Looking Back At Sekiro, The Most Badass Game FromSoftware Ever Made

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Story Highlights

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice came out all the way back in 2019, launching to massive critical acclaim.
  • The game is one of FromSoftware’s most unique works to date, featuring the lack of a stamina bar. 
  • Thanks to the deflection mechanic, Sekiro’s combat remains peerless in the Soulsborne franchise.

We all know FromSoftware to be that developer, creating titles that no one in the industry got to first and introducing a specific type of game that would go on to inspire myriad other developers to follow in its grand footsteps. However, out of all the different masterpieces the Japanese game maker has pushed out over the years, there’s one that stands out more in particular for what it truly brings to the table. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice remains my personal favorite to this day not just because of how difficult it can get or push you over the edge in terms of improving your skills retrospectively, but the way it executes its gameplay with magisterial swordplay, fantastic traversal, and meticulous enemy design makes Sekiro the most badass title FromSoftware has pushed out.

Let’s go into a bit more depth as to how this is so, followed by my brief take relating to the standing of Sekiro among the rest of FromSoft’s games. 

No Stamina Bar, No Problem

Wolf Going Up Against the Corrupted Monk
Wolf Going Up Against the Corrupted Monk | Source: PlayStation

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the only modern-day FromSoftware Soulslike that does not have the typical stamina bar, meaning that the player can attack, jump, dodge, and block an infinite number of times in quick succession without having to worry about the protagonist’s staying tirelessness.

Does that make the game less challenging? Heck no.

Sekiro still remains insanely skill-based, and if you think you have it any easier just because there’s no stamina restriction, you have another thing coming buddy. The battles you engage in Sekiro are designed in a way that you have to learn enemy attack patterns in order to make the game’s difficulty more reasonable for you. That’s the only way around it; no exceptions, and more on this in a little bit.  

Sekiro is the only FromSoftware game that requires pure skill to beat it.
byu/Anxious_Ad7145 inSekiro

Another part of Sekiro’s gameplay that I would like to draw attention to is the overall movement, which feels exceptionally more fluid and responsive as compared to the rest of the titans in FromSoftware’s arsenal. The fact that you can jump, dash, and sprint, use a specialized grappling hook, and effectively combine these three to exercise sublime traversal is what excites me the most when firing up Sekiro.

Is it controversial that Sekiro has far and beyond the best raw mechanics among any of the fromsoft games?
byu/Ashlityr infromsoftware

Furthermore, just don’t get me started about the game’s intricately designed world and the way it handles NPC interactions, though that is something FromSoftware is known for across the board and not just because of Sekiro. 

In an era where full-priced games are filled to the brim with microtransactions, locked out content, or boring open worlds with equally boring cut-and-paste content, occasionally a gem like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes along and reminds us why we play games in the first place,” says one Zombiecat on Steam.

Deflection Is King

And this is where you separate the good from the best. Sekiro’s gameplay heavily revolves around its “deflect” mechanic. On the PlayStation consoles, the L1 button is primarily employed to allow Wolf to deflect enemy attacks with his trusty Kusabimaru.

Almost every hostile move from your foes in Sekiro can be deflected, apart from those that are flagged as “Perilous.” Perilous attacks coming from enemies in the game are of three major types: Thrust, sweep, and grab, with each of them comprising their own way of evasion. The point is, mastering deflection in Sekiro is the actual way to go, as the game is as much about the offense as the defense. 

If you’re a series veteran, you probably already know what I’m on about. 

Sekiro was an absolute masterpiece
byu/I_5hould_Be_5tudying inpatientgamers

Is A Sequel To Sekiro On The Cards? 

Sekiro's Level Design Is Breathtaking | Source: Steam
Sekiro’s Level Design Is Breathtaking | Source: Steam

This is no Sleeping Dogs situation where hope for a sequel is absolutely bleak, because FromSoftware is still alive and kicking, and could easily look into a Sekiro successor down the road. As of the time of writing this, however, there’s been no official announcement nor a tease that would tell us that Sekiro 2 is in the works over at the developer’s office.

Some may even go as far as to say that we might never get a Sekiro sequel, but I’m not sure about being that much pessimistic. I mean, FromSoftware must be aware of the celebration around the title by both Soulslike and non-Soulslike enthusiasts, so it’s not like the studio will let the opportunity go to waste. Hopefully, that is. 

A Tip For Those Wanting To Get Into Sekiro

Get Sekiro at a Discount Right Now
Get Sekiro at a Discount Right Now

First off, get the game right now, especially if you’re on PlayStation or Xbox. Sekiro appears to be enjoying a discounted deal at the moment on both of these platforms, retailing for about $29.99 as opposed to its $59.99 default MSRP. The cherry on top? It’s the Game of the Year Edition that comes with the deal, allowing you quick access to bonus content in the name of the following: 

  • Reflection And Gauntlet Of Strength 
  • Remnants (These let you record your actions and leave messages for other players)
  • 3 Unlockable Cosmetic Skins

Unfortunately, those on PC will have to pay full price, but tell you what? You’d still be getting a lot more than just your money’s worth with this game. And just in case you still don’t want to pay that much on PC, just wait a couple of months and you’ll find the title on sale again. 

According to stats provided by Steambase, Sekiro is typically on sale every other month, so you may not have to wait that long in order to score a banger deal on this FromSoftware icon. 

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