Skyrim Deep Folk Crossing [Exploration Methods & Tips]

This guide provides players with a comprehensive overview of Deep Folk Crossing, one of the many intriguing Dwemer ruins in Skyrim.

Deep Folk Crossing Skyrim is one of the enormous realm’s most strange and interesting locales. It is an ancient Dwemer ruin among the wild and rough landscape of the Reach, holding mysteries, riches, and difficulties for novice and seasoned adventurers. In this guide, we’ll go through its rich history, culture, and gameplay features, offering crucial tips and techniques to make the most of your experience.

Key Takeaways
  • Deep folk crossing Skyrim is a Dwemer ruin that offers a glimpse into the advanced technology and steampunk aesthetic of the enigmatic Dwemer race.
  • Exploring Dwemer ruins like the Crossing in Skyrim presents exciting challenges, puzzles, and treasures. Be prepared to encounter traps, face powerful automatons and enemies, and uncover unique artifacts.
  • It is located between the towns of Markarth and Dragon Bridge.
IMPORTANT: While Deep Folk Crossing is a smaller dwemer ruin, it is still dangerous. Ensure to be properly equipped before venturing there and prepare for the worst.

The History And Lore Of Deep Folk Crossing Skyrim

skyrim location deep folk crossing
Deep Folk Crossing

The history and lore of the place are deeply intertwined with the enigmatic Dwemer race, also known as the Deep Folk or Dwarves. As one of the many Dwemer ruins scattered across the land of Skyrim, it offers a glimpse into the lives and technology of this ancient and mysterious civilization.

  1. The Dwemer were an advanced race of mer (elves) known for their remarkable craftsmanship, engineering, and magical abilities.
  2. They inhabited vast underground cities and built elaborate structures that showcased their incredible knowledge and skill.
  3. Despite the Dwemer’s disappearance, their advanced technology and steampunk aesthetic can still be seen throughout the ruins they left behind.
  4. It was a key part of the Dwemer’s expansive infrastructure and was once a bridge connecting different parts of their civilization.
  5. The bridge spans the Karth River and is accompanied by the ruins of a small Dwemer outpost.
  6. The outpost is home to an Aetherium Crest, an important component in the quest “Lost to the Ages,” which delves deeper into the history of the Dwemer and their connection to the rare and powerful Aetherium material.

While the exact reason for the Dwemer’s disappearance remains a mystery, their legacy lives on through the ruins and artifacts they left behind. By exploring it in Skyrim and other Dwemer sites, players can piece together the puzzle of this enigmatic race and perhaps even uncover the secrets that led to their ultimate fate.

Uncovering The Secrets Of The Dwemer Ruins

skyrim location deep folk crossing
Dwemer Ruin

Uncovering the secrets of the Dwemer ruins is an exciting and rewarding experience for Skyrim adventurers. These ancient sites offer a glimpse into the lives of the long-lost Dwemer race and present various challenges, puzzles, and treasures for players to discover. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind when exploring Dwemer ruins:

  1. Dwemer Architecture and Traps: The Dwemer were known for their intricate and advanced engineering. While exploring their ruins, be prepared to encounter various traps, such as pressure plates, spinning blades, and poison darts.
    • Proceed cautiously, and watch for hidden mechanisms that may disarm or bypass these traps.
  2. Puzzles and Secrets: Dwemer ruins often contain complex puzzles that require keen observation, logical thinking, and sometimes even a bit of trial and error.
    • Solving these puzzles can unlock hidden chambers, reveal valuable treasures, or progress a quest. Pay close attention to environmental clues, such as wall markings or items left behind by previous explorers.
  3. Automatons and Enemies: As you delve deeper into the ruins, be prepared to face powerful Dwemer constructs, such as Dwarven Spiders, Spheres, and Centurions. These mechanical foes can be challenging opponents, so stock up on potions and ensure your weapons and armor are in good condition.
    • The ruins may also be inhabited by other creatures or enemies, like Falmer or bandits, seeking to exploit the Dwemer’s lost treasures.
  4. Unique Items and Treasures: Dwemer ruins are known to house rare and valuable artifacts, including unique weapons, armor, and crafting materials. Keep an eye out for Dwarven metal ingots.
    • They can be used to craft powerful gear and soul gems essential for enchanting. Some ruins may also contain rare Aetherium items or components crucial in the “Lost to the Ages” questline.
  5. Lore and Worldbuilding: The Dwemer ruins are rich in history and storytelling, offering players a chance to learn more about the enigmatic Dwemer race, their connection to other civilizations, and their ultimate disappearance.
    • Take the time to read any books, journals, or inscriptions found within the ruins, as they may shed light on the Dwemer’s history and even provide valuable hints for solving puzzles or completing quests.

