Crisis Core Reunion SP Farming [BEST Methods]

Here all the effective methods that helped me farm Soldier Points for Zack Fair in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

The whole combat and experience system in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion can be a bit complex, but after a while, you will realize that the SP (Soldier Points) is something you must need to enhance Zack’s build. The SP is used for each DMW roll during a battle; however, this doesn’t cost a lot. Players mostly use up their SP when they begin to create new and stronger Materia for Zack. Hence, it is important to know the best methods to farm SP in Crisis Core Reunion so that you never run out of them.

Key Takeaways
  • Soldier Points (SP) is a type of stat in Crisis Core Reunion which is used to enhance combat abilities.
  • In the game, DMW will consume SP for each roll, and Materia Fusions will also cost a specific amount of SP.
  • Players can get SP by beating enemies or completing certain challenges in the game.
  • SP can be farmed by killing Mover enemies such as the Three Stars, which can be found in M9-5-2 and M9-5-3.
  • Players can also convert certain Materias into SP through the in-game menu.

Best SP Farming Strategy

As I mentioned earlier, there are two different types of enemies which are great for getting Soldier Points in the game. However, for these enemies, two different strategies need to be implemented. Fortunately, these strategies are quite easy to follow. You will have plenty of SP at your disposal after facing a handful of Movers and Abyss Worms.

First Method

three stars sp farming
Farming SP by fighting Three Stars [Screenshot by eXputer]
  1. Fight against Movers, specifically targeting Three Stars for the highest SP yield.
  2. Use Materias that ignore Vitality to defeat Movers, focusing on the accompanying enemies first.
  3. Utilize moves like Darkness, Costly Punch, Goblin Punch, or Graviga.
  4. Three Stars yield the highest SP in the game, and defeating them last in a battle grants a multiplier bonus (2x-5x) for a Magic Finish.

However, if you don’t have access to their locations just yet, in that case, you can go for other Movers enemies for the time being. Before I jot down the whole strategy for farming SP from Movers, here are all the missions you can find every one of them in.

  • Mover: M8-5-2.
  • Mover RE: M2-3-3, M2-3-4, M2-3-5, M6-4-1, M6-4-2, M6-4-3, M8-5-6, and M8-6-1.
  • Mover EX: M2-5-2, M6-5-6, M6-6-1, M6-6-2, M6-6-3, M7-6-5, and M9-3-6.
  • Three Stars: M9-5-2 & M9-5-3.

Second Method

sp abyss worms
Abyss Worms in Crisis Core Reunion [Screenshot by eXputer]
  1. Access this method after completing Chapter 4.
  2. Use Steal or Mug Materia on Abyss Worms in missions M9-6-1 and M9-6-3 to obtain SP Master Materia.
  3. Equip Mog’s Amulet to increase Luck and improve the chances of stealing SP Master.
  4. Use the stolen SP Master Materia to convert into Soldier Points through the Materia menu.
  5. SP Master Materia can be converted into 24,000 SP each.
  6. Repeat the process to accumulate a significant amount of SP.

My Experience With The SP Farming Methods In Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core
Crisis Core Reunion Hours

While these methods are, they aren’t the most fun for accumulating SP in Crisis Core Reunion. Before opting for these methods, I strongly recommend completing the main story and the side quests on the normal difficulty as farming this much SP is probably for Hard difficulty or obtaining better accessories and items. So make sure you leave this for the last, if you its for the purposes of getting a trophy.

There you have it! The complete take on SP Farming in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. I included two different methods which can be used in separate parts of the game. Hence, no matter where you are in the main storyline, you can use one of the strategies to increase your SP. Apart from that, I also briefed the new players on the multiple uses of SP in the new Final Fantasy game.

I hope you enjoyed reading through the Soldier Points farming guide. Stick around at eXputer to catch more stuff about Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion!

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