Armored Codes 6: BEST Weapons [Top 12 Picks]

Discover the top weapons in Armored Core 6 for unmatched battle dominance and strategic prowess against mechs and bosses.

In the intricate world of Armored Core 6, weapon choice is not just about firepower; it’s a testament to a player’s strategic prowess. From the staggering damage of the Ashmead Pile Bunker to the versatility of the Zimmerman Shotgun, equipping the best weapons in Armored Core 6 provides not only an edge in battle but also showcases a pilot’s tactical acumen. That is why I have listed the top 12 weapons of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, ensuring your armored behemoth is always combat-ready.

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Key Takeaways
  • Weapon choice in Armored Core 6 reflects a player’s tactical playstyle.
  • Equipping superior weapons offers significant tactical advantages during combat.
  • Melee weapons in AC6, especially those with potent charge attacks, can significantly turn the tide of a battle.
  • Investing in high-performing weapons early on can be a game-changing decision in Armored Core 6.
  • A weapon’s strategic value in AC6 often goes beyond just its damage output; usability and speed can be equally crucial.

Best Weapons In Armored Cored 6

Here is an overview of the best weapons in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon showcased along with Damage, Impact, Weight, and EN Load stats.

Serial NumberWeapon NameAttack PowerImpactWeightEN Load
12PB-033M Ashmead Pile Bunker168811504180225
11WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun85×1361×1316401640
10BML-G1/P03VTC-08 Missile Launcher124×889×83920380
9Vvc-770LB Laser Blade163011002680365
8Songbirds Grenade Cannon754×2745×25500285
7SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun9008404400242
6VP-67LD Laser Dagger7523101350150
5DF-MG-02 Chang-Chen Machine Rifle32403280143
4RF-025 Scudder Assault Rifle110823830153
3Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle9363843330490
2Vvc-706PM Plasma Launcher7603844800342
1DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling Gun25255800425

12. PB-033M Ashmead

Ashmead weapon in AC6 [Image Credits: eXputer]
Weapon statsValue
Attack Power1688
Consecutive Hits1
EN Load225
Accumulative Impact850
Chg. Attack Power4630
Chg. Impact1800
Chg. Accum. Impact110
Direct Hit Adjustment150
PA Interference135

In the vast weaponry landscape of Armored Core 6, the PB-033M Ashmead Pile Bunker stands out as a true masterpiece. While many seasoned players are aware of the potent damage output of melee weapons in the game, this particular melee blade takes the concept to an unprecedented level.

The sheer power of its charge attack, which inflicts an astounding 4,630 damage, makes it unrivaled, especially when you consider that against a staggered foe, the damage can climb into the 5,000s. This means that in a singular strike, over half the health of an enemy AC can be wiped out.

It’s not just the numbers; it’s the tactical advantage PB-033M Ashmead offers, allowing players to methodically use explosives to stagger enemies and then deliver a devastating finish with the Pile Bunker.

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How To Get

For those who have traditionally been hesitant about melee combat in Armored Core 6, the Ashmead is the perfect gateway. And, considering its availability right after completing Chapter 1 at a reasonable 185,000 COAM, it’s an investment worth every penny for those aiming to dominate in the arena.

11. WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun

Sweet Sixteen Shotgun in Armored Core 6 [Image Credits: eXputer]
Weapon StatsValue
Attack Power85×13
Total Rounds546
EN Load268
Accumulative Impact41×13
Direct Hit Adjustment205
Ideal Damage76
Effective Range155
Reload Time3.0
Ammunition Cost30

In the intense world of Armored Core 6, your choice of weapon isn’t just about preference; it shows your tactical skills. Meet the WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun, a game-changing weapon that redefines close-quarters combat.

RaD developed this unique shotgun, which isn’t your typical shotgun. It’s more like a multi-barreled launcher, allowing you to deal massive damage up close. It’s perfect for taking down enemies who get too close.

One smart tactic with the Sweet Sixteen involves using two of them. You can fire one, switch to the other, and keep the pressure on your opponent. If timed well, you can reload one while firing the other, keeping your offense strong. When facing bosses, using an assault boost, a kick, and two quick shotgun blasts with the Sweet Sixteen Shotgun maximizes your damage output fast.

How To Get

The WR-0777 becomes available after clearing Mission 14: Ocean Crossing, and at a shop price of 49,000 COAM, it’s not only a powerful addition to your arsenal but also a financially sound investment. In the landscape of powerful close-range options in Armored Core 6, the Sweet Sixteen is undeniably a standout.