By exploring the Dwemer ruins and uncovering their secrets, you’ll better understand Skyrim’s rich history and lore while discovering new challenges, treasures, and adventures that will enhance your overall experience.

Notable NPCs And Quests 

skyrim location deep folk crossing

While primarily known for its Dwemer ruins, it is not a location with many NPCs or quests directly tied to the site. However, one special quest is associated with the location and some NPCs important to the broader Dwemer storyline in Skyrim.

  1. “Lost to the Ages” Quest: The most notable quest related to Deep Folk Crossing Skyrim  is “Lost to the Ages,” which is initiated by reading the book “The Aetherium Wars.”
    • This quest revolves around discovering the secret of the ancient and powerful Aetherium material, which the Dwemer used to create incredible artifacts.
  2. The book can be found in various locations throughout Skyrim, and reading it will mark the ruins of Arkngthamz on your map. 
  3. Katria: A ghostly adventurer who plays a central role in the “Lost to the Ages” quest. She is the author of “The Aetherium Wars” and dedicated her life to uncovering the secret of the Aetherium Forge.
    • Her spirit will accompany you throughout the quest, providing valuable information and guidance as you uncover the mysteries of the Dwemer and their Aetherium technology.
  4. Calcelmo: While not directly tied to it, Calcelmo is a prominent NPC in the Dwemer storyline of Skyrim. He is a scholar and expert on Dwemer history, residing in Markarth.
    • Visiting Calcelmo and exploring his museum can offer valuable insights into the Dwemer civilization and help you learn more about the context of the crossing and other Dwemer sites.

While it does not boast many NPCs or quests, its connection to the “Lost to the Ages” quest and the broader Dwemer storyline makes it a fascinating and rewarding location. Exploring the site and completing the associated quest will deepen your understanding of the Dwemer race and its mysterious disappearance from the world of Skyrim.

Exploring The Surrounding Landscape 

skyrim location deep folk crossing

It is located in the Reach, a rugged and mountainous region in the western part of Skyrim. The surrounding landscape is characterized by cliffs, dense forests, and rushing rivers, offering plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery. As you venture around it, you’ll find various points of interest that are worth visiting:

  1. Bthardamz: To the southeast of the crossing lies Bthardamz, another Dwemer ruin that plays a crucial role in the quest “The Only Cure.”
    • This sprawling complex is filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies, providing a challenging and engaging experience for adventurers seeking to explore more Dwemer sites.
  2. Karthwasten: A small mining village east of Deep Folk Crossing, Karthwasten offers a few side quests and NPCs that can provide valuable information about the region.
    • The town has a mine involved in a dispute between the local miners and a group of mercenaries, which you can resolve in the quest “Sanuarach Mine.”
  3. Shrine of Peryite: Found to the northeast of the crossing, the Shrine of Peryite is a Daedric shrine dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Pestilence.
    • Speaking to the worshipers at the shrine will initiate the quest “The Only Cure,” which will lead you to Bthardamz and ultimately grant you the Spellbreaker, a powerful unique shield.
  4. Dragontooth Crater: A dragon lair northwest of it, Dragontooth Crater is home to a powerful dragon that guards a Word Wall.
    • Defeating the dragon and learning the Word of Power can be a challenging and rewarding experience for those skilled enough to face the mighty beast.
  5. Purewater Run: A beautiful and serene location southwest of it, Purewater Run features a small cave with a hidden pond and waterfall.
    • This picturesque spot is home to several animals, including a unique fish called the River Betty, which can be used as an ingredient in alchemy.
  6. Sundered Towers: Located north of it, the Sundered Towers are a pair of ruined forts that Forsworn enemies now inhabit.
    • Clearing out the towers and exploring the ruins can provide valuable loot and a Word Wall containing a Word of Power for the Dragon Shout “Marked for Death.”

Exploring the landscape surrounding the place will uncover new locations, quests, and challenges that add depth and variety to your Skyrim adventure. Don’t hesitate to venture off the beaten path, as Skyrim’s rich and diverse world is filled with countless opportunities for discovery and excitement.

Its Role In The Main Questline

It does not play a direct role in Skyrim’s main questline, which primarily focuses on the Dragonborn’s journey to defeat Alduin, the World-Eater, and uncover the secrets of the ancient Dragon Priests.

