After Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. Should Give Ben 10 A Shot

Considering how popular the character is, there is a high chance a AAA video game based on Ben 10 will match Hogwarts Legacy's success.

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  • Ben 10 is WB’s best bet for a successful gaming franchise after Harry Potter.
  • It’s one of the most popular cartoons of this century and generates hundreds of millions in retail.
  • Its combat and storylines will make an AAA game sell like hotcakes if made with care.

Since the start of this century, every industry has focused on developing projects based on franchises that are already quite popular among fans. Sometimes, these entertainment franchises become transmedia giants like the Pokemon company, which started as an RPG series and turned into one of the highest-grossing media entities of all time.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Broke Several Records For WB| Source: Warner Bros

Hogwarts Legacy, one of 2023’s biggest hits, is another example of this phenomenon. The first AAA game based on the Harry Potter franchise, was a massive success for Warner Bros, selling over 12 million copies and setting new records. Following its success, many fans have suggested other IPs that can translate into the gaming world and I think the next hit is another beloved WB franchise: Ben 10.

Ben 10’s Popularity Makes Him Perfect For A Video Game Adaptation

One of the reasons for Hogwarts Legacy’s success was the global fame Harry Potter had through the film and book series and the nostalgia they have. Ben 10 has also built a similar kind of familiarity with audiences in the 2000s and 2010s.

Since its premiere in 2005, the animated show has remained one of the biggest hits in Cartoon Network’s history, with its interesting premise and lovable characters making it one of the greatest cartoons of all time.

Ben 10
Ben 10 has been a major part of pop culture for decades | Source: Cartoon Network

To put the character’s popularity into perspective, the Ben 10 franchise has made a whopping $6 billion in retail sales up until 2013 alone, making it one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. Because of this popularity, it spun off into movies, manga, video games, and much more while boasting a global fanbase and winning three Emmy awards.

The Omnitrix has become one of the most iconic gadgets in pop culture history. Therefore, even though Ben 10 is not at Harry Potter’s level of fame, it has enough clout globally to produce a successful video game adaptation.

A AAA Ben 10 Title Would Be Very Entertaining Due To The Character’s Superpowers

Just imagine how fun Ben 10’s unique premise of a 10-year-old accessing aliens with idiosyncratic powers through a watch would be in a AAA video game that lets you use all aliens. Developers like Capcom or Insomniac with superhero track records would do a great job at bringing Ben 10’s combat variety to life and such a title would be a draw for both casual gamers and the cartoon’s fans.

YouTube video

Besides combat, the Ben 10 shows also feature brilliant sci-fi storylines which were handled with maturity unusual for a cartoon. Furthermore, both superhero and single-player titles have been immensely successful recently with the likes of Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Spider-Man series selling tens of millions of copies.

Therefore, it won’t be far-fetched to predict that a Ben 10 video game featuring its renowned characters, popular villains, and one of its brilliant plotlines will sell like hotcakes if it is made with care.

Ben 10 Has Already Had Some Success In Gaming

Like Harry Potter, Ben 10 also had a few older mildly successful AA games focusing more on merchandising the hit franchise. The most popular title in its game series, Ben 10: Protector of Earth, sold over 2.5 million copies by November 2008, a year after its initial release and despite mixed reviews, showcasing the IP’s popularity.

YouTube video

Without a doubt, none of the dozen AA Ben 10 games are masterpieces but they have enough success to showcase fan interest in the franchise and the heights a big-budget game from the franchise can reach.

Hogwarts Legacy was also the first AAA entry in the Wizarding World franchise after several AA video games. And, as we all know, the Avalanche Software title turned out to be a massive success and smashed the sales of previous Harry Potter games. Therefore, the franchise might follow in Hogwarts Legacy’s footsteps if an ambitious and careful AAA follow-up to 2020’s Ben 10: Power Trip is made.

Furthermore, the voice actor of Ben Tennyson from Ben 10: Alien Force to Omniverse, Yuri Lowenthal, is one of the most popular voice actors in the gaming industry. Lowenthal has voiced Spider-Man in the Insomniac games in addition to voice work in countless AAA titles and has also voiced Ben in some games.

Ben 10 Omniverse 2
Lowenthal Voiced The Character In Ben 10 Omniverse 2. Source: Xbox Achievements

Therefore, if Warner Bros. does decide to make a AAA Ben 10 game, their voice actor for the iconic superhero is ready.


WB should make a Ben 10 video game as It’s one of the most well-known cartoons of all time with a worldwide fanbase and makes millions in merchandise revenue every year.

Furthermore, the unique premise, a brilliant support cast, a wide variety of villains, and a renowned protagonist coupled with a great story could make the game a success comparable to Hogwarts Legacy if made on a large scale with care and dedication.

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