Quick Guide: How To Craft A Compass In LEGO Fortnite

Learn Everything about the compass, its types and where to find the ingredients in LEGO Fortnite

With the update “GONE FISHIN” (Ver 28.30), the long-awaited compass feature in LEGO Fortnite was introduced along with other things like fishing rods and bait buckets. Unlike other survival games, no handheld compass tells the location. Instead, equipping the compass gives you directions at the top of the screen. The compass helps you relocate your village or already discovered caves.

Key Takeaways
  • The compass helps you get directions more efficiently.
  • The game has two types of compass: Basic Compass and Survival Compass.
  • The Basic compass gives you the directions only, whereas the Survival Compass shows every cave and maker you’ve placed on the map.
  • The main ingredient for both compasses is glass, made from sand found on the shores.

Types Of Compass And Their Recipe 

Compass in LEGO Fortnite
Basic Compass unlocked [Screenshot by eXputer]
There are two types of compasses available: the Basic and the Survival Compass. The basic compass offers only directions. If you craft a survival compass, it gives you directions and shows the location of your flags and caves set up on the map.

To craft a Basic Survival Compass, you need certain items and knowledge of their locations, given in the table below.

Name IngredientsLocation
Basic Compass3x Glass
1x Wolf Claw
- Glass is made using 2 Sand and 1 Brightcore
- You get Wolf Claw by killing grassland wolves
Survival Compass3x Glass
1x Sand Claw
1x Copper Bar
- Glass is made using 2 Sand and 1 Brightcore
- You get Sand Claw by killing Sand wolves
- Copper bar is found in Lava caves in dry valley biome

How To Make Glass In LEGO Fortnite

glass recipe in LEGO Fortnite
Glass recipe in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot by eXputer]
For some players, getting glass could be slightly challenging since it’s a new item added to LEGO Fortnite. To make things easier, I’ve included a method to make it in abundance in case you’re struggling.

These are the steps that I would suggest to make glass:

  • Craft a shovel using only three copper bars.
  • Explore the shore area with a shovel to collect sand.
  • Venture into dry valley biome caves to find brightcore.
  • Stock up on the sand for various crafting purposes.
  • Ensure you have enough wood to craft ladders for cave exploration.
  • Locate Metal Smelter in the utility section of the build menu.
  • Combine ingredients in the Metal smelter to craft glass.
  • Take advantage of sand’s versatility for crafting other items.

In my playthrough, I found Brightcore in odd places, like above a lava stream or atop a cave. So my suggestion is to have plenty of wood with you so that you can make a ladder or other platform to stand on to make mining Brightcore easier. 

That will be all the information you need regarding the compasses in LEGO Fortnite. 


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Thanks. I appreciate the fact you added a tip on getting glass because I was confused at first since it\'s a new thing


Both compasses were really helpful in navigation. Thank for the crafting tips.

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