10. BML-G1/P03VTC-08 Missile Launcher

Vertical Missile Launcher [Image Credits: eXputer]
Weapon StatsValue
Attack Power124×8
Total Rounds224
EN Load380

In Armored Core 6, weapon choice is crucial for success. The BML-G1 Missile Launcher is a standout because you can use it right from the beginning, which is rare. While it may not defeat the toughest bosses, it’s excellent for taking down groups of smaller enemies quickly.

It remains fast and easy to use, and having two of these launchers can make the game easier. Although the WR-0999 Delivery Boy cluster missile launcher is a good alternative, its 20-shot limit makes it less appealing. Still, when you combine either of these launchers with other top weapons in Armored Core 6, you’ll be a force to reckon with.

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How To Get

In essence, the BML-G1, being available right from the inaugural mission, affirms the age-old adage: Why fix it if it ain’t broke? You can purchase the BML-G1/P03VTC-08 Missile Launcher for 112,000 COAM from the Parts Shop midway through Chapter 1

9. Vvc-770LB Laser Blade

Weapon statsValue
Attack Power1630
Consecutive Hits1
EN Load365
Accumulative Impact330
Chg. Attack Power1170×2
Chg. Impact750×2
Chg. Accum. Impact280×2
Direct Hit Adjustment195
PA Interference127

In the fast-paced mech combat of Armored Core 6, the Vvc-770LB Laser Blade carves a niche for itself as the preeminent melee weapon. Brandishing a potent blend of immense damage potential and an expansive reach, this Laser Blade isn’t just a sword; it’s a spectacle of destructive elegance.

When fully charged, the Vvc-770LB Laser Blade’s magnificent slash cascades around, cleaving through adversaries with unparalleled power, emphasizing its best weapon status in the Armored Core 6 close combat arsenal.

However, mastery of the Vvc-770LB requires tactical finesse. Its main drawback is the wind-up animation, which momentarily immobilizes the player, demanding precise timing and positioning to ensure the blade lands its mark. Additionally, its predominantly horizontal slash trajectory can sometimes be a disadvantage against vertically dispersed enemies, who might find themselves evading its wrath simply due to placement.

How To Get

Yet, for those skilled enough to harness its strengths and mitigate its limitations, the Laser Blade is a force to be reckoned with. After accomplishing Mission 8: Operation Wallclimber, players can unlock this masterpiece for 121,000 COAM. Though it demands a learning curve, the investment in time and COAM for the Vvc-770LB Laser Blade promises a dominating presence on the battlefield.

8. Songbirds Grenade Cannon

Songbirds – Grand Cannon in AC6 [Image Credits: eXputer]
Weapon statsValue
Attack Power754×2
Total Rounds42
EN Load285
Accumulative Impact585×2
Blast Radius60
Direct Hit Adjustment140
Effective Range625
Reload Time6.4
Ammunition Cost600

In the intense warfare dynamics of Armored Core 6, the Songbirds Grenade Cannon is a resounding testament to explosive dominance. Among the pantheon of explosive weapons, Songbirds stand out, not just for their raw power but for the tactical advantages they confer.

Such is Songbirds Grenade Cannon’s potency that many players, myself included, often opt to dual-wield them, a strategy that can leave even the most formidable foes staggered and vulnerable to subsequent high-impact assaults (like the devastating Pile Bunker).

However, with great power comes minor limitations. For instance, while using the Grenade Cannon, bipedal or reverse joint mechs are compelled to momentarily halt. But, astute players can easily counteract this by switching to a Tetrapod or Tank configuration, allowing them to remain mobile even while unleashing explosive chaos. But, even for those who remain loyal to the bipedal setup, the sheer effectiveness of the Songbirds more than compensates for this minor pause, given its capability to obliterate clusters of adversaries in a single explosive burst.

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How To Get

Acquiring the Songbirds Grenade Cannon is a reward in itself. After conquering the Attack The Watchpoint mission that concludes Chapter 1, this explosive marvel can be secured from the Shop for 182,000 COAM. Given its raw power and game-changing capabilities, it’s undoubtedly a weapon worth its cost in COAM.

7. SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun

Zimmerman Shotgun [Image Credits: eXputer]
Weapon statsValue
Attack Power900
Total Rounds53
EN Load242
Accumulative Impact420
Direct Hit Adjustment205
Ideal Range102
Effective Range184
Reload Time2.0
Ammunition Cost350

In Armored Core 6, shotguns are essential for mech pilots. They’re great at taking out both weaker enemies and tough bosses. Among these shotguns, the SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun stands out.