  1. Visiting the place and other Dwemer ruins can provide valuable insights into Skyrim’s rich history and lore.
  2. The Dwemer and their ruins represent a significant part of Skyrim’s history, deeply interconnected with the title’s broader narrative.
  3. Exploring the Dwemer ruins can add depth and context to the world where the main questline occurs.
  4. Uncovering the secrets of the Dwemer and learning about their mysterious disappearance can give players a more comprehensive understanding of the game world.
  5. Dwemer ruins, like Deep Folk Crossing, can provide information about various factions, races, and events in the game.

Although It is not directly involved in the main story, it still offers a rewarding and engaging experience for players interested in expanding their knowledge of Skyrim’s lore and uncovering the hidden treasures and challenges within the ancient Dwemer ruins.

Unlocking Unique Items And Treasures 

skyrim location deep folk crossing
Aetherium Shard

Deep Folk Crossing, while not as extensive as some other Dwemer ruins, holds a key item essential for completing the “Lost to the Ages” quest. This quest leads to the discovery of unique items and powerful Aetherium artifacts.

Here’s what you need to know about unlocking treasures at Deep Folk Crossing:

  1. Aetherium Crest: The primary treasure at the crossing is one of the four Aetherium Crests required for the “Lost to the Ages” quest.
    • As you approach the bridge at the crossing, you’ll find a pedestal with the Aetherium Crest. Make sure to collect this crest, as it is an essential component for unlocking the Aetherium Forge later in the quest.
  2. Aetherium Artifacts: Completing the “Lost to the Ages” quest will grant you access to the Aetherium Forge, where you can craft one of three powerful Aetherium artifacts: the Aetherial Crown, Aetherial Shield, or Aetherial Staff. Each artifact has unique abilities that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience:
    • Aetherial Crown: This circlet lets you have two Standing Stone powers active simultaneously, providing a versatile combination of buffs.
    • Aetherial Shield: This Dwarven shield turns enemies ethereal for 15 seconds when bashed, rendering them unable to attack or be attacked.
    • Aetherial Staff: This staff summons a Dwarven Spider or Sphere to fight for you for 60 seconds, depending on your level.

Although it does not house a vast array of unique items and treasures, its connection to the “Lost to the Ages” quest and the Aetherium Forge makes it an important location for players looking to obtain power and rare Aetherium artifacts. Venturing in and collecting the Aetherium Crest is vital in unlocking these exceptional items and enhancing your Skyrim experience.

Navigating Traps And Puzzles In The Dwemer Ruins

Navigating traps and puzzles in the Dwemer ruins can be a challenging and engaging experience for Skyrim adventurers. The ancient and advanced Dwemer race designed their structures to protect their secrets, treasures, and technology from unworthy intruders.

Here are some essential tips to help you safely navigate and solve the traps and puzzles found in the Dwemer ruins:

  1. Be Observant: As you explore the ruins, consider your surroundings closely. Look for pressure plates, tripwires, or suspicious-looking objects that could trigger traps.
    • Examine walls and floors for patterns, markings, or hidden switches that could reveal secret passages or help solve puzzles.
  2. Move Cautiously: Proceed slowly and deliberately through the ruins, particularly where traps are likely to present.
    • Avoid running or sprinting, as doing so could cause you to trigger a trap before you have time to react inadvertently.
  3. Use Light Sources Wisely: Torches or spells like Candlelight and Magelight can help illuminate your surroundings, making spotting hidden traps or switches easier. However, be mindful that light sources can also alert enemies to your presence, so use them judiciously.
  4. Disarm Traps: Some traps can be disarmed or bypassed using various skills or abilities.
    • The Lockpicking skill, for example, can be used to disarm certain types of traps, while the Sneak skill can help you avoid triggering pressure plates. Additionally, certain spells, like Telekinesis, can be used to manipulate objects from a distance, allowing you to disarm or bypass traps safely.
  5. Experiment with Solutions: Many Dwemer puzzles require a combination of logic, observation, and experimentation.
    • Don’t be afraid to try different approaches or combinations if you struggle to solve a puzzle. Sometimes, trial and error can lead you to the correct solution.
  6. Be Prepared for Combat: Dwemer ruins are often inhabited by powerful automata and other enemies. Ensure your weapons, armor, and supplies are in good condition before venturing deep into the ruins.
    • Be ready to adapt your combat tactics to deal with the unique abilities and resistances of Dwemer constructs.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the traps and puzzles in the Dwemer ruins, uncovering their hidden secrets and treasures while minimizing the risk of injury or death. Embrace the challenge and immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Dwemer as you explore their ancient, mysterious structures.

