Completing Memories In The Doll Side Quest In Stellar Blade

Officially censor Eve's design by unlocking the Fluffy Bear.

Memories in the Doll is one of the man side quests in Stellar Blade but this mission offers an amazing reward upon completion. It is a side quest that is pretty simple to complete once players learn about the exact location of the item that they need to collect.

Key Takeaways
  • Memories in the Doll side quest becomes available after completing the Matrix 11 section.
  • Players are tasked with finding Jett’s teddy bear, which contains his sister’s memory stick.
  • The teddy bear is located in a hideout near the Railyard in Matrix 11.
  • Eve is rewarded with a special outfit for completing the Memories in the Doll side quest.

Starting The Memories In The Doll Quest

location of jett
The starting location of the side quest in Xion (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Location: This side quest appeared for me after completing the Matrix 11 section in a shop filled with teddy bears near the upper part of the map in Xion.
  • Quest Briefing: Jett wants you to find the specific teddy bear that contains the memory stick of his sister, which he ended up losing.

Finding The Teddy Bear

the nearest waypoint in matrix 11
The Railyard waypoint which is located near the hideout (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Location: It is quite easy to find the teddy bear once you’ve completed the Matrix 11 section in Stellar Blade, and it is located near the Railyard Waypoint in the above-mentioned area.
  • Finding The Shelter: After fast traveling to the Railyard Waypoint, move down the stairs and then keep going straight ahead until you arrive at a shelter/hideout location. 
the teddy bear in hideoout
The teddy bear present on the upper floor of the hideout in Matrix 11 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Searching For The Bear: Use your drone to scan the area, and you’ll find the exact location of the teddy bear, which is located on the upper floor in the shelter.
  • Finishing The Side Quest: Bring back the teddy bear to Jett, and the Memories in the Doll side quest will be completed.

Rewards For Completing The Quest

rewards of the memories in the doll
The Fluffy Bear outfit rewarded for completing Memories in the Doll side quest (Image Captured by Us)

Completing the Memories in the Doll side quest unlocks the special Fluffy Bear outfit, which has an extremely unique design like the Bunny Suit. It basically turns Eve into a teddy and completely covers up the character, covering all of the fan service in her in-game model. The quest isn’t even hard to complete, and for its rewards, it is completely worth it to go out of your way to find the teddy bear.

This concludes my guide on the Memories in the Doll side quest in Stellar Blade. I have explained a completed walkthrough of the side quest from start to finish in complete detail. I hope that the guide helped unlock another nano suit for Eve. Let me know if you’re having fun playing Stellar Blade in the comments below!

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Thanks. The effort\'s definitely worth it for the suit in the end lol


The Teddy Bear suit is such a meme lol, thanks for the quick steps

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