What makes it special is that it’s good for medium-range combat, unlike other shotguns that are mainly for close-quarters. This means you can stay at a safer distance from your enemies.

It does have a drawback, though – it takes 2 seconds to reload. But its strength, which can take out weak enemies in one shot and seriously hurt strong ones, makes up for this small delay.

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How To Get

For those aspiring to add the Zimmerman to their arsenal, it becomes accessible after completing the gripping Chapter 2, culminating in the challenging Ocean Crossing mission. A reward well worth the journey, it can be acquired for 115,000 COAM, promising a game-changing experience in the battles that lie ahead.

6. VP-67LD Laser Dagger

Laser Dagger [Image Credits: eXputer]
weapon statsValue
Attack Power752
Consecutive Hits3
EN Load150

The VP-67LD Laser Dagger, crafted by the esteemed developers at Arquebus, exemplifies these virtues. Purpose-built for close-quarters engagements, especially with lightweight crafts, the VP-67LD Laser Dagger energy weapon is a masterstroke in combat engineering. Its nimble design caters to swift, agile slashing, a perfect counter to adversaries who rely on more cumbersome weaponry.

However, what truly distinguishes the VP-67LD Laser Dagger from other melee implements is its charged sweep attack. When utilized, it can blitz through a vicinity with an instantaneous sweep, catching foes off-guard and turning the tide of battle in a pilot’s favor. The Laser Dagger’s design thus seamlessly amalgamates speed and power, presenting a formidable challenge for even the most seasoned enemies.

How To Get

For those intrigued by its potential, the VP-67LD Laser Dagger becomes available after triumphing in the 35th mission called Escape. Though it demands a cost of 135,000 COAM, the investment is well-justified, granting pilots an agile yet devastating edge in the relentless mecha skirmishes of Armored Core 6.

5. DF-MG-02 Chang-Chen Machine Rifle

Chang-Chen Machine Gun [Image Credits: eXputer]
weapon statsValue
Attack Power32
Total Rounds720
EN Load143
Accumulative Impact18
Direct Hit Adjustment195
Ideal Range100
Effective Range220
Rapid Fire10.0
Magazine Rounds45
Reload Time2.8
Ammunition Cost20

Among the myriad options, the DF-MG-02 Chang-Chen Machine Rifle stands out as a paragon of kinetic weaponry. This machine rifle is especially prized for its generous ammo clip and rapid firing rate, making it an invaluable asset for pilots who value sustained firepower. Additionally, its lightweight build ensures that mechs remain agile, allowing for evasive maneuvers even during intense shootouts.

While its individual shots may not pack the punch of heavier weapons, Chang-Chen’s strength lies in the cumulative damage dealt over time. True, its limited range demands that pilots be more confrontational, bringing the fight closer to adversaries, but in doing so, the rapid succession of shots can inflict debilitating damage over sustained engagements.

How To Get

Securing this kinetic marvel involves navigating the treacherous Destroy the Ice Worm mission, the 27th challenge in the game’s campaign. The investment of 120,000 COAM to obtain the DF-MG-02 is more than justified for those seeking a balanced combination of speed, damage, and agility in their machine gun choice.

4. RF-025 Scudder Assault Rifle

Scudder Assault Rifle [Image Credits: eXputer]
weapon statsValue
Attack Power110
Total Rounds450
EN Load153
Accumulative Impact35
Direct Hit Adjustment185
Ideal Range162
Effective Range304
Rapid Fire2.9
Magazine Rounds15
Reload Time3.2
Ammunition Cost50

The RF-025 Scudder Assault Rifle, meticulously crafted by the experts at Balam, is a testament to the prowess of high-firepower weaponry. Unlike many of its counterparts, the Scudder is engineered to prioritize the offensive potency of each individual shot, ensuring that every bullet counts in the heat of battle.

However, such firepower comes with its own set of challenges. The Scudder’s extended firing cycle demands that pilots exhibit not only patience but also impeccable aiming skills. This attribute pushes pilots to be more strategic, rewarding those who can precisely anticipate enemy movements and place their shots.

How To Get

For those who have successfully navigated the intense Ocean Crossing mission, the 14th endeavor in the game’s intricate campaign, the RF-025 Scudder becomes available. And while its price tag of 205,000 COAM might seem steep, true Armored Core 6 enthusiasts understand its value. 

3. Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle [Image Credits: eXputer]
weapon statsValue
Attack Power936
Total Rounds90
EN Load490
Accumulative Impact248
Blast Radius30
ATK Heat Buildup300
Chg. Attack Power1368
Chg. Impact712
Chg. Accum. Impact368
Chg. Blast Radius60
Chg. Heat Buildup1000
Direct Hit Adjustment125
Effective Range430
Chg. EN Load593
Charge Time1.5
Chg. Ammo Consumption3
Ammunition Cost360

The Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle has garnered notable attention in the list of the best weapons in Armored Core 6, especially among pilots who value the unique mechanics of energy weapons. Energy weapons in AC6 underwent a significant paradigm shift, moving away from the traditional dependency on a mech’s overarching energy resource.

The Vvc-760PR stands out as the paramount handheld energy weapon in the game. Its primary allure stems from its Area of Effect (AOE) shots that, while characterized by their deliberative pace, possess the advantage of not necessitating direct impact.

The ensuing AOE explosions compensate for their slow speed, making the Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle especially effective in cluster engagements. Additionally, the weapon’s charge capability ensures pilots can strategically amplify their damage output for more ponderous foes or decisive strikes.

How To Get

However, this potency isn’t without its drawbacks. Charging demands a stationary position, and the weapon’s limited ammunition necessitates judicious use. Yet, for those intrepid pilots who conquer the Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship mission, the seventh in the game’s lineup, the hefty 202,000 COAM investment to acquire the Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle will undoubtedly prove its worth on the battlefield.

2. Vvc-706PM Plasma Launcher

Plasma Missile Launcher [Image Credits: eXputer]
weapon statsValue
Attack Power760
Total Rounds210
EN Load342
Accumulative Impact248
Blast Radius26
Direct Hit Adjustment125
Effective Range1500
Homing Lock Time0.3
Max. Lock count6
Reload Time6.0
Ammunition Cost100

One of the most pronounced advantages of The Vvc-706PM Plasma Launcher is its near-guaranteed accuracy. With the ability to multilock onto targets and dispatch swift-moving projectiles, opponents find it exceptionally challenging to evade its wrath. This, coupled with an expansive Area of Effect (AOE), ensures a broad impact radius that proves detrimental to clusters of adversaries.

While the Vvc-706PM is the preferred model due to its sheer efficacy and firepower, its sibling is acknowledged, the 703 model, which offers pilots a more compact, agile alternative. This dynamic duo caters to different tactical preferences, allowing for greater adaptability in combat scenarios.

One of the Vvc-706PM’s commendable features is its minimal energy drain, ensuring pilots maintain their operational efficiency without compromising mobility, as it doesn’t arrest the player’s movements.

How To Get

However, none of the best weapons in Armored Core 6 are without the downsides. The Plasma Launcher’s substantial weight might deter some, and its damage output, while significant, isn’t earth-shattering. But for those who persevere and complete the Destroy the Ice Worm mission (Mission 27), the substantial investment of 310,000 COAM to acquire the Vvc-706PM Plasma Launcher is undeniably justified by its overarching battlefield prowess.

1. DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling Gun

HU-BEN Gatling Gun [Image Credits: eXputer]
weapon statsValue
Attack Power25
Total Rounds1300
EN Load425
Accumulative Impact11
ATK Heat Buildup9
Direct Hit Adjustment215
Ideal Range130
Effective Range226
Rapid Fire20.0
Ammunition Cost30

In Armored Core 6, there are many weapons to choose from, but one stands out the most: the DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben Gatling Gun. It’s not just about being strong; it’s known for saving energy. This is important because in Armored Core, conserving energy is as crucial as saving ammo.

Some pilots might hesitate to use automatic weapons in Armored Core 6, but even critics can’t deny the thrill of using two DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben Gatling Guns to rapidly chip away at an enemy’s health. Although it looks big and powerful, the DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben Gatling Gun is versatile. It’s great for taking on single enemies or groups. Just hold the trigger, and it does the rest.

But be careful when using it. The bullets can bounce off if you’re not at the right distance, and if you’re not careful, you can run out of ammo too soon. Still, as part of a balanced arsenal, the DF-GA-08 is the top choice for continuous firepower.

How To Get

For prospective users, the Gatling Gun can be acquired after the completion of the Chapter 1 climax mission, Attack The Watchpoint. Once this hurdle is crossed, a mere investment of 170,000 COAM brings this kinetic marvel into one’s repertoire, standing shoulder to shoulder with other famed weapons like the Pile Bunker and Songbirds Grenade Cannon.

In conclusion, your arsenal might in AC6 is paramount to success. Equipping the best weapons in Armored Core 6 is more than a choice; it’s a strategic imperative. As battles intensify, only the finest armaments guarantee dominance. Ensure your mech’s superiority by choosing wisely, and remember: in AC6, your weapon defines your legacy.

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