Armored Core 6: Best Armor [All Parts]

Learn about the best armor parts in Armored Core 6 in order to defend yourself from any threats that come in your path!

Step onto the battleground of Armored Core 6, equipped with the Best Armor options out there. With so many different parts to consider while coming up with the best armor options, it can be tricky. But with a detailed breakdown of the stats and playstyle of each armor, you’ll have a good idea of what to pick according to your own playstyle.

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Key Takeaways
  • There are four different parts of the frame that you must consider for your armor in AC6.
  • Opt for Armored Core 6 armor that finds a balance between offense and defense.
  • Armor serves different roles like tanking, versatility, or agile support.
  • Combine armor with the best weapons in Armored Cored 6, and be aware of terrain advantages, and manage energy efficiently.
  • Strategically use armor strengths and customize load-outs for specific engagements.
  • Armor choice can reflect personal aesthetics, showcasing individuality amid battle.
  • Continuously refine your AC6 armor choices based on experience, evolving tactics, and learning from encounters.

Best Armor In Armored Core 6

Here is an overview of all of the best armor in Armored Core 6 showcased along with AP, Anti-kinetic, Anti-Explosive Defense, and Anti-Energy Defense stats. 

Armor PieceAPAnti-Kinetic DefenseAnti-Explosive DefenseAnti-Energy Defense
HD-033M Verrill1080188185185
AH-J-124 BASHO1250191192169
DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG41004100478473
AC-J-120 BASHO3580435460498
DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO2800265277251
AA-J-123 BASHO2430240260191
LG-022T BORNEMISSZA10040400399336
LG-033M VERRILL6850402372357

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Best Head Armor

armored core 6 best head core armor
All Head Frames [captured by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6, the head armor unit not only acts as the main visual interface but also affects the AC’s overall performance in areas like weapon accuracy and scan mode effectiveness. Different designs offer advantages like enhanced radar range, emphasizing the head’s strategic role in combat awareness.

HD-033M Verrill

Anti-Kinetic Defense188
Anti-Energy Defense185
Anti-Explosive Defense185
Attitude Stability469
System Recovery107
Scan Distance510
Scan Effect Duration7.8

Developed by Balam, the HD-033M Verrill is a top-tier head part that’s clearly designed for players who prioritize a balance between offense and defense.

  • Its hefty energy footprint suggests a playstyle more suited for short, explosive skirmishes rather than drawn-out battles.
  • The intimidating spider-eye design hints at its performance capabilities and aligns with the preferences of the Redguns’ commander, implying a role of authority and power on the battlefield.

The Verrill boasts solid defenses across the board, particularly on kinetic defense.

  • With this in mind, players can feel more confident when engaging opponents who rely heavily on kinetic weaponry.
  • Its attitude stability is also commendable, making it a reliable choice for players who prefer heavy loadouts and need that extra stability during intense firefights.
  • Its superior scan distance should allow for more strategic plays, allowing players to keep tabs on distant enemies.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with the HD-033M Verrill:

  • Engage in short bursts of combat, ensuring you can capitalize on Verrill’s high energy usage.
  • Prioritize enemies with kinetic weapons, as you’ll have a natural resistance against them.
  • Keep an eye on your energy levels and avoid overextending, as the Verrill consumes significant energy.


Anti-Kinetic Defense179
Anti-Energy Defense188
Anti-Explosive Defense178
Attitude Stability393
System Recovery104
Scan Distance490
Scan Effect Duration12.6

The VE-44A, designed by Arquebus ADD, is a heavyweight head part that screams durability and cutting-edge technology.

  • Given its price point and balanced defensive stats, it’s likely best suited for mid-range combatants who find themselves regularly in the thick of battle.
  • The curved armor plating, in particular, seems to have been implemented with an emphasis on all-around damage resistance.

The Anti-Energy Defense stands out, suggesting it can effectively counter enemies relying on energy-based weaponry.

