Will Ubisoft’s XDefiant Replace Rainbow Six Siege?

Free and fast-paced shooter with abilities offers a tactical twist.

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  • XDefiant injects a fun ability-driven twist but struggles to find its tactical depth.
  • It’s a fast-paced, free-to-play fix for those who find Siege a bit too slow.
  • XDefiant isn’t here to replace Siege, it’s an alternative for a different kind of tactical fix.

Ubisoft’s new free first-person shooter, XDefiant, is finally available for everyone after being delayed for so long. It takes the general features of Rainbow Six Siege and adds a twist thus having unique gameplay. Whether you’re a hardcore Rainbow Six Siege fan like me and ready to try something different or a newbie looking for an action-packed shooter, XDefiant has got you covered.

Unleash unique abilities and conquer the battlefield in XDefiant | Source: Ubisoft

All things considered, can XDefiant replace Rainbow Six Siege? After diving into XDefiant for the last couple of days, here’s my take: While it doesn’t aim at replacing Siege, it is a fun alternative with a of abilities and more outrageous actions.

XDefiant Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Ubisoft has a tradition of making their games a bit too pricey. Nevertheless, XDefiant is rather open to all players as it is a free-to-play game aimed at newcomers and hardcore players alike.

While Rainbow Six Siege might feel a bit slow-paced for some players, XDefiant boosts up the pace like adrenaline. Each match is fast-paced and ideal for people wishing to finish the game within a few minutes. This caters to players who prefer arcade-style games more focused on raw reflexes and shooting speed.

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Ubisoft has remained very consistent with the support of Siege and has been adding content and updates frequently. So far, a similar commitment is being shown for XDefiant. New maps, characters, and abilities could bring more diversity to the game and keep the players engaged. This is especially invaluable for any live service game, as it provides the players with new activities they can partake in and brings players back to the game.

The Growing Pains Of A New Game

The launch of XDefiant was not as smooth as planned and came with its share of technical problems. Issues with hit registration and latency quite often ruined the experience for me. It is incredibly frustrating and leads to situations where I die behind cover or shoot someone directly and can’t register a hit.

XDefiant hit registration and latency issues?
byu/Rhomaios_Exi inXDefiant

Furthermore, it also struggles to find its uniqueness. Objectives often feel simple and repetitive, capturing points or escorting a payload. Also the constant bunny hopping and run-and-gun with sniper rifles ruin the fun.

While the abilities add a fun twist, it also causes a lot of visual clutter. Explosions and ability effects constantly cover up the HUD, blocking the player’s vision. Ubisoft needs to find a balance between these abilities and maintaining a clear view of the gunfights to improve gameplay.

Not A Siege Killer, But A Thriving Alternative

So, can XDefiant replace Rainbow Six Siege? The answer is a straight NO, at least for now. While being free-to-play and having fast-paced action, it lacks the tactical complexity that has made Siege such a success.

However, that does not mean that XDefiant can not make its place in the first-person shooter genre. Players who enjoy a more casual, fast-paced experience will love XDefiant. It offers a unique pick-up-and-play experience perfect for shorter gaming sessions. With upcoming updates and the potential for new game modes, maps, and abilities, it has the chance to be Ubisoft’s next major esports game.

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Perhaps the most interesting thing is that XDefiant does not necessarily have to replace Siege. Instead, it could coexist and even contribute to the overall growth of the tactical shooter genre. I believe that, by having two different experiences, the players are free to choose which one is more suited to them.

A Promising Contender With Room To Grow

XDefiant won’t replace Siege anytime soon. It’s a new take on Ubisoft’s FPS games, offering an ability-driven experience with a focus on fast-paced and fun gameplay. Although it struggles with hit-reg issues and suffers from visual clutter, its core gameplay loop is fun and engaging.

According to reports, XDefiant hit 1 million players in 2.5 hours making it the biggest Ubisoft launch in history. With continued development, strategic tweaks, and a focus on building a unique identity, it could become a major player in the FPS genre.

Whether it exists alongside Siege or carves out its own identity, one thing’s for sure, XDefiant is a welcome addition to the genre, offering a fun and compelling alternative for those seeking a faster-paced, ability-infused tactical experience.

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