Death Stranding Trophy Guide: How To Get Platinum and All Other Trophies

There Are 63 Trophies In Total

Looking for a Death Stranding Trophy Guide, that can help you get the Platinum and all other trophies? Well, you have to come to the right place.

Death Stranding has a total of 63 Trophies, 15 of which are tied to the main story of the game. The remaining 48 can be unlocked by completing different in-game activities, and players will probably unlock a number of them as they play.

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So here is the list of all of the trophies In Death Stranding.

Story Trophies

  • Delivering Is What I Do (Bronze): Acquired after completing Order No. 1 in the Prologue: Porter.
  • Rebuilding America (Bronze): You get this after completing Order No. 3 in Episode 1: Bridget.
  • We Need You (Bronze): This is unlocked after completing Order No. 16 in Episode 2: Amelie.
  • I Won’t Break (Bronze): Obtained after completing Order No. 38 in Episode 3: Fragile.
  • BB… (Bronze): Collect this after completing Order No. 39 in Episode 4 Unger.
  • We’re Whole Again (Bronze): Get your hands on this one after completing Order No. 46 in Episode 5: Mama.
  • BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond (Bronze): Players can pick this one up at the beginning of Order No. 54 in Episode 6: Deadman.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
  • “BB.” (Bronze): Earn this after completing Order No. 54 in Episode 7: Clifford.
  • Sixty Deaths and Sixty Births in a Day (Bronze): Attained after completing Order No. 62 in Episode 8: Heartman.
  • The Particle of God (Bronze): Gained after completing Order No. 65 in Episode 9: Higgs.
  • I’m Your Die-Hardman (Bronze): Gotten at the beginning of Order No. 67 in Episode 10: Die-Hardman.
  • Bring Back My Baby (Bronze): Collected after completing Order No. 67 in Episode 11: Clifford Unger.
  • She’s waiting for you on the Beach (Bronze): Received after completing Order No. 68 in Episode 12: Bridges.
  • Thank You, Sam (Bronze): Secure after completing Order No. 69 in Episode 13: Sam Strand.
  • Thanks for Everything (Silver): Picked up after completing Order No. 70 in Episode 14: Lou.

48 Standard Trophies

  • Everyday Delivery (Bronze): Complete a standard order. These are optional deliveries that are unlocked when you complete Order No. 9, which is a compulsory story mission.
  • Deliveries Done (Bronze): Complete 36 different standard orders.
  • Birth of a Legend Bronze (Bronze): Complete 10 premium deliveries with an evaluation of “Legend” or “Legend of Legends” in every single category. You unlock premium deliveries upon completing the compulsory story mission Order No. 24.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
Delivery Terminal
  • Growth of a Legend (Gold): Complete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of “Legend of Legends” in all categories. You need to complete these on Hard difficulty to get a “Legend of Legends” evaluation.
  • A Helping Hand (Bronze): You need to Issue your first supply request online. The request doesn’t have to be completed, just posting it will get you the trophy.
  • The Automation Revolution (Bronze): Complete a standard order with a delivery bot. Bot-Deliveries are unlocked when you complete the compulsory story mission Order No. 24.
  • Apprentice Builder (Bronze): Build your first structure. You can get this as early as Episode 2, where you place a sign down for other players.
  • Master Builder (Bronze): Build at least one of every type of structure in the game. All of these are unlocked by playing the story.
  • A New Day for the UCA (Bronze): Connect your first new affiliate to the UCA. You get this automatically while doing Order No. 4 in Episode 2.
  • In Sam We Trust (Bronze): Connect all facilities to the UCA. There are 39 different UCA Facilities in Death Stranding, and you must find and connect all of them to the UCA Network.
  • Well Connected (Bronze): Reach connection level 3 with a UCA facility. You increase this level by completing delivery orders for that facility.
  • Best Beloved (Silver): Reach the maximum connection level of 5 with all 39 UCA facilities.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
Player Made Bridge
  • Like and Be Liked (Bronze): Give your first like to objects like ladders and signs placed by NPCs and other players in the world.
  • The People’s Porter (Bronze): Reach a total of 2,400 likes on the results screen. You get likes by completing deliveries or when other online players use your placed structures and give them likes.
  • The World’s Most Popular Porter (Bronze): Reach a total of 50,000 likes on the results screen.
  • Good Samaritan (Bronze): Deliver your first piece of lost cargo to its intended destination. These are found scattered all over the map.
  • Giver of Gifts (Bronze): Upon unlocking Share Lockers in Episode 2, go into the Terminal and make your first donation of weapons or equipment for other players to use.
  • Chiral Crafter (Bronze): Compete the compulsory story mission Order No. 8 to learn how to harvest and recycle chiral crystals for the first time.
  • A Thirst for Knowledge (Bronze): Restore your first memory chip. There are 56 of these in the game, and they can be found scattered all around the game world.
  • Fount of Knowledge (Bronze): Restore all 56 memory chips.
  • The Custom Kid (Bronze): Acquire your first piece of customisation data. As you do deliveries and increase your connection level with UCA facilities, you are rewarded with all sorts of customisation data.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
The Crater Digestive Bath
  • Soak and Sign (Bronze): Find and take a bath in any one of the 7 hot springs found in the game.
  • The Post Guides the Present (Bronze): Read 100 mails. You get these when you complete story missions and level up your connection level with UCA facilities.
  • The Past Guides the Present (Bronze): Read 100 interviews. You get these when you complete story missions, level up your connection level with UCA facilities and collect Memory Chips.
  • Pathfinder (Bronze): Help porters through a MULE or terrorist area for the first time by stunning all enemies in a single camp. You should use non-lethal weapons to do this.
  • Childminder (Bronze): Reach maximum connection level with BB. You do this just by walking around with BB, interacting with it and soothing it when it cries.
  • A Baby Blessing (Bronze): Get alike from BB by interacting with it in your private room, playing it the harmonica or just by running fast and jumping high with the Speed Skeleton. You can also get likes by defeating BTs.

