Crisis Core Reunion SP Farming [BEST Methods]

Here all the effective methods to farm Soldier Points for Zack Fair in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

The whole combat and experience system in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion can be a bit complex, but after a while, you will realize that the SP (Soldier Points) is something you must need to enhance Zack’s build. The SP is used for each DMW roll during a battle; however, this doesn’t cost a lot. Players mostly use up their SP when they begin to create new and stronger Materia for Zack. Hence, it is important to know the best methods to farm SP in Crisis Core Reunion so that you never run out of them.

Key Highlights

  • Soldier Points (SP) is a type of stat in Crisis Core Reunion which is used to enhance combat abilities.
  • In the game, DMW will consume SP for each roll, and Materia Fusions will also cost a specific amount of SP.
  • Players can get SP by beating enemies or completing certain challenges in the game.
  • SP can be farmed by killing Mover enemies such as the Three Stars, which can be found in M9-5-2 and M9-5-3.
  • Players can also convert certain Materias into SP through the in-game menu.

How To Farm SP In Crisis Core Reunion?

farming soldier points in crisis core reunion
SP Farming [Image Credit: eXputer]
SP is something that comes in small portions while you play through the storyline. For each enemy you beat, Zack will get rewarded with some Soldier Points. However, these are quite insignificant and don’t help out in the latter stages of the game, where you will need tons of SP to create strong Materias.

At the beginning of the game, Materia Fusions may not cost as much, but as you progress the story and begin facing tougher enemies, you will start using up 50,000+ SP for each Materia Fusion

The cost can get even higher than that if you decide to combine two rare Materias. Nonetheless, when you reach this point it is important that you know a few effective methods through which you can farm Soldier Points in Crisis Core Reunion. Fortunately, there are multiple enemies which can be farmed to yield a good amount of SP for Zack.

Enemies For SP

Most of the items, XP, and Soldier Points you receive in Crisis Core Reunion come after defeating enemies. After playing hours of Crisis Core Reunion you will realize that most enemies will get you less than 1000 SP. However, this amount of SP is quite low and can not be accumulated in the long term. This is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with the best SP farming starts in the game.

Even though there are some high-level enemies like the Wyerd (244 SP) and Sea Hulk (220 SP), however, they still don’t get you enough Soldier Points in the game. Fortunately, there are some enemies that players can seek out to farm SP in Crisis Core Reunion.

First up, we have the enemy type known as the “Movers” in Crisis Core Reunion. They can be found in plenty of missions. In total, there are 4 types of Mover enemies in the game, which include;

  • Mover
  • Mover RE
  • Mover EX
  • Three Stars

The Movers are a great source of SP, a normal Mover can drop 2,000 SP. Whereas, on the other hand, the Three Stars can drop 20,000 SP or more, making it one of the highest Soldier Points yielding enemy in the game.

Similarly, players can also seek out the Abyss Worm to farm Soldier Points in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. They do not drop a high amount of SP after being defeated. However, players can use the Steal or Mug Materia against them to snatch SP Master Materia from them, which can later be converted into Soldier Points.

Let us now go through these methods in a bit more detail, so that you can carry them out and accumulate thousands and millions of SP within an hour or so!

Best SP Farming Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, there are two different types of enemies which are great for getting Soldier Points in the game. However, for these enemies, two different strategies need to be implemented. Fortunately, these strategies are quite easy to follow. You will have plenty of SP at your disposal after facing a handful of Movers and Abyss Worms.

First Method

three stars sp farming
Farming SP by fighting Three Stars [Screenshot by eXputer]
To kick things off, let’s go through the more straightforward method of farming SPs in Crisis Core Reunion. In this method, all you need to do is slay a bunch of Movers, preferably Three Stars. Movers are three tiny balls that bounce around; even though they may seem friendly but they can do devastating damage to the player. Their attacks are quite unforgiving, and they can put up a solid fight against Zack.

Beating the Movers can be a little tricky for new players. However, by using Materias which ignore Vitality you can take care of these tiny creatures quickly. Whenever you run into a fight against the Movers, we suggest that you take care of the accompanying enemies first. Once you’ve done that, use moves like Darkness, Costly Punch, Goblin Punch, or Graviga

The Three Stars are the toughest kind of Movers in the game; they can cause huge amounts of damage to the player, especially with their Delta Attack. The Graviga Materia is a good shout for them as it allows you to maintain a safe distance while causing serious damage. You can craft Graviga by going to the Materia Fusion menu and putting Dash and Gravity together.

As we mentioned earlier, Three Stars yield the highest amount of SP for Zack, more than any other enemy in the game. Hence, they should be your main target while trying to get Soldier Points.

three stars location
Three Stars mission [Image Credit: eXputer]
However, if you don’t have access to their locations just yet, in that case, you can go for other Movers enemies for the time being. Before we jot down the whole strategy for farming SP from Movers, here are all the missions you can find every one of them in.

