Atomic Heart: How To Use Scanner

Just because you can scan everything doesn't mean you should if you catch the drift in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart has quite a collection of gizmos that can grant players the ability to progress faster in the game while being able to allow them to make their way through the hell-fest that the game itself is. While it isn’t difficult to figure out Atomic Heart How To Use Scanner, there can be a bit of an issue while doing it; therefore, players might need help with it. 

Key Takeaways
  • The scanner tutorial showcases that players need to tap on R1 first and then go ahead and hold down on R1 in order to cause the scanner to work. 
  • The reason that the tutorial is controversial is simply because of the way that it is able to cause players to get misleaded with the information that is written, when the reality is simply that the text written wasn’t explained properly. 
  • Whenever players are playing on PS, then the way that they can cause the scanner to operate is to instead first double press R1, after which they can go ahead and hold down on R1 too. 
  • For Xbox players, the way that they can work the scanner is simply by click down on RB instead of R1 twice and then holding it down. 
  • The sequence to follow on PS is Tap R1, Tap again, hold down R1 and for Xbox, it is to tap down RB, tap again and then holding it down. 
  • Whenever players want to locate enemies, they can use the scanner, and if anything scans in orange, then they are opponents. 
  • Blue scan imprints indicate the presence of loot boxes or any kind of chests that players are able to open up and gain rewards from. 
  • For items like the save station, you can find it to be marked by the color white whenever you are operating the scanner. 
  • As for items that are related to your story progression and that will come in handy for your further questlines, they are marked in purple

Scanner Tutorial 

Scanner Tutorial
Scanner Tutorial (Image Credits Exputer)

Whenever the scanner tutorial pops up, you are told that you can tap on R1 as well as Hold down R1 again to make the scanner work. But this is where it has players confused. The tutorial doesn’t make the instructions easy at all, and it makes the entire process seem a lot more difficult than it needs to be. The reality of the situation is that players need to follow the following prompts to execute the scanner properly. 

  • If you’re playing on PS, then despite what the tutorial tells you, where it tells you only to tap once, you need to double press R1, and after you end up pushing down on the R1 button for the second time, then you go ahead and hold down R1 which triggers the scanner to start working instantly. 
  • Now, if you’re an Xbox player (why even), then the tutorial still can become a little misleading as you can’t follow whatever the tutorial says on the screen; rather, you need first to go ahead and double press on RB, and whenever you’re clicking on RB for the second time, hold down RB again to trigger it. 

Whenever you do use the scanner in Atomic Heart, you end up causing the entire screen to go black or in a grey/black mode, where you can see nothing but the silhouettes of everyone and everything, and the robots/people are triggered by their body silhouettes and there are tons of yellow dots illuminating their silhouettes. 

  • So on PS, the triggers are Tap R1+Tap R1+ Hold Down R1
  • On Xbox, Tap RB+ Tap RB Again+ Hold down RB. 

How The Scanner Operates 

How It Operates
How It Operates (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s figure out just how players can make use of a scanner. Whenever you’re interacting with Tereshkova, she tells you about how you can become an educated member of society or are even able to learn Koreon using Kollecktive 2.0, and the player simply retaliates with a “let’s cut to the chase”. 

  • When you get your hands on the scanner, you can grab it, with which you are then able to go ahead and extend out your hand, from which you can feel wires coming out. And the time that you are holding in your right hand has cells on the bottom that connect to the wires that are protruding out of your hands. 
  • The wires meet the bottom of the item, and the six wires each connect to a different cell on the bottom, instantly making a connection with it. After it has done with its entire procedure, the wires retract back into your hands. 
Tereshkova (Image Credits Exputer)

After that, Tereshkova updates you that your glove has just been upgraded and is now able to hone its scanner functionality and that the scanner itself makes use of a Nuero-polymer as a conduit through which it can perform its function for the player with ultimate ease. 

  • More functionality is described as you are told that the sensors that are in your glove are now instantly connected with your neural system, especially to your eye’s Polymer retina. 
  • To know Atomic Heart How To Use Scanner, all the player needs to do is to make a special gesture, through which players are prompted to choose any object of their interest and simply extend out their hand, but the palm of your hand needs to be facing the object at all times otherwise the scanner won’t operate properly. 
  • After that, players are also prompted to contract all the fingers on their hand except for the thumb as well as the index finger, as if to clutch together the last three fingers, and then they can extend out their thumb as well your index finger to form a right angle towards the object to activate the scanner and make it work.

Scanner Uses 

Scanner Uses
Scanner Uses (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, apart from just learning Atomic Heart How To Use Scanner, there are different uses that are present for the scanner apart from just scanning the environment and heading into a black/grey mode. 

  • If you use the scanner and it ends up detecting something in orange, then it 100% is opponents that ended up getting triggered, and whenever the scanner finds any enemies nearby, then it can showcase whatever the player can carry out in order to make the enemies weaker. 
  • If you use the scanner and it ends up detecting anything in blue, then the scanner ends up picking up any kind of loot or items that can be opened up to find gear or any kind of retractable items such as boxes. 
  • If you want to find a nearby save station, and you end up making use of the station, then you can find it to be highlighted with the white color
  • Items that are made crucial to the progression of the player and that play a crucial part in helping players with their progression with the main storyline. 

With the blue indication, the items will have their silhouetted covered with blue particles and smaller dots inside, and for enemies, the dots will be in orange color, and the same can be said for the other indications. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about Atomic Heart How To Use Scanner, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While we’re here, you might want to read up on our Atomic Heart How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie guide, which covers tips and tricks, as well as all of it’s attack patterns and the entire boss fight to help players figure out just how you can conquer and demolish it! While you’re at it, why not also check out our Atomic Heart Mirror Mechanism Puzzle guide, which focuses and covers one of the most difficult mirror mechanism puzzles that are present in the game. 

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