Atomic Heart: How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie [Tips + Steps]

Annihilate your way through the Hog 7 Hedgie, and learn the attack patterns, tips, and tricks to defeat it!

Atomic Heart brings in the perfect balance of a beautiful and enticing start with cute aesthetics and turns to horror right when it’s the correct time. With a soviet 1955 era set in time, Atomic Heart brings along quite a few boss fights and exciting story elements, which is where players might want to learn How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie since the boss fight can get pretty interesting! 

Key Takeaways
  • Avoid firing bullets at the boss, as it’s mostly invulnerable to them.
  • Use melee attacks to weaken the boss.
  • Utilize explosives scattered around the arena to your advantage.
  • Target the boss’s weak spots when they’re revealed and shoot with a pistol.
  • Dodge the boss when it rolls towards you to avoid getting hit.
  • The boss doesn’t have distinct phases; it’s a prolonged battle.
  • Watch out for orange rings on the ground; jump over them to avoid damage.
  • Reach the boss fight by taking the hawk cable to the arena.

How To Defeat Hedgie 

Battle Duration
Battle Duration (Image Credits Exputer)

To defeat Hedgie, follow these strategies:

  1. Introduction: When you first enter the park, interact with the green post in the middle of the pond. This will trigger the boss fight with Hedgie.
    Boss Fight Starts
    Boss Fight Starts (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Hedgie’s Attack Patterns:
    • Hedgie starts by jumping off a building, turns into a ball, and rushes around the arena twice.
    • Afterward, it opens up and jumps into the air, causing an orange ring to spread on the ground. Avoid stepping on it.
    • Hedgie will then roll forward, dealing damage if it hits you. The structure that summoned it can hurt Hedgie when it collapses.
    • Smoke and dust may reduce visibility, but the structure damage makes Hedgie vulnerable for a short time. Attack during this window.
    • After recovering, Hedgie will launch more orange rings. Move away to avoid them.
    • If you get too far, Hedgie will roll toward you. When close, it launches into the air, releasing more rings.
    • Hedgie repeats these patterns.
  3. Harder Phase: As the battle progresses, Hedgie becomes more challenging:
    Difficult Part
    Difficult Part (Image Credits Exputer)
    • It launches projectiles that are flammable and come in patterns of 2-3.
    • Hedgie combines attack patterns, rolling, jumping, and launching orange rings.
    • It spins along the edge of the arena while releasing projectiles.
    • Hedgie continues with rotations, projectiles, and jumps.
    • As its HP decreases, it performs a violent vertical rotation, launching more rings. Avoid getting close.
    • Afterward, it claps its legs on the ground, targeting you multiple times.
      Harder Phase
      Harder Phase (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. Hardest Phase (Ending): When Hedgie’s HP is low, it performs a violent vertical rotation, launching more orange rings. Stay at a distance during this phase.
  5. Victory: When the boss fight ends, Hedgie explodes into pieces and goes up in flames. Keep your distance to avoid damage.
Explosives (Image Credits Exputer)

Attack Patterns To Look Out For

Attack Patterns
Attack Patterns (Image Credits Exputer)

There are quite a few attack patterns that players should know whenever they are learning How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie such as the ones listed below. 

  • When Hedgie gets too close to you, it launches out orange rings 2-3 times. The best way to avoid taking damage from them is to jump over them and cross over. 
  • If you get too far away, then it targets you and starts to turn into a ball and starts to roll towards you as an element of surprise, stay away at that moment. 
  • During the middle of the boss fight, Hog 7 also retracts into a ball and starts to roll around in a circular pattern, and this is when it’s best to just let it act out its attack and not attack back. 
  • Whenever the boss is rolling towards you, you can simply side-step so that you don’t end up getting hit by any of its attacks. 

Tips And Tricks For Fighting Hog 7

Tips And Tricks
Tips And Tricks (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that players can try out so that they can weaken the boss and know how to take him down quicker. 

  • Melee Attacks: Hedgie is mostly invulnerable to bullet damage, so prioritize melee attacks when you can. However, be cautious not to get too close, as Hedgie’s close-range attacks are deadly.
  • Explosives: The boss is more susceptible to explosive damage. Look for structures in the area that you can break down to cause Hedgie to take significant damage.
  • Vulnerable Moments: During the battle, there are moments when Hedgie becomes vulnerable, revealing its “batteries” or weak spots. Take advantage of these moments to attack with melee or ranged weapons.
  • Explosive Structures: Some structures in the ground will rise up. When Hedgie rolls toward them, they explode, dealing massive damage to the boss. Use these structures strategically.
  • Stay Mobile: Hedgie is extremely fast and continuously rolls around the arena. Keep moving to avoid its attacks and maintain a safe distance when necessary.
Triggers (Image Credits Exputer)

How To Get To Boss Arena 

Getting To Boss Fight
Getting To Boss Fight (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the main things that players might want to know is how exactly they can get towards the boss arena itself, and see where the boss is located. 

  • While you’re doing the mission, you will get an objective where you need to use the hawk’s cable to enter the park
  • During the mission, you are to take the hawk’s cable, which is essentially a zipline that stretches throughout the entire plaza, and you need to ride it until you reach the park. 
  • As you reach the park, a voice can be heard saying that from a bird’s eye view, the grass was designed in a way whereby it appears as a peaceful atom

And there we have it! That’s all that players need to know about knowing How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie and with that, we will wrap up our guide! Players should read up on our Atomic Heart Skill Trees guide which covers all the skill trees that are present as well as the skill upgrades and more! With that, players can also check out our Atomic Heart Dominator Blueprint guide since it covers the best way to get your hands on the Dominator Blueprint!

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