Armored Core 6: Best PVP Build [All Attachments]

Discover the perfect balance between close and medium ranged combat to assemble a melee-oriented best PVP build in Armored Core 6.

The multiplayer component of Armored Core 6 does not feature a co-op mode; however, it does have a player-versus-player (PVP) mode called NEST, where you can participate in 1V1 and 3V3 matches to show off your skills to other players. Due to the competitive nature of the multiplayer mode, it always makes sense to configure your mecha according to the meta. The best PVP build in Armored Core 6 will depend highly on your playstyle and preferences.

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Key Takeaways
  • Show off your combat skills using an agile melee-oriented build with the best PVP build in Armored Core 6.
  • Excel in close-range combat with lethal melee best weapons in Armored Core 6 supplemented by ranged weapons with powerful AOE triggers.
  • To increase your attack power, utilize the melee-specific perks granted by specialized attachments for arms and FCS. 
  • Create a highly mobile build that compromises defense and stability for speed and melee damage.
  • Talor your part choices based on the ever-evolving PVP landscape of  Armored Core 6 to climb the multiplayer leaderboards with your formidable skills.

Armored Core 6 Best PVP Build

Here is an overview of the best PVP build in Armored Core 6.

R-Arm UnitMA-T-222 Kayorai for AOE burn damage against ground based enemies.
R-Back UnitVvc-70VPM for plasma missles that negate cover with their vertical trajectory.
L-Arm UnitPile Bunker PB-033M Ashmed to direct one lethal hit in melee range.
L-Back UnitHI-32:BU-TT/A that gives us two more melee hits while the primary Pile Bunker is recharging.
HeadNachtreiher/44E due to its light weight.
CoreCC-2000 Orbiter for its light weight and mobility support.
ArmsEL-TA-10 Firmeza for their high melee specilization score.
LegsThe Kasuar 42Z reverse joint model for high jumping performance to transition into ariel combat.
BoosterThe AB-J-137 Kikaku that with a high melee attack thrust that helps lunging onto enemies.
FCSThe FC-006 Abbot control system compromises on defense and stability but provides exceptional target asistance in close range combat.
GeneratorThe DF-GN-06 Ming-Tang for overall energy needs of the build.

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Right Side Attachments

The attached modules on the right side of the mecha are primarily selected with a focus on ranged attacks with decent AOE. This provides an effective damage alternative between attack animations and melee weapon recharge during ranged combat. 

Right Arm Unit 

The right arm arrachment for the best PVP build in Armored Core 6
MA-T-222 Kyorai showcase in Armored Core 6.

I selected the MA-T-222 Kyorai (Napalm Bomb Launcher), which uses incendiary rounds to burn the area around its impact point. This module is highly effective against ground-based enemies since it limits their manueuvrability.

The detailed part statistics are as per the following table:

Part Specs
Attack Power366 x 3
Impact 149 x 3
Total Rounds63
EN Load60

Right Back Unit

The Right back unit Vvc-70 VPM in the in-game menu.
Photo of the Plasma Missile Launcher for the right back unit.

Continuing the theme of ranged attacks, a suitable attachment for the right back unit is the Vvc-70VPM plasma missile launcher. The missiles launched by the Vvc-70VPM can negate cover and similar defenses. The vertical trajectory of the projectiles makes it difficult for enemies to evade your attacks. In addition to defense negation, this attachment can also multi-lock, allowing you to target multiple targets simultaneously. 

Here are the part specs for the Vvc-70VPM plasma missile launcher:

Part Specs
Attack Power760
Impact 384
Total Rounds240
EN Load268

Left Side Attachments

My Armored Core 3 best PVP build focuses primarily on close-ranged melee combat. The attachments on the left side of the mecha use their high mobility and maneuverability to get closer to their targets and attack them from point black range. This is why both attachments on the left side of the mecha are melee weapons.

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Left Arm Attachment

The primary Heavy hitting weapon for the left arm in Armored Core 6
Screenshot of PB-03M Ashmead in the assembly menu.

The left arm attachment of this build must rely on its explosive attack power to deliver lethal hits on enemies. Due to this reason, the Pile Bunker PB-033M Ashmead is one of the best weapons for this job. This melee weapon delivers a single hit by priming a firing hammer enhanced by explosive damage, proving highly effective in close-quarters combat.

Here are the detailed stats on the Pile Bunker PB-033M:

Part Specs
Attack Power1688
Impact 1150
Consecutive Hits1
EN Load225

Left Back Unit

Photo of the second swappable melee weapon Pulse Blade IN Armored Core 6
Screenshot of the second swappable Weapon Pulse Blade in the assembly options.

You must purchase the “Weapon Bay” unlock from the OS tuning shop to equip the next melee weapon. This upgrade will allow you to equip main-arm weapons on your shoulders. Since the Pile Bunker only allows you to make a single, consecutive hit, you need to switch it with something to continue your melee attacks while the pile bunker recharges.

The Pulse Blade HI-32: BU-TT/A is ideal for the left-back unit with reasonable attack power and two consecutive hits. The pulse blade with high-frequency oscillation is ideal for canceling pulse defenses. The attachment can also be charged to increase the attack output on your target. 

Here are the part specs for the Pulse Blade:

Part Specs
Attack Power963
Impact 710
Consecutive Hits2
EN Load213


Photo of the Light weight head component in thebest armored core 6 PVP build
Nachtreiher 44E showcase in Armored Core 6.

