Here Are Some Awesome PS3 Games I’d Like To See Backwards Compatible

The PS3's catalog is solid gold.

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  • The PlayStation 3 is a timeless console, known for standing the test of time nearly two decades later.
  • Some of the games exclusive to the console have not been made backwards compatible. 
  • That means there is no way to play titles like Skate 3 on a modern-day platform right now. 

With PS3 emulation in the works for the PS5 reportedly, I have my hopes held high to be able to revisit an array of epic games that came out for the PlayStation 3 back in the day. It’s just that, this console has remained such an icon over the years, so many of its games are still relevant even to this day, though there’s no proper way of playing them on any modern-day platform.

That is, unless, you have your trusty ‘ol PS3 sitting around somewhere of course. 

This piece highlights some of the best PS3 games in the business right now that are much in need of backwards compatibility, Although the Classics Catalog is present for the PlayStation 5 console, allowing players to delve into many olden classics, I feel like the forthcoming games would benefit from this form of re-release even more, no questions asked.  

The PlayStation 3 Remains One Heck Of A Console

Make sure to post a comment down below in case you’ve got a game or two to talk about in this regard as well. 

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots 

Guns of the Patriot
Guns of the Patriot Is an Iconic Metal Gear Game | Source: Reddit

Kicking things off is the fantastic Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriot, which is considerably one of the best Metal Gear games of all time. The title focuses on the protagonist — Snake — like never before, with the campaign of the third-person shooter having some really teary-eyed moments in there, altogether pointing at a very well-designed storyline

My colleague Saad Ali wrote a feature on the game, iterating the desire of many how Metal Gear Solid 4 needs to be freed from its PS3 trap, thereby remarking, 

Nine years after discovering Metal Gear Solid and going through Sons of the Liberty, Snake Eater, and the original Metal Gear duology, I got my hands on Guns of the Patriots. Ready to witness the final chapter in the life of Solid Snake, I dived in and I’m glad I did.” 

2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Is A No Holds-Barred Action Game | Source: PlatinumGames

Back in 2013, Raiden got his Metal Gear spin-off in the name of Rising: Revengeance, although this is another story that the game never got the aftercare it really deserved in the name of a sequel, remake, or remaster. PlatinumGames’ action-packed masterpiece was unfortunately left out from receiving backward compatibility for newer-gen consoles, and that’s a huge misstep. 

The game is available on PC, but you cannot play it on a modern-day console, and I don’t see why. It’s an exceptional hack-and-slash title with cool boss fights, terrific soundtracks, great visuals, and an amazing overall experience. I highly recommend you try it out if you haven’t gotten around to playing it as of yet. 

3. God Hand 

God Hand Is One of My Best Experiences in Gaming
God Hand Needs to Make a Comeback | Source: Wallpaper Abyss

Although the makers of God Hand are no longer in motion, with the studio getting disbanded and many of the team members joining PlatinumGames, God Hand is a beat-’em-up icon, one that’s loaded to the brim with silly humor, great bosses, amazing gameplay, and just a fantastic vibe all over that makes me want to revisit this game once every month. 

The only problem is: Those who don’t have a PlayStation 2 or 3 and the OG game disc, which would be pretty impossible to find in today’s day and age, won’t be able to enjoy this classic

4. Skate 3 

Skate 3
Skate 3 Is an All-Time Icon | Source: EA 

One of the best skateboarding games ever made, I have more memories with Skate 3 than with my own family back from my childhood days, because this title was the heartthrob of every kid and teenager back in the day. The open-world setting, followed by the fantastic music, and impressive gameplay makes Skate 3 a legend of the business.

The title did go on to receive backward compatibility in 2016, but that only stayed true for Xbox consoles. PS5 and PC players still have to wait. 

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was Wolverine's brutal and violent nature at its best
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Will Always Remain Timeless | Source: Raven Software 

Coming across as one of the best movie tie-in games ever made, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the tale of Logan in marvelous fashion, putting gameplay front and center above other metrics, while also catering to an enjoyable plot, and remarkable visuals at the time. The most admirable aspect of the gameplay is how you have a free hand with bosses, being able to grapple most of them and throw them all over the boss fight arena at will.

You don’t get that kind of player agency with other games, and I would love to revisit it on a newer-gen console.  

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