worry as long as we get Prototype 3

I recommend taking to the forums of your choice and sparking a whole discussion there about how the gaming industry needs a new Prototype game. I know I’ll be treading along that route myself as well. 

Guys, Microsoft wants new games for GP and games as Xbox exclusives. Do you know what it means? We have to talk about Prototype everywhere, we have to show Microsoft that people are still interested in Prototype!” says one JustNobody_ on Reddit.

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