Forget Siege, Ubisoft Introduces R6 Maps And Operators in XDefiant Season 1

Season 1 shakes up the current meta.

Story Highlights

  • GSK joins the roster, bringing Siege tactics to XDefiant’s chaos.
  • Clubhouse from Rainbow Six Siege is getting a destructive makeover.
  • A new game mode, Capture the Flag will be available for all players.

XDefiant, the free-to-play shooter from Ubisoft, is about to get a whole lot more familiar for Rainbow Six Siege veterans. Season 1 begins July 2nd, and brings the German GSK faction from Siege with new modifications, a new version of the Clubhouse map, and the new game mode Capture The Flag.

Most of us are familiar with and love the strategic, technical nature of Rainbow Six Siege. It is about strategy, excellent tactical play, and most importantly, trigger discipline. XDefiant, on the other hand, can be described only as pure adrenaline. It’s a fast-paced, ability-driven game. So, the arrival of the GSK with its well-known gadgets and Siege’s strategic map layout is an interesting addition to the mix.

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Siege Expertise Meets XDefiant Speed

Get ready to see familiar faces (well, sort of). The GSK operators in XDefiant are similar to Siege’s GSG9 but with some differences that set them apart. It’ll include Jager’s trophy system to grab enemy grenades, the electrified barbed wire inspired by Bandit, and the iconic Blitz shield with its blinding flash.

This simply adds an entirely new dimension of planning to the mix, causing players to constantly have to adjust. Siege’s tactical gadgets next to XDefiant’s fast pace, it’ll be fantastic.

XDefiant GSK
Siege’s iconic German Ops are returning in XDefiant | Source: Ubisoft

A Familiar Map With A New Edge

In addition to adding operators, Ubisoft is also bringing a portion of Siege with them. Clubhouse, an iconic map renowned for its complex design, is getting an XDefiant makeover. Don’t get me wrong; the bar, kitchen, and server room are still part of the main structure. However, be prepared for a few surprises.

XDefiant Clubhouse
Clubhouse, the fan-favorite Siege map | Source: Ubisoft

The bar area is changing dramatically. There will be a second door instead of a single one; besides, the new layout reveals new perspectives. The kitchen might be completely blocked, which might make players change their plans on how to flank the enemies. The outside area is filled with even more vehicles and additional obstacles, which forms a completely distinct tactical environment. It adds a new spin to the familiar Clubhouse and will put most strategies players have had in mind to the test.

A Strategic Twist On XDefiant’s Mayhem

If the GSK operators and Clubhouse returning were not enough twists already, S1 ends up throwing out one more – Capture the Flag. This traditional game mode is a nice change of pace from the typical XDefiant chaotic deathmatch gameplay emphasis.

This mode fits perfectly into XDefiant’s gameplay because the game is, in general, rather fast-paced. It just turns into a constant back and forth throughout the map and flank attacks are needed to successfully capture the objective and the abilities are fully utilized to win the round. I find it exciting to imagine how the meta will shift with an all-new objective-based addition to the game.

Excited for capture the flag
byu/WhizCheezecz78 inXDefiant

Moreover, Season 1 completely changes the current XDefiant meta. Identifying how each of the GSK gadgets can be optimally used at XDefiant’s faster pace will be important. Similarly, mastering the art of capturing the flag will be a new skill to develop. On the other hand, these strategic elements also open the door for new players. Focusing on teamwork and objective-based play, XDefiant becomes more accessible to those who might not thrive in pure team deathmatch environments.

A Thriving Community

Combining elements from two already-popular franchises, XDefiant has all the potential to establish a large and numerous base of fans. Those into Siege get a chance to play their favorite operators in a different game, and those into XDefiant can get a taste of tactics. This results in a diverse player base which creates a healthy competition that allows players to exchange strategies, advice, and feedback on how well they have fared and how the game meta can be expanded upon.

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With Season 1 launching on July 2nd, the future of XDefiant holds plenty of promise. Ubisoft has stated that they will be bringing out new content for XDefiant regularly. New seasons will be released every three months to bring in extra content such as new operators, maps, and modes of gameplay.

Now XDefiant is no longer just a fast-paced arena shooting game. With Season 1, it has turned into a game that combines tactical elements with the feeling of an adrenaline rush. I believe that this approach can contribute to changes in the genre in the future and I look forward to seeing it unfold.

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