Best Among Us Settings: Server, Role & Lobby [2023]

Check out our guide for the best server/lobby settings for Among Us to make sure each game is the most thrilling and satisfying as it can be!

Among Us offers a wide variety of game settings that let you fine tune the mechanics. To access these settings, create a lobby from the Among Us main menu, and walk up to the laptop station. Then press the ‘Customize’ button in the bottom-right of your screen. Afterward, go to the ‘Game’ tab, and you will see a plethora of server settings here. We will go through each of them in turn as we recommend the best settings and discuss how they will add up to make a perfectly-balanced and memorable Among Us session!

Key Highlights
  • Among us provide its players with many server and lobby settings, which provide them to create their own Lobby and can use the plethora of server settings.
  • There are 16 best settings in Among Us which include:
    • Confirm Ejects: OFF
    • Emergency Meetings: 2
    • Anonymous Votes: OFF
    • Emergency Cooldown: 20s
    • Voting Time: 60s
    • Player Speed: 1.25x
    • Crewmate Vision: 1x
    •  Imposter Vision: 1.75x
    •  Kill Cooldown: 25s
    • Kill Distance: Shost
    • Task Bar Updates: Alway
    • Visual Task: OFF
    • Common Task: 1
    • Long Task: 2
    • Short Task: 2
  • There can be 4 to 6 players, 7 to 10 players, and 11 to 15 players in a lobby.
  • Different settings, which include Scientist, Guardian Angel, Engineer, and Shapeshifter are provided to different team members in a single lobby. With the increase in players, the settings will change as well.

Best Among Us Settings

For a quick summary, here is the rundown of our best Among Us settings.

Best Among Us Settings for Lobby Server Game
Optimized Among Us Settings for 2023

Feel free to instantly apply them to your games to turn up the fun! However, if you’re interested in knowing why we picked these, and want to know what settings you can tweak based on personal preference, read on to find out.

Confirm Ejects: Off

This setting controls whether the game tells you that someone is an impostor after you have ejected them, and will only affect you if you are playing a game with more than one impostor. Knowing when a real impostor has been ejected lets the crewmates know how many impostors are still left in the game. This can subsequently let the crewmates decide how many people they may need to be wary of, and how large a gathering of players has to be for it to be safe.

This among us server setting will mostly come down to your own preferences in Among Us, but we recommend turning it Off for starters. Doing so will admittedly make the game a little impostor-sided, but will also turn up the suspense. It will also leave the crewmates on their toes as they won’t know if any of their ejections were warranted or not.

Emergency Meetings: 2

This is the number of emergency meetings anyone in the game can call by pressing the big red button. This may be for discussing any suspicious activity, or just to get a quick update from the rest of the lobby. Note that this does not include the meetings one calls upon reporting a body.

We recommend setting this to 2. More than two meetings increase the chances that they get spammed just for minor updates, which can significantly slow down the progress of your game. However, crewmates should have enough meetings to be able to report a legitimate concern. Moreover, in certain games the crewmates will need to use an emergency meeting to kick off the last impostor before they get the winning kill. Therefore, we find that two is the best sweet spot setting for the best Among Us games.

Anonymous Votes: Off

This setting controls whether players can see who voted for whom in the voting phase. With this set to off, all votes appear as grey, and no one will know who anyone voted to eject. However, being able to see which players want a specific player gone, or who suspects whom of being an impostor, can lead to some very entertaining dynamics forming within your game. Perhaps an innocent crewmate being blamed by some folks will the need to actively prove their innocence to them in the next round, or an impostor will try to take out the crewmates who may be on to him.

With this in mind, we think it is best to leave this server setting Off to really create some tension and drama in your Among Us games.

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Emergency Cooldown: 20s

This is the time any player needs to wait after an Emergency Meeting before being able to call another one. There aren’t many aspects of this setting that you need to consider. Try to set it to a reasonable amount of time so that the game can progress in-between meetings as well.

