The Last Of Us Series Has Remarkable Potential For Spin-Offs

It's time fore a new installment in the series, not another pointless remaster.

Story Highlights

  • The Last of Us has been one of the biggest gaming masterpieces in the last decade.
  • Fans are more than eager for more content and exploration to come out of the game’s universe.
  • Naughty Dog is sleeping on a goldmine of possibilities, which they need to make use of.

Ten years have passed since Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us, first graced our screens. The gripping narrative and immersive world have left a lasting mark on gaming history. Therefore, it’s only natural for fans to want more, pondering the untapped potential of The Last of Us universe.

While speculation about The Last of Us Part 3 is rampant, the universe created by Naughty Dog is ripe for exploration beyond the current timeline. Spin-offs could easily expand upon the rich lore created by Naughty Dog. Delving into unexplored narratives and characters can also captivate both old and new audiences.

A Joel And Tommy Prequel

The Last of Us introduced players to the complex dynamics between Joel and Tommy. The two brothers navigate the harsh post-apocalyptic world in order to survive to live another day. While the original game provided glimpses into their backstory, much of it remained untold. It left much room for exploration in a prequel.

A focused narrative on Tommy’s decision to join the Fireflies and his subsequent journey offers a fresh perspective. In the original game, we learned that following the outbreak, Joel and Tommy remained together for a while as bandits. However, the details of this period were more told than experienced.

A prequel could delve into the challenges they faced and the eventual parting of ways as Tommy embraced the Fireflies. Choosing Tommy as the protagonist for this prequel adds another layer. It’s an opportunity for players to witness his struggle to outgrow the shadow of his older, traumatized sibling. And cope with his death in Part 2.

How About Diving Deeper Into Joel And Tommy's Backstory?
How About Diving Deeper Into Joel And Tommy’s Backstory?

More About Tess

Tess, a character whose depth was barely scratched at in the first game, emerges as a compelling candidate for a prequel storyline. While players are familiar with Tess at the end of her life, the hints of a complex relationship between her and Joel beg for further exploration.

The original plot of the game even had Tess slated as the antagonist, chasing Joel and Ellie across the post-apocalyptic landscape. A prequel focusing on Tess would provide players with a deeper understanding of her character, exploring her life before and after the outbreak. What were her motivations? Why’d she agree to escort Ellie?

Moreover, a prequel could shed light on the relationship between Tess and Joel, providing context to their partnership and emphasizing why Tess was the driving force behind critical decisions, such as convincing him to escort Ellie after she got bit. Plus, we’d also find out just how she ended up commanding so much respect as a smuggler.

Tess's Story Was Barely Expanded Upon In Part 1
Tess’s Story Was Barely Expanded Upon In Part 1

Marlene’s Untold Journey

The Fireflies are a faction with a significant impact on the story despite their limited presence. At the helm of this organization was Marlene, a character whose backstory remains as enigmatic as Tess’s. A prequel centered on Marlene could explore her rise to leadership, the early years after the outbreak, and her pivotal role in Part 1.

Marlene’s connection with Ellie’s mother adds another layer of intrigue to her character. A prequel could delve into the nature of their close friendship, offering a glimpse into Marlene’s life before the chaos unfolded. The TV show also expanded upon the responsibility Marlene assumed after Ellie’s mother’s death.

Additionally, the years between The Last of Us: Left Behind and the main game remain largely unexplored. A prequel could bridge this gap, showcasing Marlene’s leadership of the Fireflies and the challenges she faced in navigating a world on the brink of collapse. The pursuit of a possible cure with Ellie could serve as a central plot point.

Marlene Has One Of The Most Interesting Stories In The Last Of Us
Marlene Has One Of The Most Interesting Stories In The Last Of Us

Faction Wars

The Last of Us introduces us to a world torn apart by the Cordyceps fungal outbreak, where factions like FEDRA, the Seraphites, and the Fireflies struggle for dominance. The multiplayer mode in The Last of Us already provides a glimpse into the conflicts between FEDRA and Fireflies, but a dedicated game or series could take this to a whole new level.

It’s no wonder that a spin-off idea centered around Faction Wars holds immense potential. Imagine a storyline where players are immersed in the complex dynamics between factions, individuals with stories to tell. The story could explore the shifting allegiances, personal sacrifices, and moral dilemmas faced by those caught in the crossfire.

This spin-off could take various forms, from intense warfare scenarios to more nuanced narratives following individuals within these warring factions who yearn for peace. It offers Naughty Dog an opportunity to build upon the already-established world while introducing fresh perspectives and characters.

Faction Wars In The Last Of Us
Faction Wars In The Last Of Us

A Global Perspective

The opening moments of The Last of Us are emotionally charged and set the tone for the entire game. However, the focus of the games is limited to a handful of characters. A compelling spin-off could shift the spotlight to another person or group, providing a unique perspective on the early days of the apocalypse.

Moreover, such a spin-off need not be confined to the borders of the United States. The Cordyceps outbreak is a global catastrophe, and exploring how other countries grapple with the same crisis would be a captivating endeavor. As shown in The Last of Us TV show, glimpses into the situation in Indonesia hinted at the worldwide scale of the disaster.

A spin-off could delve deeper into the struggles faced by families and communities across various continents, offering a mosaic of diverse narratives that enrich the overall lore. This concept is not entirely new, but its potential remains untapped. Billions of people are enduring similar hardships, presenting a unique story of survival, loss, and resilience.

The Last Of Us TV Show Gave Us A Glimpse At An International Perspective
The Last Of Us TV Show Gave Us A Glimpse At An International Perspective

Another Immune Person

Logically, the chances of Ellie being the sole immune individual in a world ravaged by the Cordyceps infection seem improbable. A spin-off exploring the existence of another immune person helps break the mold of narrative possibilities. Get it, “mold”, because Cordyceps is a fungus? Never mind.

The failure of the Fireflies’ experiment on Ellie does not necessarily mean other factions or governments have abandoned the quest for a cure. A spin-off could revolve around this new immune character, navigating a world filled with factions seeking to exploit their unique trait for their own, or the whole world’s benefit.

The narrative could unfold as a tense thriller, with the immune person caught between conflicting forces. This spin-off not only ties into the established lore but also offers an opportunity for Naughty Dog to craft an entirely new protagonist, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of The Last of Us.

Ellie Can't Possibly Be The Only Immune Person In The World
Ellie Can’t Possibly Be The Only Immune Person In The World

A Goldmine Waiting To Be Unearthed

The Last of Us universe is a tapestry woven with intricate characters and uncharted narratives. While the anticipation for Part 3 lingers, the potential for prequels offers an exciting avenue to delve into the untold stories of new and beloved characters. It’s evident that the universe crafted by Naughty Dog is a goldmine of untapped potential.

Naughty Dog has the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of their post-apocalyptic masterpiece. The Last of Us spin-offs have the potential to not only satisfy the hunger of fans but also to redefine its storytelling. The question is not whether there are more stories to tell, but when Naughty Dog will choose to tell them.

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