Cities: Skylines 2 – How To Turn On Autosave

Learn all about how to autosave in Cities Skylines 2, along with why it is important and how often it saves.

When playing Cities Skylines 2, make sure you have autosave turned on just in case something goes wrong, such as the game randomly crashing, and then you don’t have to start from the beginning. You can change how often Cities Skylines 2 should autosave and how much it keeps saved up.

Key Takeaways
  • By now, everyone knows that Cities Skylines 2 has performance issues that can crash the game at any given time, and thus, you could lose your progress.
  • To save your progress, you can enable the Autosave option in the settings.
  • You can also select how often Cities Skylines 2 Autosave.
  • By doing this, you can save your progress automatically in the case that Cities Skylines 2 crashes.

How To Turn On Autosave In Cities Skylines 2

Enabling Autosave In Settings [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Since the autosave feature is not turned on by default in Cities Skylines 2, here is how you can do it yourself:

  1. Launch Cities Skylines2 and choose options from the main menu.
  2. Under the general section, look for the option that says autosave.
  3. Check the autosave box and enjoy.

The Autosave feature will thus be turned on, and you can change how often it autosaves.

Why Is Turning On Autosave Important

Manual Save
Manual Save [Screenshot Taken By: eXputer]
Cities Skylines 2 has a lot of performance issues, it starts lagging, crashes randomly, and the screen flickers at times too. Therefore, it is a must that every player has autosave turned on so that when he decides to restart the application, no major progress is lost.

Important: If a player made a bad choice and now his city is overcrowded, and he wants to go back, autosave comes into play then, too. He can go back to the time when his city was in a better state and rebuild.

How Often Do Cities Skylines 2 Autosave

Different Interval Options [Screengrab Taken By: eXputer]
Normally, Cities Skylines 2 will save your progress after every 5 minutes. However, it should be known that you can change the interval time and can manually save whenever you want to, as well. You can also have more than one city without completely erasing your current town. For this to work, just keep saving your progress with different names.

Ending  remarks

I personally believe that having an autosave option in Cities Skylines 2 is amazing and is much needed. Especially since Cities Skylines 2 has a lot of performance issues right now. Turning on the autosave option is quite easy to do, and having the power to save your progress manually whenever you want to is a big plus, too.

If you are starting out in Cities Skyline 2, you should check out the Best Starting Maps and Best Ways To Make Money in Cities Skylines 2 so that you can have a smooth start.

And with that, my guide on Cities Skylines 2 Autosave comes to an end. Here, you were informed about everything regarding autosave, including how important it is. Other than that, if you want to add something, you can do so through the comment section down below. 

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