Xbox’s Preservation Step Sets A Much-Needed Example, Especially For Nintendo

You care for your past classics, not destroy all access to them.

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  • In a very respectable and commendable move, Xbox plans to go all in to uphold game preservation.
  • It has always taken facilitative steps, like backwards compatibility and Day One Gamepass releases.
  • On the contrary, companies like Nintendo are destroying game preservation rather than supporting it.

Video games have come a long way, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the classics that essentially formed the genres we enjoy today. Thus, we must never forget the roots of the gaming we’ve come to enjoy. People like us who have witnessed that era might not forget it, but what about the myriad of fresh blood that joined us pretty late? How will they remember stuff they never even tried?

This is precisely why preserving classic adventures and retro games to immortalize history is as crucial as it gets. However, it is truly unfortunate that game preservation is pretty much non-existent. But, all hope is not lost yet, as Xbox continues to uphold this belief.

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Xbox Deserves Limitless Applaud For Its Preservation Attempts

I think you know better just how critical game preservation is these days. If you’ve followed some of my past pieces, you must know by now just how much I care about preserving games and their history. Just when I thought that “if companies themselves don’t care, what can I do?” Xbox came up with the perfect initiative that immediately put a smile on my face.

As per a report by Windows Central, Xbox has set up a dedicated team to ensure the preservation and accessibility of its games. Statements from Xbox President Sarah Bond enlist this new initiative among other proceedings.

The details are not yet clear, but Xbox will uphold game preservation, as it knows how important it is for the consumers and the industry as well. The initiative involves making the Xbox library easily accessible to future generations. More info about all this might be closer than we expected.

Regardless of the nitty-and-gritty stuff of how it’ll be done, the fact that it exists is reason enough to applaud Xbox for honoring its users and preserving its legacy for generations to see.

Xbox has always upheld backwards compatibility, I tip my hat.
Xbox has always upheld backwards compatibility, I tip my hat.

Xbox Has Always Made Its Games Accessible

It’s true that Xbox might be on the losing end of the console war, and may not have the strength of exclusives as its competitors, but its care for the consumers is second to none. History is witness that Xbox took ample initiative to make its games more widely accessible.

For starters, consider backwards compatibility. The PS3/Xbox 360 was a legendary era, home to some pretty incredible titles. Thus, to conserve that, Xbox One was released with full native backwards compatibility for all the Xbox 360 titles. PS4 on the other hand had no such feature, nor the intention; it was made pretty clear.

Full list of Backwards Compatible games added today lots of really good games here!
byu/mkmichael001 inxbox

Granted the PS5 embraced this tradition to preserve the PS4 games, but the fact remains, stuff that’s locked on the PS3 is almost inaccessible these days. Moreover, Xbox’s desire to make its games more readily available still continues, reflected in the Game Pass service.

Unlike PS Plus and other game subscription services, Xbox’s Game Pass has an undefeatable feature, its Day One releases. Xbox puts even its big-budget AAA games on the service from Day One, ensuring as many people can enjoy them as possible. Getting a game at the full $70 price is not something you can decide in favor of easily. However, if it’s available for free on the day of release, you’ll give it a try without any worries.

Xbox Game Pass : every Day One release so far
byu/LTame inXboxSeriesX

Now, Xbox is taking this considerate behavior to the next level. With a strong history of providing backwards compatibility and easy access to its games as undeniable proof, Xbox once again refreshes its commitment to game preservation.

Other Companies Like Nintendo Destroy Preservation Instead

This step from Xbox is a very commendable one, especially if you look at the other side of the coin. While Xbox takes the initiative to ensure game preservation, what are the others doing? Oh, they’re also taking steps don’t worry, but their end goal is destruction, especially Nintendo.

RIP, 3DS and Wii U
RIP: 3DS, and Wii U

Unlike Xbox which has a history of making its games more accessible, Nintendo has a history of gatekeeping everything instead. Just go ahead and try to make anything remotely resembling Nintendo-owned stuff, you’ll have ten lawyers on your doorstep faster than you can blink

Sad but true
byu/Few-Pain1238 incasualnintendo

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Some of Nintendo’s steps have dealt very critical blows to video game preservation. You don’t have to look far back, either, the example is right in front of you. The recent closure of Yuzu and a crusade against emulation make sure that Nintendo games are made as difficult to preserve as possible.

It's sad to see you go, Yuzu
It’s sad to see you go, Yuzu

This is especially true when you consider that the company itself doesn’t take preservation into account, either. If you close emulation but effectively preserve the games yourself, I would have zero complaints. But, strictly punishing anyone who wishes to immortalize these games and then killing the official e-shops too so that no one can buy them even if they want to is just straight up a slap in the face of game preservation.

Video Game Preservation Is Not Just A Fancy Word, It’s A Necessity

Nintendo’s example is a very definite one, but Sony is no better in this regard, either. Sony tried shutting down the digital stores for PS3 and Vita as well some time ago. Granted it was stopped by the ceaseless opposition, but there’s no telling when it will become a reality.

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It’s like video game giants don’t even care about their own IPs, games that helped shape an entire era and need to be seen by everyone yet to come so that they never forget the origins. In difficult times like these, Xbox sets a much-needed example for these tyrants to stop this self-sabotaging thinking and focus on game preservation.

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