  • This is crucial for players who frequently find themselves up against such threats.
  • The scan effect duration is noticeably longer than the other two heads, making it an excellent choice for players who rely on debuffing or tracking opponents.

Here are a few general things to consider while using the VE-44A:

  • Given the VE-44A’s balanced defenses, adopt a versatile approach, adjusting to various enemy types.
  • Engage energy-based opponents with confidence, exploiting your heightened resistance.
  • Utilize the extended scan effect duration to keep enemies debuffed for prolonged periods.


Anti-Kinetic Defense191
Anti-Energy Defense169
Anti-Explosive Defense192
Attitude Stability370
System Recovery68
Scan Distance340
Scan Effect Duration14.4

The AH-J-124 BASHO, a product of BAWS, is a nod to the past, designed for an older generation AC. While it might appeal to fans of classic mech designs, its stats indicate more than just nostalgia value.

  • It offers the highest Armor Points (AP) among the three mentioned head armor pieces, making it a durable choice for front-liners.

Despite its older design, BASHO excels in anti-explosive defense.

  • This makes it a prime choice for players regularly targeted by explosive-heavy opponents.
  • Its attitude stability is a bit lower than the other two, so players might need to be cautious about overloading their AC.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while using the AH-J-124 Basho:

  • BASHO users can confidently lead charges or hold the frontlines with its high AP.
  • Prioritize explosive-heavy zones or opponents, as the BASHO can effectively shrug off such attacks.
  • Be mindful of the loadout, ensuring not to exceed the stability limits.

Best Core Armor

Armored Core 6 Best Cores Armor Showcase [screenshot by eXputer]
The Core in AC6 serves as the central unit that holds the mech together, significantly influencing its Armor Points (AP). With each Core offering unique abilities, it provides a foundational role in the AC’s defensive prowess and can cater to varied playstyles and needs.

Regardless, here is the Armored Core 6 best armor for the Core:






Anti-Kinetic Defense


Anti-Energy Defense


Anti-Explosive Defense


Attitude Stability


Booster Efficiency Adj.


Generator Output Adj.


Generator Supply Adj.


Developed by Dafeng Core Industries, the DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG epitomizes the idea of a heavyweight fortress with a design philosophy that prioritizes defensive power.

  • The sheer defense rating of this Core is staggering, making it suitable for front-line combat roles, especially in modes or missions where the player is expected to tank substantial amounts of damage.
  • The heavyweight nature of this core means agility is compromised, but the defense it provides is unrivaled.

When equipping the DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG, players should adopt a playstyle that makes the most of its strength.

  • This means not shying away from direct confrontations.
  • Pair it with heavy weaponry that can dish out as much punishment as the Core can take.
  • However, be wary of faster ACs that might try to outmaneuver you.
  • Having ally ACs with high target tracking can assist in keeping such threats at bay.


Anti-Kinetic Defense447
Anti-Energy Defense495
Anti-Explosive Defense458
Attitude Stability521
Booster Efficiency Adj.81
Generator Output Adj.122
Generator Supply Adj.95

The VE-40A, crafted by Arquebus ADD, is a masterful blend of defensive capabilities and energy management.

  • This Core is designed for those who seek a balance between raw defensive strength and agility.
  • The high generator output adjustment suggests that it is perfect for ACs that rely heavily on energy-consuming weapons and abilities.

Using the VE-40A, pilots should focus on a playstyle that exploits both their energy weapons and rapid movement.

  • It’s a core that rewards aggressive gameplay but with a touch of strategy.
  • Quick hit-and-run tactics, combined with devastating energy-based assaults, would be optimal.
  • Always keep an eye on the energy gauge; though the Core provides excellent energy output, it’s always a good idea to find cover and let it recharge when needed.


Anti-Kinetic Defense435
Anti-Energy Defense498
Anti-Explosive Defense460
Attitude Stability476
Booster Efficiency Adj.119
Generator Output Adj.83
Generator Supply Adj.94

The AC-J-120 BASHO hails from BAWS, drawing inspiration from older-generation ACs.

