Armored Core 6: The Moonlight Sword [Stats & How To Get]

Learn about the stats and how to obtain the lethal Moonlight sword in Armored Core 6 to level up your arsenal.

The Armored Core 6 Moonlight Sword is an iconic melee weapon that comes in different forms across FromSoftware games. It is the most powerful sword with a two-hit combination, and to get this, you have to get through a horde of enemies toward the end section of AC6.

Key Takeaways
  • The Moonlight Sword is a weapon that’s appeared in all FromSoftware games and can be obtained by completing the Mission Reach The Coral Convergence in Chapter 4.
  • It is one of the most distinctive weapons due to its two-hit combination visualized by the green wave of energy.
  • When obtained, the Moonlight Greatsword has the following base stats in Armored Core 6:
    • Attack Power: 615
    • Impact: 495
    • Consecutive Hits: 2
  • This sword can be found in the storage box at the end of the mission.
  • At the start of the mission, players must defeat V. VI Materlock and G3 Wu Huahai.
  • Once that’s done, they are directed to a large bridge with spinning mechs.
  • After clearing the area, the Moonlight Greatsword can be claimed from the storage box in AC6.

Moonlight Sword Overview In Armored Core 6

The Moonlight Sword
The Moonlight Sword (Picture Credits: eXputer)
Important: The Moonlight Sword can be found in Chapter 4, Mission Reach The Coral Convergence.

Moonlight Sword is an ideal melee weapon that exerts two-hit combinations with the least consumption of energy. What makes it unique is the green wave of energy it produces. Not only this, it is the heaviest blade with the longest range among all the laser blades. Its blade wave is thicker than most of the other Blade waves.

The Armored Core 6 Moonlight Greatsword is highly compatible with the Karasawa Laser Rifle, the best laser rifle in the franchise. This combination proves to be quite lethal in combat.

Moonlight Blade Stats

  • Attack Power: 615
  • Impact: 495
  • Consecutive Hits: 2
  • Weight: 2200
  • EN Load: 544

Finding The Moonlight Blade

The Bridge
The Bridge At The Start Of Mission (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You can find the Moonlight Blade chapter 4 mission Reach The Coral Convergence. This is a mission under a bridge where you will face a few ACs and MTs. Afterward, you will fight against it – six mechanized wheels that strike at you by firing missiles and molten fire.

Reach The Coral Convergence Walkthrough

This mission starts at the end of the chapter 4 campaign in which Walter asks you to track the coral supply in the city.

Here is how to complete Chapter 4:

  1. As you start, you will fly across some skyscrapers and then face against V. VI Materlock and G3 Wu Huahai.
  2. You can let them fight the PCA Mechs or strike against the Materlock first.
  3. To defeat them quickly, use linear rifles and dual missile launchers like the Harris Rifles and BML-G2/ P05MLT-10s.
  4. Use the same tactic on Wu Huahai. Also, use assault boost and boost kick to keep them close for some extra ACS damage.
  5. Afterward, You will find a large bridge spanning a vast water-filled valley.
  6. Go towards the bridge, and you will face a spinning mech.
  7. Defeat it immediately by hammering it with salvos and go to the ruined part of the bridge that sticks upwards.
  8. As you view the buildings in the water, you will see many additional revolving mechs besides the storage container.
    Spinning Mechs Surrounding The Storage Box
    Spinning Mechs Surrounding The Storage Box (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  9. Clear out the area by firing from above using the ranged weaponry.
    Fighting Around The Storage Box (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  10. The storage container is where the sword is, but six similar circular mechs guard it.
  11. Go down and them all down. but be careful, as your health would be pretty low at this point.
  12. Once the area is cleared, open the container where you will be rewarded with the Armored Core 6 Moonlight Sword. 

If you want to keep a melee weapon in your arsenal, getting an Armored Core 6 Moonlight Greatsword is worth it. It exerts enormous damage and hits enemies slightly out of your reach using the light pulses.

Hustling over getting weapons like the Armored Core 6 Moonlight Sword is tough, but it makes your arsenal very effective. Using the steps above, you quickly go and claim the greatsword. To ace your combat, read about the best armor in AC 6.

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