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Death Stranding Trophy Guide
Private Room
  • Prominent Porter (Bronze): Reach grade 10 in any one of the 5 delivery evaluation categories. These include Quantity, Condition, Time, Miscellaneous and Bridge-Link. Each time you complete a delivery with any of these conditions, you get experience for that specific category.
  • Great Deliverer (Bronze): Reach grade 60 in all 5 of the delivery evaluation categories.
  • Catcher Crusher (Bronze): Defeat a Catcher. You fight one of these for the first time at the end of story mission Order No. 16 in Episode 2.
  • Snooze ‘n’ Soothe (Bronze): Heal by sleeping for the first time. To do this, you need to unload your cargo, sit down and then go to sleep for the first time.
  • Boots are a Porter’s Best Friend (Bronze): To unlock this trophy you need to fabricate new boots for the first time at a terminal and then equip them. The first recipe for boots is unlocked in Episode 2.
  • Hooked on Delivering!? (Bronze): All you need to do is deliver 700 items of cargo to their intended destinations.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
Cargo Management
  • Pumped Porter (Bronze): Each piece of cargo in the game has its respective weight, and to unlock this trophy you need to deliver 3,000 kg of cargo.
  • Well-travelled (Bronze): You need to travel a total of 80 km while playing the game, and then the very next delivery you complete will unlock the trophy.
  • God Particle Go-Getter (Bronze): Starting from Episode 10, find Peter Englert’s facility due west of Lake Knot City. Then go inside to get the trophy.
  • Rest In Pieces (Bronze): After completing story mission Order No. 46 in Episode 5 and getting your hands on the Cord-Cutter, use it to cut the umbilical cord of a BT without it noticing.
  • Any Porter in a Storm (Bronze): NPC porters can be found wandering the map occasionally, and players can trade cargo with them to unlock this trophy. Place a piece of your shipment down on the ground in front of the NPC, and if they are interested, they’ll offer another part of cargo back.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
BB Needs To Be Soothed
  • Sleep Tight, Little BB (Bronze): If players trip and fall or if they encounter BTs, BB will start crying. Calm it down the very first time it starts crying to get this trophy.
  • A Shout in the Dark (Bronze): When connected to the online servers, press the Touchpad on the Dualshock 4 to send a shout out. If a player hears it and sends a shout outback, you’ll unlock this trophy.
  • Public Service Porter (Bronze): Go to the Junk Dealer facility in the Central Region to pick up a piece of chiralium-contaminated cargo. Then head to the crater lake south of the facility and throw the cargo into it.
  • Trail-Blazer (Bronze): Upgrade all types of structures in the game to the highest level. These include the Postbox, Bridge, Safehouse, Timefall Shelter, Zipline, Watchtower and Generator.
  • I Couldn’t Hold it In! (Bronze): Urinate in the outdoors for the very first time.
  • All Roads Lead to the UCA (Bronze): Complete your very first road during Order No. 25 in Episode 3.
  • Soothing Sounds (Bronze): Use the music player for the very first time and play any song in your private room in Order No. 4.
  • Building Bridges (Bronze): While connected to the online servers, interact with the structures of other players and give them likes, while also having them use your networks and give you likes to increase your Bridge Link to Grade 1 and unlock this trophy.
Death Stranding Trophy Guide
Reverse Trike
  • Homo Faber (Bronze): To unlock this trophy you need to fabricate all weapons and equipment in the game and equip them at least once. You also need to drive every vehicle in the game at least once.
  • Greatest of Great Deliverers (Platinum): You unlock the Platinum trophy by unlocking every other trophy in the game.

This is our guide on how to unlock all the trophies in Death Stranding. It is now updated in 2021.

As mentioned above, it’s hugely time-consuming, so expect to put at least 120 hours into the game to unlock the Platinum trophy.

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