However, one thing you will absolutely have to consider is to set this time period at least slightly lower than the Kill Cooldown setting. This is because in the case where an impostor only has to kill one additional crewmate after a meeting has ended, having the Kill Cooldown greater than the Emergency Cooldown will allow the crewmates to call a meeting before the impostors have time to get the final kill. This, therefore, allows them to make a last-ditch effort to save the round. It can also lead to some thrilling clutches where the crewmates call a meeting just in the nick of time.

As such, we recommend setting this to a reasonable 20s in your Among Us server for the best game.

Discussion Time: 30s/45s

This server setting for your Among Us lobby lets you decide how much time players will have to discuss amongst themselves in a meeting before they have the option to cast their vote. You need to strike a balance with this setting, so that there is sufficient time for people to get relevant information across, but not so much time that players tend to go off on random tangents and slow down game progression. Additionally, having a relatively short discussion time will keep things more exciting and encourage people to put forth relevant information from the get-go.

For most lobbies in Among Us, we recommend locking this setting at 30s. However, if you have a full or near-full lobby, you may want to crank this up to 45s to allow necessary discussion.

Voting Time: 60s/90s

This is the time players will have to cast their votes once the discussion phase has concluded in a meeting. For most Among Us games, it is best practice to put this at roughly twice the value of the Discussion Time setting. Firstly, this will once again encourage people to put forth their most compelling theories during the discussion time, ensuring that everyone has the relevant information to make a semi-decent decision. More importantly, though, this will prevent voting from descending into random chaos, and will incentivize some more tactful decisions to be made.

Our recommendation is to put this Among Us server setting at 60s for most games. However, larger lobbies should allow values up to 90s.

Player Speed: 1.25x

This setting adjusts the multiplier which applies to the running speed of all players in the lobby. Though this can admittedly come down to personal preference, there are some gameplay implications you should be aware of. The default setting of 1.0x feels a little too sluggish for most players, and is slightly less enjoyable. On the other hand, having a setting too high can make it difficult to keep track of the game. For one, it gives a larger advantage to the impostors by allowing them to quickly make their escape after a kill. Moreover, it can greatly reduce the amount of strategic effort players put into their decisions such as planning out their tasks order and staying aware of their surroundings.

Therefore, in our recommendation, the best setting for this is 1.25x for your Among Us server. This will ensure that the game’s strategic element remains in place, while also making player movement feel more comfortable.

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Crewmate Vision: 1.0x

This is the multiplier setting for the vision circle within which a crewmate can see players around them in an Among Us game. This also affects the shrunk vision circle for when the lights are out. Hence, playing around with this setting will affect how aware crewmates can be of their surroundings. It also contributes to how secure they feel in any space. Obviously, a smaller circle can benefit impostors, who are then more likely to be able to slip past unsuspecting crewmates after taking one of them out.

We find it best to leave this Among Us setting at the default 1.0x for most lobbies. We believe this offers crewmates reasonable situational awareness during normal play, but also leaves them sufficiently vulnerable during electricity outages. However, feel free to tweak this setting up to 1.25x based on how your games play out.

Impostor Vision: 1.75x

This is the multiplier setting for the vision circle within which an impostor can see players around them. Similar to the Crewmate Vision setting, this Among Us lobby setting also affects the vision circle during electricity outages. Impostors need to have a vision circle reasonably larger than crewmates. This allows them to have a slight advantage during normal gameplay, and gives them a major buff for lights-out periods.

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For us, the best setting for this is 1.75x. This setting will give sufficient advantage to the impostors, and allow them to pull off some sweet plays during electricity outages. All in all, this combination of crewmate and impostor vision settings should lead to some nail-biting moments in your Among Us server!

Kill Cooldown: 25s

This is the time impostors have to wait after getting a kill before they’re able to do so again. You will want to keep this at a value that lets the impostors capitalize on kill chances they come across. On the flip side, having a very short kill cooldown may result in a large portion of the crewmates getting killed before any significant progress has even been made on the team’s tasks. Also, as mentioned before, the kill cooldown should be slightly more than the Emergency Cooldown so that crewmates have a chance to call a meeting before the last kill.

Due to the reasons stated, we believe the best Kill Cooldown setting for your Among Us lobbies is 25s. This should offer decent opportunities for crewmates to progress on their tasks and assess their surroundings, while also giving the impostors enough room to make plays whenever a chance arises.

