The 25 BEST Among Us Costumes [All Ranked]

So much cuteness!

Among Us gained immense popularity back in 2020 when there was lockdown everywhere. Naturally, with the game’s increasing popularity came several upgrades. That meant more wacky and adorable costume combos to try out. That got us thinking: What are the BEST Among Us Costumes ever to make their way into the game? Let’s have a look! Note that this is a general compilation of our favorites and not a ranking.

Key Highlights

Our Top Picks:

  • Leprechaun: Perfect for celebrations with its green hat and suit.
  • Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th): Ideal for Halloween.
  • Devil: Sporting devil costumes for a devilish look or Elvis Presley for a rockstar vibe.
  • Plague Doctor: Featuring a mini hat and mask for a sinister appearance.
  • Guardian: Options include Batman, Pirate, Vikings, Underworld Boss, Black Cat, or Santa Claus costumes.
  • Workaholic: Choose from Chef, Police, Soldier, Army General, Astronaut, Engineer, or Sheriff costumes for a professional look.
  • Other options: 3-person crewmate, Cyber-punk, Indiana Jones, Carrot and Eggplant, Grizzly Bear, Pumpkin, and Birthday Suit Costumes.

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Best Among Us Costumes


Are you a Ragnarok fan? Then re-enact history with this menacingly cute Viking costume! This costume comprises of the Viking hat in among us, a dome-shaped golden and brown helmet with two ostensibly sharp white horns, perfect for making our crewmate look, as the internet people would say, quite spoopy!

Among Us Viking
His favorite show is Vinland Saga


At the end of the rainbow find this cute, dandy Irishman with his pot of gold! This costume is perfect for the paddy’s day celebration. With a tiny green hat and a green suit, turn Crewmate into this adorable supernatural entity, perfect to get your Irish on!

He might share his pot of gold if you ask nicely


Lay down the law and catch the stealthy impostor in this bonny little police outfit! Put this Among Us Costume cosplay together using the police hat and the police outfit and find the imposter in a lawlike fashion.

You’ll be very hard to suspect when you are one of the good guys no?

Among us Policeman
Too cute to disobey

Friday the 13th

Be the unstoppable killing machine and choose to guise as Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th! Petrify the crewmates and intimidate them when they wander off alone on the ship! A very sus outfit ghat can be assembled using a Jason mask and a dungaree suit.

Among Us Friday the 13th costume
Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the Whatever


With the devil horn hat from the Halloween bundle and red-colored crewmate, there will be hell a-Poppin wherever you go! What is more perfect get up for an imposter than the devil himself! It’s good to be bad dressed up as a mischievous little hellion in among us Costume this Halloween!

devil costume
Fear me, mortals

Elvis Presley

Be the king of rock and roll using the signature pompadour hat and a black or white suit! This slick hairstyle will make our Crewmate more charming with whom you can’t help falling in love!

elvis among us
Can’t help falling in love

Plague doctor

Take on the horrifying medieval look by using the plague doctor mask and spicing up the Halloween experience among us Costume! Terrify the crew members with this fitting look for a time like this. With a cute mini hat and a mask, just how sick(pun intended) is this outfit!

Among Us Plague Doctor
Yes, friend. I am also worried that fashion will never be this good again.


Cook up a strategy to find the imposter with this cute chef costume. Become a connoisseur of taste and find imposters wearing a cute chef hat and a dazzling white suit. This chef outfit is a chef’s kiss!

Among Us Chef
Chef’s kiss

3 person crewmate

With a crewmate hat and a crewmate, pet be the mum on board! This costume will surely make the imposter pity you with its cute crewmates and give you moral support. This outfit will make you feel a little less lonely

Three Crewmates
They all play catch on Sundays


As the name suggests, let your futuristic side run wild with this adorable and eccentric Among us costume. What goes better with a vibrant tomahawk than a half-cyborg body? However, be warned. Some crewmates have complained that the Cyber-punk is ‘too funky to handle!”

Meep Morp. Zeeeeeep

Indiana Jones

Pay tribute to the hero of the past and classic archaeologist Indiana Jones, with this adorable time-worn outfit. With deduction skills just like Indiana Jones, find out who is the imposter on board. The great adventurer will keep his accomplices entertained in the lobby with his tales as well!

Among Us Best Costumes
If you want to be a good impostor, you gotta get out the vent

Santa Claus

This cute outfit was available for a limited time during Christmas time. However available for a short time, this outfit managed to steal our hearts. Turn on your Christmas spirit with this adorable Santa outfit. Santa will be sure to catch the naughty impostors and serve them a lump of coal. It is no wonder how this made our list of Among Us Best Costumes!

Among Us Best Costumes
“Ho Ho Holy Cow he’s gonna kill me”

Carrot and Eggplant

These deliciously cute outfits are simple to put together and look very adorable.  If you’re playing with your best friend or significant other, these can be a cute pair outfit. So next time make sure to ask your friend “ will you be the carrot to my eggplant?”