The head of the mecha is restricted to a lightweight option for mobility reasons. The Nachtreiher/44E is a light, aerodynamic component that optimizes the stability of the main chassis with peak maneuverability.  

Here are the part specs for this module:

Part Specs
Attitude Stability 422
System Recovery92
EN Load210


Photo CC-2000 Orbiter in Armored Core 6
CC-2000 Orbiter in Armored Core 6 assembly menu.

The CC-2000 Orbiter is the best option in the core category after Chapter 2 due to its weight. The component succeeds in its exceptional performance in extravehicular activity in space, which enhances the maneuverability of its body.

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The detailed specs of this core attachment are as follows:

Part Specs
Attitude Stability 407
Generator Output Adj.103
EN Load267


A detailed showcase of EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA specs in Armored Core 6
Melee enhancement stats showcase for the EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA.

Your choice of arms module is crucial in completing the best PVP build Armored Core 6. Until the end of Chapter 2, the EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA arms are the only attachment in this category, with a 110 score in melee specialization.

Since our build heavily relies on melee weapons during combat, supporting that concept with the remaining components is ideal. This melee specialization boost makes the EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA an ideal candidate for this task. With a decent AP and high firearm specialization,  this attachment nicely complements the weapons in this build.

Here is a detailed chart of its specs:

Part Specs
Anti-Kinetic Defence210
Anti-Energy Defence214
Anti-Explosive Defence187
Arms Load Limit13540
Recoil control86
FireArm Specialization122
Melee Specialization110
EN Load270


Kasaur 42/7 reverse koint legs in AC6
A screenshot of Reverse Joint Kasaur /42Z in the assembly menu.

The leg selection on this builds sacrifices defense and stability for extraordinary jumping performance. The lightweight reverse joint design of the Kasuar/42Z provides a smooth transition into aerial combat that allows you to attack enemies from all points. This mobility also helps in evading ranged attacks by enemies on your mecha. Additionally, this attachment helps you close in on your enemies to get them into your melees range. 

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Here are the part specs for the leg attachment:

Part Specs
Attitude Stability530
Load Limit47820
EN load388


A photo of the detailed spec sheet for kikaku Booster.
The Kikaku booster spec sheet with melee-specific perks.

The boosters in this build are specifically designed for melee attack performance. The AB-J-137 Kikaku has an unusually high melee attack thrust, increasing your melee weapons’ firepower. This greatly benefits lunging onto your targeted enemies for a swift attack.

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The overall part specs for the AB-J-137 Kikaku are as below:

Part Specs
Thrust 5667
Upward Thrust4584
Upward EN Consumption656
QB Thrust19150
QB Jet Duration0.31
QB Engine Consumption550
QB Reload Time0.55
QB Reload Ideal Weight75800
AB Thrust 8218
AB Engine Consumption320
Melee Attack Thrust14091
Melee Atk. EN Consumption425

Fire Control System (FCS)

A screenshot of the in-game showcase for FC-006 Abbot
The FC-006 Abbot with high melee assist.

The fire control system in the Armored Core series directly affects the lock-on times of the Armored Core. The FCS selected for this build is the FC-006 Abbot, which gives you an overwhelming superiority in close-range combat with its Close-Range assist.

With a slight compromise on missile performance, the FC-006 Abbot mainly focuses on targeting assistance. Although this deficiency affects our missle module performance, the AOE triggers can somewhat negate this deficiency.   

The part specs for the FC-006 Abbot are as follows:

Part Specs
Close-Range Assist83
Medium-Range Assist32
Long-Range Assist5
EN Load266


A photo of the The DF-GN-06 Ming-Tang Generator in AC6.
DF-GN-06 Ming-Tang Showcase in AC6.

Out of the three main generators available after Chapter 2, the DF-GN-06 Ming-Tang remains a solid all-rounder in all aspects, such as weight, EN Output, and EN capacity, which meet the demands of our entire build. 

Here are the detailed specifications of this generator:

Part Specs
EN Capacity 2900
EN Recharge1250
Supply Recovery666
EN Output3160

OS Tuning

A screenshot of the OS tuning settings for extra melee damage in Armored Core 6.
Screenshot of the OS Tuning settings for extra melee damage.

Finally, for the Operating System tuning, invest two points into the Melee Weapons – Drive Control Tuning for a ten percent boost on all your melee attacks performed with the Pulse Blade and the Pile Bunker. Add one point to the Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning to further increase the overall damage from all direct hits by five percent.     

Keeping up to date with the in-game meta is crucial for excelling in competitive titles like Armored Core 6. Regarding the Armored Core 6 best PVP build, my recommendations primarily focus on close-ranged, melee-based combat that compromises defense and stability but excels in agility and attack power.

The Pile Bunker and Pulse Blade utilized in the build provide sufficient attack power to deal lethal blows to your enemies. Like Boosters and Arms, the remaining components reinforce the concept of close-range combat with their melee-specific perks. Overall, the build presented in this guide is an ideal option to prepare as a new player and veteran.

Apart from the multiplayer mode, there is still much more to learn in Armored Core 6, like how to beat the HC Helicopter or the AC6 Sea Spider in the main story. Also, consider reading our guide on the best early parts in Armored 6 to overcome early-game difficulty.  


Image Credits: Broomstick Gaming

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