Kill Distance: Short

This describes the distance across which an impostor can perform a kill on a crewmate. A larger distance setting for this will benefit the impostors and allow them to kill from farther away. This will make it easier for them to get the jump on enemies, and escape with more ease. However, larger distance settings may also result in crewmates getting killed from distances at which they presume themselves to be safe. This can happen especially when there exists a considerable ping difference between the players, so that the crewmate may see the impostor slightly farther away than they actually are.

As such, we recommend leaving this setting at Short. In this case, the distance impostors need to cover before getting a kill is pretty reasonable for both sides. Therefore, this results in challenging and satisfying games with less chances of getting killed from overly long distances. Additionally, this can also help the crewmates escape a potential impostor and get to the Emergency Meeting button. Hence, this recommended setting in your server can lend some more excitement to your Among Us games.

Task Bar Updates: Always

This setting controls when players are able to see the updated progression of the round on the task bar. This can be set to Always, so that players can continuously monitor the progress of the round, or to Meetings, where the task bar is only updated when a meeting is called, or finally to Never, where the task bar does not update at all, leaving everyone in the dark about how far the crewmates are from their goal.

We find it best to turn this server setting to Always. This follows the more traditional Among Us formula where all players, crewmates and impostors alike, know the speed at which the round is progressing. Knowing this can tell the crewmates that they need to complete their tasks more quickly. Conversely, it can also let the impostors know when they may have to really make a play.

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Visual Tasks: Off

This Among Us server setting allows you to decide whether visual tasks will be included in your game. Visual tasks are tasks that give nearby players a visual indicator whenever a player is doing them. These include tasks such as the Med Bay and the trash emptying tasks on The Skeld map. This is opposed to most other tasks where players only stand next to unanimated objects as they perform their tasks. Obviously, the latter are easier for impostors to fake, which is why having Visual Tasks turned on can be a very easy ‘innocence checker.’ However, this can reduce the suspense in a game, since crewmates can simply rely on these tasks to prove their innocence, rather than explaining their story. Hence, this makes it easier to spot impostors.

Due to these reasons, we believe it would be best to leave this setting Off in your Among Us games. This makes everyone have to work to prove their innocence, and gives the impostors an easier chance to blend in.

Common Tasks: 1

This is the number of tasks that multiple players will have in common. Fiddling with setting determines how frequently players will run into each other in your Among Us lobby. Having this set to zero could drastically reduce player interaction during rounds, which will make it easier for the impostors to single out and kill crewmates. Conversely, a very large number of Common Tasks will bunch people up into groups, making the impostor stick out.

We recommend leaving this setting to 1 for most Among Us games to maintain a good balance and satisfying challenge.

Long Tasks: 2

This is the number of longer tasks that each crewmate will have to complete. Long tasks require some more time, and hence can leave crewmates exposed as they complete them. They are, however, essential to create some opportunities for the impostors. They will also increase the length of the game, allowing for a more eventful experience.

We find it best to leave this setting to 2 in your Among Us server. It maintains good game length and also can lead to some very interesting and suspenseful moments for both sides.

Short Tasks: 2

This is the number of short tasks that each crewmate will have to complete. Short tasks act as a buffer between more time-consuming events such as Long Tasks and intel-gathering activities like checking security cams or the admin panel. They can be done in a shorter time, but having them in the game will force players to venture to different parts of the map. This will increase game variety and can also spread out the action that takes place.

Therefore, we recommend setting this to 2. It makes sure that progress is being made by the crewmates consistently, but also can also create some appealing scenarios for the impostors.

Setting a combination of 5 total tasks will also ensure a decent game length in your Among Us lobby.

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Best Role Settings In Among Us 

In one of the recent updates among us, there are three new crew member roles introduced as well as a new impostor role. These rules have given the players a chance to deal with the imposter in a better way.

Therefore, it is important to use the right settings for each of the roles as they can give massive leverage to either the crewmates or the imposter. The settings will vary depending on the players in the lobby.

Players will get a chance to set all of the crewmate roles to 100%. But this takes out the fun from the game. therefore it is important to use the optimal settings so that the crew mates don’t get more advantage than the imposter. 