  • This Core pays homage to the classic designs, evident in its bulk and specifications.
  • While it doesn’t stand out as the most durable or the most agile, its balance is its strength.
  • It can handle diverse scenarios decently without excelling in any particular domain.

Given the all-rounder nature of the AC-J-120 BASHO, pilots should employ a versatile playstyle. Adaptability is key.

  • Engage enemies based on their weaknesses, using terrain to your advantage.
  • While it doesn’t have the highest defense ratings, its booster efficiency is noteworthy.
  • This means longer aerial combats and more frequent quick maneuvers are possible.
  • Thus, leveraging vertical combat spaces and ensuring you’re not a stationary target can turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Best Arm Armor

all core armors in armored core 6 best armors
Armored Core 6 Best Armor All Cores Showcase [image by eXputer]
Arms in Armored Core 6 are pivotal for weapon allocation, allowing the unit to hold up to four weapons or opt for utility parts. Beyond the traditional humanoid design, some arms even transform into direct weapon systems, showcasing the flexibility and importance of this component. The following are the Armored Core 6 best armor for the Arms.

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Anti-Kinetic Defense262
Anti-Energy Defense270
Anti-Explosive Defense257
Arms Load Limit21300
Recoil control160
Firearm Specialization80
Melee Specialization76

The VE-46A Arm parts from Arquebus ADD boast a heavy design, accentuated by its distinctive curved armor plating, which hints at a solid all-around defensive capability.

  • Its Arms Load Limit is notable, suggesting it can bear a considerable amount of weaponry.
  • Moreover, the Recoil Control, Firearm Specialization, and Melee Specialization stats suggest that these arms are versatile, and suitable for both ranged and close-combat situations, though with a slight inclination towards firearms.
  • Given its capabilities, a pilot using the VE-46A would find themselves comfortably engaged in mid-range combat, leveraging both firearm and melee weapons.
  • It’s essential to balance out the weaponry to ensure that the AC doesn’t become too cumbersome, but with its load limit, the VE-46A can support a wide range of tools in a pilot’s arsenal.


Anti-Kinetic Defense265
Anti-Energy Defense251
Anti-Explosive Defense277
Arms Load Limit17200
Recoil Control96
Firearm Specialization95
Melee Specialization68

DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO is Dafeng’s representation of a perfect balance between defense and offense.

  • While its defensive stats might not be as remarkable as some competitors, its Firearm Specialization shines through, indicating a strong affinity for long-range engagements.
  • However, its lower Melee Specialization and Arms Load Limit signal that this part might not be the best choice for pilots who prefer close combat or want to carry an extensive array of weapons.

TIAN-LAO is perfect for sharpshooters and snipers.

  • Players should focus on utilizing long-range firearms and ensure they keep enemies at bay.
  • While it can handle some melee encounters, relying on close combat isn’t its strength.
  • Positioning and strategic movement are key, ensuring you capitalize on its firearm prowess.


Anti-Kinetic Defense240
Anti-Energy Defense191
Anti-Explosive Defense260
Arms Load Limit10520
Recoil Control66
Firearm Specialization53
Melee Specialization158

BAWS brings an old-school flavor with the AA-J-123 BASHO, echoing the early days of Armored Core.

  • Its bulkiness hints at a preference for melee combat, clearly evidenced by its strikingly high Melee Specialization.
  • That said, its Firearm Specialization and Arms Load Limit are on the lower end, and it might not hold up well in extended firefights.

BASHO is a dream for players who relish getting up close and personal.

  • Its design favors aggressive, in-your-face combat, and users should arm themselves with powerful melee weapons to exploit its strengths.
  • Dodge, weave, and close the gap quickly to unleash havoc upon adversaries.
  • However, always have a backup plan, as ranged engagements aren’t its strong suit.

