Armored Core 6: Plot & Story [Explained]

Know about the plot of brand new Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon!

The latest volume of the Armored Core series is finally here. Although it was a long wait, the fans will get to enjoy Armored Core 6 with brand-new features and mechanics, along with an exciting storyline. Since the announcement of the next volume, fans have been eager to know about the Armored Core 6 plot and what they should expect in final gameplay. 

Key Takeaways
  • Armored Core 6 is set on a unique and mysterious planet, Rubicon, which is home to a strange mystical substance known as Coral. 
  • It was discovered that the Coral substance could potentially boost human technology advancement to new levels.
  • Unfortunately, the instability of substance leads to havoc and destruction, which turns the Rubicon planet into post-apocalyptic ruins.
  • Half a century later, after the disaster, researchers found traces of Coral again on the Rubicon, and humanity is once again in the race to get the formidable substance.
  • In the Armored Core 6 world, you’re sent to the Rubicon planet illegally as an Augmented Human named C4-62, with enhanced capabilities to secure Coral before the invaders.

Armored Core 6 Plot

Armored robot
Armored Core Machine

The director of Armored Core 6, Masaru Yamamura, has declared in his interviews that fans should expect a completely fresh story with an interesting plot and brand-new mechanics. Fires of Rubicon will not have many links to the previous volumes, meaning you don’t have to play the previous games in order to understand the brand-new one. You can also enjoy it if you’re new to the Armored Core franchise. 

Armored Core 6 will take place on a mysterious planet named Rubicon 3. The plot is set in the future, where humanity has reached advanced civilization and is on a mission to explore the secrets of the cosmos.

Rubicon is home to a “strange substance” called Coral that proved to be a misfortune for the planet as the substance caused havoc and turned the planet into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  

Discovery Of Coral Substance

Armored Core 6 plot
Coral Destruction

It was discovered that Coral could prove to be a potential source of energy and a data conduit. Coral was expected to be the beginning of a new era for the technological advancement of humanity, but due to its unstable nature, it caused explosions termed as Fires of Ibis, which entirely covered the Rubicon planet in flames along with the surrounding star system. 

After the unfortunate incident, it was considered that Coral had ceased to exist, and only the devasting remains were left behind. However, fifty years later, after the apocalypse, the traces of Coral are detected again on the Rubicon planet. 

After the unexpected discovery, the researchers plotted a mission to have an expeditious journey to the Rubicon and control the Coral substance to prevent any future mishaps and use it for a better cause. 

Your Role On The Rubicon Planet

C4-621 Armored Core
Deploy of C4-621 on Rubicon

You start your journey as Augmented Human C4-621, a human with cybernetically enhanced capabilities who works under the command of infamous handler “Walter.” You are smuggled illegally to the planet Rubicon once things go south.

As you enter illegally, you obtain a valid Mercenary License from a wrecked AC in order to interact with Allmind, the organization that communicates with mercenaries on Rubicon and manages their activities. From here, you’ll communicate with your handler to fight through the other factions and get your hands on the mysterious substance. 

Armored Core 6 plot
Armored Core Preview

Armored Core 6 is a mecha-based action game in which you play as Armored Cores and operate your mecha robots to fight invaders. You can also customize your mecha-robot to enhance its capabilities and upgrade its performance. 

In Fires of Rubicon, you can equip four weapon types on your Core: two on the arms and two mounted on the shoulders. You can fight off invaders and complete different missions to get rewards and credits upon successful completion. Unlike the previous volumes, Fires of Rubicon does not feature the debt system in which you lose your money upon failure. Now, you can repeatedly attempt the same missions without losing your resources.

That’s almost everything that is disclosed regarding the Fires of Rubicon Plot. The Armored Core 6 story is full of thrills and adventure, and it will plunge you deeper into the mysteries of an unknown planet. So, be prepared to face the challenges and progress through the missions effectively by following the objectives and completing the missions.

Before starting your journey in the Armored Core world, make sure to learn about Armored Core 6 editions and AC6 system requirements so you can run it smoothly on your system. Other than that, you can also know whether AC6 supports Crossplay as it is released for PlayStation 5PlayStation 4Xbox Series X|SXbox One, and PC.

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