Following are the settings of different roles among us according to the players in the lobby. 

4 To 6 Players 

In case there are four to six players in your lobby, the following settings are optimal for a small number of players. We will be avoiding Guardian Angel entirely as it will put crew mates at a massive advantage over imposters ruining the fun of the game. Also, these settings are for one impostor. 

  •  Scientist: 1, 75% 
  •  Guardian Angel: 0, 0% 
  •  Engineer: 1, 75% 
  •  Shapeshifter: 1, 50% 

With these settings for a smaller lobby, you will be able to give an equal opportunity to both the crewmates and the imposter. 

7 To 10 Players 

With the increase in players, the settings will change as well. Therefore if you are playing in a lobby of 7 to 10 players, make sure to use the settings below. 

  •  Guardian Angel: 1, 100% 
  •  Engineer: 2, 75% 
  •  Scientist: 2, 75% 
  •  Shapeshifter: 1, 75% 

The shapeshifter setting for imposter is in case you are using two impostors among us. With the increase in players, you will want to use all the roles and have at least one pair of each role. With these settings, the imposters will also get a chance to shapeshift into an engineer in case they are caught. Furthermore, these settings will allow you to allot a Guardian Angel role to one of the crew members as well. 

11 to 15 players 

In case you are playing in a bigger lobby with around 11 to 15 players then you will want to ensure that the majority of the players have a role assigned to them. In order to do so we will be using the following settings. 

  •  Scientist: 3, 75% 
  •  Shapeshifter: 2, 50% 
  •  Guardian Angel: 1, 100% 
  •  Engineer: 3, 75% 

These are the most optimal settings for a lobby with the highest amount of players. The random spawning will be kept at 75% giving the chance to all players to experience a role. The Guardian Angel should be kept at one at all times. This is because at any level, using more than one Angel would take away the fun from the game. The shapeshifter and regular impostors can be quite challenging and thrilling for the crewmates. 

Among Us Settings In Summary

That wraps up our settings guides for the best Among Us settings to make your server to make your games as epic as they can be! Here is a quick rundown of all the settings we went through.

Confirm EjectsOff
# Emergency Meetings 2
Anonymous VotesOff
Emergency Cooldown20s
Discussion Time30s (up to 8 players)
45s (8+ players)
Voting Time60s (up to 8 players)
90s (8+ players)
Player Speed1.25x
Crewmate Vision1.0x
Impostor Vision1.75x
Kill Cooldown25s
Kill DistanceShort
Task Bar UpdatesAlways
Visual TasksOff
# Common Tasks1
# Long Tasks2
# Short Tasks2

Let us know how these settings work out in your party. Did they make your games more exciting and gratifying? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the server/lobby settings in Among Us games?

Create a lobby, and walk up to the laptop station. Press the ‘Customize’ button in the bottom-right of your screen. Then, go to the ‘Game’ tab. You can find all the game settings here.

How much should I set the Emergency Cooldown and Kill Cooldown in Among Us?

The Emergency Cooldown should always be less than the Kill Cooldown to give the crewmates a chance to clutch in the last moments. Therefore, we recommend setting the Emergency Cooldown to 20s, and the Kill Cooldown to 25s.

How many tasks should I keep in my Among Us games?

We recommend a total of 5 tasks. This should include one Common Task, two Long Tasks and two Short tasks. This will add up to create a good game length with plenty of variety.

What is the best setting for Crewmate and Impostor Vision in Among Us?

We recommend setting the Crewmate Vision to 1.0x, and the Impostor Vision to 1.75x. This keeps the games sufficiently entertaining while also giving enough opportunities to the impostors to make good plays.

What is the best player speed setting for Among Us?

Setting this to 1.25x results in the best experience for us. Running is comfortable, but not too fast for everything to descend into chaos.

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Among Us July 7 Patch Notes

Among Us Latest Patch:

  • All major buttons are now localized.
  • Other minor visual and localization bug fixes. Our programming and QA team did a great job please give them a psychic high five.
  • General crash fixes
  • Disconnection issues addressed
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