  • Mover: M8-5-2.
  • Mover RE: M2-3-3, M2-3-4, M2-3-5, M6-4-1, M6-4-2, M6-4-3, M8-5-6, and M8-6-1.
  • Mover EX: M2-5-2, M6-5-6, M6-6-1, M6-6-2, M6-6-3, M7-6-5, and M9-3-6.
  • Three Stars: M9-5-2 & M9-5-3.

It would be best if you could go for the Three Stars enemy in the Crisis Core Reunion. The Three Stars can get you 20,000 SP, or more if you beat it last in a battle (after the other enemies). Players can get also get a multiplier bonus of 2x-5x for a Magic Finish against Three Stars during a conflict. The multipliers can take the final SP loot to up to 100,000

If you’re in the earlier parts of the game and can’t access M9-5-2 or M9-5-3 then you can try getting SP from the other Mover enemies in the game. These may not be as profiteering as the Three Stars, but they’ll do the job for now. You can go for Movers (2000 SP), Movers RE (4000 SP), and Movers EX (8000 SP). Of course, the Soldier Points can be further multiplied if you end up with a Magic finish, or kill Movers as the final enemy in the battle.

Second Method

sp abyss worms
Abyss Worms in Crisis Core Reunion [Screenshot by eXputer]
You can also opt for another technique, which involves the use of Steal/Mug Materia to farm SP in Crisis Core Reunion. It is to be noted that this method can only be carried out after you complete Chapter 4 of the game. With that said, let us now move on to the strategy itself.

First off, let us familiarize you with the SP Master Materia first. The SP Master Materia increases damage and defense by spending Soldier Points during battle. We know we’re talking about spending SP rather than collecting it but bare with us for a second. The strategy is to collect SP Master Materias and then convert them into Soldier Points through the Materia menu in Crisis Core Reunion. 

converting materia into sp
Materia conversion [Image Credit: eXputer]
Each SP Master Materia can be converted into 24,000 SP. Hence, if you get tons of SP Master Materia then you could convert them into plenty of SP. Now you may be thinking about how you can get your hands on the SP Materia. Well, that’s where the Abyss Worms come in.

The Abyss Worms is an enemy which appears in M9-6-1 and M9-6-3. You can easily deal with them by first eliminating the rest of the enemies in the combat. However, you don’t really need to kill the Abyss Worms. All you need to do is use the Steal or Mug Materia on them to snatch some SP Master Materia. The SP Master is a rare item that can be stolen from the Abyss Worms. You can also get the Mind Stone (common steal) while stealing items from the Abyss Worm.

To improve your chances, you can also equip the Mog’s Amulet. The Amulet will add +5 to Luck and allows dropped loot and stolen items to be of rare quality. Thus, while stealing from the Abyss Worms, wearing the Mog’s Amulet will always give you SP Master.

Now all you need to do is head to one of the missions we have mentioned above, preferably M9-6-3. After entering the mission zone, roam around until you find a fight against the Abyss Worms. Once the conflict begins, simply use Steal or Mug move on them to snatch SP Master and quickly escape the battle.

Repeat the process multiple times, and you’ll end up with a bunch of SP Master Materias. You can then pause the game and head to the Materia section. From here, convert all the excess SP Master Materias into Soldier Points. Even if you manage to get 10 SP Master Materia, that would get you 240,000 Soldier Points on conversion!

Where To Use SP In Crisis Core Reunion?

sp usage in the game
SP consumption during Materia Fusion [Image Credit: eXputer]
For most parts of the early phases of the Crisis Core FFVII Reunion, the Soldier Points may seem useless. At first, you will only consume 10 SP for a single DMW roll. The DMW cost amount will always be insignificant against your total Soldier Points. Although, as you progress through the game you will end up facing tougher enemies, which can only be dealt with by using stronger Materias.

However, to create stronger Materia you will need to fuse together two separate ones. In order to do that, you will have to spend a specific amount of SP. The cost of SP will keep rising as you advance in the game because you’ll start combining stronger Materia. These costs can range anything from 50,000 to 1,000,000 SP for a single Fusion in the later stages.

So, in a nutshell, the SP is used, as a cost, for DMW rolls and for Materia Fusions in Crisis Core Reunion. 

Wrap Up

There you have it! Our complete take on SP Farming in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. We included two different methods which can be used in separate parts of the game. Hence, no matter where you are in the main storyline, you can use one of the strategies to increase your SP. Apart from that, we also briefed the new players on the multiple uses of SP in the new Final Fantasy game.

If you’re new to the game or facing multiple hiccups in your playthrough then we’d like to suggest some other top-tier guides related to Crisis Core Reunion. For players facing PC crashes and errors, they can check out our Crisis Core Reunion Crash Fix Guide. Apart from that make sure to get some of the Best Summons in the game, such as the Bahamut,Cactuar, and Magic Pot. Learn how you can beat the Angeal Penance boss and acquire the Buster Sword for Zack in Crisis Core Reunion.

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We hope you enjoyed reading through our Soldier Points farming guide. Stick around at eXputer to catch more stuff about Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion!

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