Among Us best costumes

Grizzly Bear

You can never go wrong with this kawaii grizzly bear outfit when discussing best among us Costume! This outfit just needs the bear ears hat and brown-colored crewmate. Being this cute will definitely make you less sus. Simpleness does not mean the outfit is not extremely adorable. This simple bear costume rose in popularity and remains a classic Among Us costume to this day.

Among Us
Ears so cute, he can kill us and we won’t be mad


If you’re playing with your friends, dressing your crewmates up in cute little soldiers would be fun. This would need a green suit and a soldier hat to complete the outfit along with green colored crewmate. Protect the lobby and the innocent civilians, and serve your purpose well.

Among Us Costume
Lieutenant Munchkin

Army General

Now your army of soldiers needs someone to command too right?. No one will question your innocence when you’re a hot-tempered captain with high prestige. Using commander or captain as your name will make you look 10x cooler.

Among Us Costumes
Captain Munchkin


 There couldn’t be an Among us Costumes outfit more perfect for your crewmate on board. This adorable astronaut costume will set your crewmate apart and you won’t have to worry about surviving in space with this handy outfit.

Pair with a UFO to add to its coolness.

Among Us Costumes
Beep Boop


Complete your tasks on board with the perfect outfit. Be the engineer on board and prove that you are indeed capable of surviving till the end. Not only is this costume aesthetically pleasing, but it also represents how hardworking your crewmate is.

Among Us Costumes
Voted most likely to fix a lightbulb and a bad day


Bring justice on board with this adorable sheriff outfit. As per the law, this costume will be perfect to intimidate the imposter. This sheriff’s skin can be bought from the shop. Pair with the sheriff hat and take your outfit game to the next level!.

Among Us Best Costumes
Knock Knock… it’s the law!


While you cannot be the actual batman, you can definitely dress up as a literal “batman”. Color your crewmate black and wear the bat wings hat to rock your batman outfit! Note that fellow crewmates might mistake your Batman impression for a sore throat and offer you a hug and cough syrup. 

Among Us
I am bat…man


Be the coolest and most daring person on board and intimidate the crewmates with this awesome pirate outfit. The rulers of the sea must know of some bizarre tales and secrets. Become a pirate to show that you’re tough, but also value loyalty, and that is the most important thing in a game like Among Us: Friendship.

Among Us Best Costumes
Yo, Ho Ho! And an extra dose of cuteness

Underworld Boss

No one dares to mess with the underworld mafia boss. This outfit will raise your prestige and you’ll be hard to mess with (or to suspect). Walk on the ship like you own it and be the best dressed in this cool outfit. Plus, this outfit gives you a pass to act shady and walk where you’re not supposed to.

Among Us Costume
Despite the tough exterior, he cried while watching Finding Nemo

Black Cat

Perfect for Halloween, be the cutest little nightmare with this adorable cat hat and black-colored crewmate. Simple and cute, the cat is a great addition to our list of Among Us best costumes. The only downside to this is that other crewmates might think you’re bad luck.

Among Us Best Costumes
Will purr and ask for pets. Beware!


Another Halloween-perfect outfit would be this cute pumpkin outfit. This just needs the pumpkin hat. Color your crewmate orange and show your love for Halloween with this outfit. Even when it’s not Halloween, this is a cute look that can pair with our aforementioned Carrot and Eggplant costumes!

Among Us Costumes
Pumpkin Spice makes him cry

Birthday Suit

Perfect for celebrating birthdays of your friends in style, put on the birthday hat and party hard on board with your friends. This went viral for all the good reasons and is no doubt one of our favorite outfits. There is something extremely wholesome about all your friends dressing up with party hats and having a few lighthearted games on your birthday. Try it yourself!

Among Us Costumes
Party boy

You can never go wrong with costumes in a game like Among Us. There are no rights and wrongs. Every costume has its own charm, and every costume is simply adorable! These are simply some costumes popular among the Among Us community that we like as well. So, wear what you want and if you feel like you have run out of ideas, feel free to try out any one of these. These costumes might not help you win your next match, but these will certainly win some hearts!


Can we get limited-time outfits after the time is over?

Unfortunately, limited-time outfits can only be redeemed during the promotional. Therefore, do not waste time if a cute costume makes its way into the game, and make sure to get your hands on it!

Where can we buy more outfits?

You can get some cool and rare outfits from the shop. They do not cost much, and make your crewmate a whole lot cuter!

Will the seasonal outfits remain in your inventory when the season is over?

Yes! If you buy a seasonal outfit, then it will be in your possession as long as you have your Among Us account!

This has been eXputer’s Among Us Costumes guide and we hope that you saw something that you liked. Be sure to try these in your upcoming games, either solo or with friends. Good luck!

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