Best Leg Armor

Armored Core 6 Best Armor – All Legs Showcase [captured by us]
Legs in Armored Core define the mobility and defense of the unit, with different types like humanoid, tank, and quad legs catering to diverse playstyles. They dictate the movement capabilities, whether it’s ground traversal or airborne operations, and their load limits impact the balance between agility and defense. Below are some of the Armored Core 6 best Legs armor.

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Anti-Kinetic Defense366
Anti-Energy Defense384
Anti-Explosive Defense386
Attitude Stability1366
Load Limit69800
Jump Distance103
Jump Height18
EN Load780

The VP-424, a product of Arquebus, offers a tetrapod design that emphasizes hovering-based fire support.

  • It’s derived from existing models and is intended for tetrapods that will be deployed alongside other types of ACs.
  • By looking at the specs, it’s clear that this leg part is built for a more mobile playstyle, leveraging its ability to hover and provide sustained fire support.

VP-424 is an excellent choice for players who favor mobility on the battlefield.

  • The tetrapod design facilitates strafing and making quick, side-to-side movements.
  • This means that while engaging enemies, the AC can keep on the move, making it harder to hit.
  • Furthermore, given its hovering capabilities, the AC can maintain a position in mid-air for short durations.
  • This can be advantageous when trying to get a vantage point or avoid ground-based threats.
  • Players using this part should be equipped with medium-range weaponry to maximize the hovering fire support role.


Anti-Kinetic Defense400
Anti-Energy Defense336
Anti-Explosive Defense399
Attitude Stability1630
Load Limit100300
Travel Speed150
High-Speed Perf.376
Upward Thrust3667
Upward EN Consumption700
QB Thrust22150
QB Jet Duration0.34
QB EN Consumption810
QB Reload Time0.80
QB Reload Ideal Weight100300
AB Thrust8001
AB EN Consumption360
EN Load455

Developed by Balam, the LG-022T BORNEMISSZA is a heavyweight tank part.

  • As the name suggests, it’s designed to transform an AC into a veritable tank on the battlefield, particularly tailored to support the heavy weaponry produced by Dafeng Core Industries.
  • Given the heavy-duty nature of LG-022T, it’s best suited for frontline combat, able to withstand substantial punishment while dishing out severe damage.
  • The significant load limit ensures that players can equip a wide variety of heavy weapons, ideal for both defense and assault missions.
  • It may lack the agility of other leg parts, but its durability and firepower compensate for that.
  • Players should lean into this, using this AC as a vanguard in team battles or as a primary damage dealer in solo missions.
  • Considering the enhanced anti-explosive defense, players can also play aggressively in areas where explosive threats are prevalent.


Anti-Kinetic Defense402
Anti-Energy Defense357
Anti-Explosive Defense372
Attitude Stability1413
Load Limit76200
Jump Distance82
Jump Height15

LG-033M VERRILL, another creation of Balam, is a tetrapod leg option.

  • The design stems from a dire need to satisfy the Redguns’ demand for an AC platform that’s not only highly mobile but can also support heavy weaponry.
  • VERRILL is a balanced option, providing a middle-ground between the heavy-duty BORNEMISSZA and the mobile VP-424.
  • It’s a versatile choice, suitable for players who desire adaptability on the battlefield.
  • Whether you’re participating in fast-paced skirmishes or prolonged engagements, VERRILL has got you covered.
  • Players can equip a mix of medium to heavy weapons, ensuring they’re prepared for a variety of combat scenarios.
  • It’s also worth noting that with the jump distance and height, VERRILL is suitable for maps with verticality, allowing players to exploit higher ground for strategic advantage.

With that, you know all about the best Armor in Armored Core 6. There are different pieces of the frame that you need to worry about when designing your best armor, but if you follow the best stats and your own playstyle, you can come up with something quite powerful.

While you’re here, learn about the crossplay features in Armored Core 6 to see if you can connect with other players on different platforms.


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