Essential Tips And Strategies

When exploring Deep Folk Crossing Skyrim, a smaller but still fascinating Dwemer site, there are some essential tips and strategies to keep in mind :

  1. Prepare for Your Journey: It is located in the rugged and mountainous region of the Reach.
    • Make sure you have adequate supplies, such as health potions, stamina potions, and food, to keep you in good shape during your adventure. Also, ensure your weapons and armor are in good condition before setting out.
  2. Save Often: As with any location in Skyrim, it’s always a good idea to save your game frequently.
    • If you encounter unexpected dangers or make a mistake, you can reload from a recent save and avoid losing significant progress.
  3. Be Cautious of Wildlife: While it doesn’t have many hostile enemies within the ruins, the surrounding area can be home to various wildlife, such as bears, wolves, or saber cats. Watch for potential threats, and be prepared to defend yourself if necessary.
  4. Locate the Aetherium Crest: The primary objective at the crossing is to find the Aetherium Crest, which is required for the “Lost to the Ages” quest. As you approach the bridge, look for a pedestal with the crest. Collect the crest and keep it in your inventory for later use.
  5. Explore the Surrounding Area: While the place may not offer many challenges, the nearby landscape is filled with points of interest and other Dwemer ruins, such as Bthardamz or the Sundered Towers.
    • Take the time to explore the surrounding region to discover new locations, quests, and challenges.
  6. Complete the “Lost to the Ages” Quest: The Aetherium Crest found here is an essential component of the “Lost to the Ages” quest, ultimately granting access to the powerful Aetherium artifacts.
    • Ensure you complete this quest to fully experience the unique rewards and lore of the Dwemer and Aetherium.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the Dwemer ruin and uncover the treasures and secrets hidden within the ancient Dwemer site. Embrace the adventure and immerse yourself in Skyrim’s rich and mysterious world.

Factions And Events

skyrim location deep folk crossing
The College of Winterhold

Deep Folk Crossing Skyrim itself does not have a significant direct impact on Skyrim’s factions or events. It is primarily known for its connection to the “Lost to the Ages” quest, which is focused on the Dwemer and its powerful Aetherium technology.

However, the Dwemer’s history and technology can indirectly impact the game world’s factions and events, particularly those related to the Dwemer and their mysterious disappearance.

  1. The College of Winterhold: The Dwemer’s advanced knowledge and magical technology can pique the interest of the College of Winterhold, Skyrim’s center of magical study.
    • Scholars and mages in the college may be keen on investigating and researching Dwemer technology, especially Aetherium, to better understand the ancient race’s secrets and harness their power.
  2. Thieves Guild: The hidden treasures and artifacts within Dwemer ruins, like Deep Folk Crossing, can attract the attention of the Thieves Guild.
    • The possibility of acquiring valuable items from these ancient sites may lead to the guild sending members on missions to explore and loot the ruins.
  3. The Forsworn: Since it is located in the Reach, the homeland of the Forsworn, a faction of native Reachmen who fight against the Nords and the Empire to reclaim their land.
    • The Forsworn may be interested in the Dwemer ruins as they are part of the Reach’s history and could be used as a strategic location or a source of powerful artifacts.
  4. The Civil War: It does not play a direct role in the ongoing civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion; the Dwemer ruins and their secrets could interest both factions.
    • The powerful technology and artifacts within the ruins could potentially be harnessed for military advantage if either faction were to gain control of the sites and their resources.

While Deep Folk Crossing does not substantially impact Skyrim’s factions or events, its connection to the Dwemer and its advanced technology can indirectly affect the game world. The powerful artifacts and secrets hidden within the Dwemer ruins can influence various factions’ motivations and strategies, shaping the events and outcomes of the broader Skyrim narrative.

A Guide To The Creatures And Enemies 

Unlike many other Dwemer ruins, it does not house the typical enemies or creatures often associated with these ancient structures. However, you may encounter various creatures and enemies in the surrounding area or nearby locations. Here’s a guide to some of the possible encounters near Deep Folk Crossing:


In the wilderness, you may encounter various wild animals, such as wolves, bears, or saber cats. These creatures can threaten unprepared travelers, so be cautious and prepared to defend yourself if necessary.


deep folk crossing skyrim Bandits

The Reach, where the crossing is located, is home to the Forsworn, a faction of native Reachmen who fight against the Nords and the Empire to reclaim their land. While they are not typically found at Deep Folk Crossing, you may encounter them nearby, like the Sundered Towers.


deep folk crossing skyrim Bandits

Bandits throughout Skyrim may occasionally set up camps near points of interest, like Deep Folk Crossing. Be on the lookout for any signs of bandit activity, and be prepared to deal with them if necessary.


deep folk crossing skyrim Bandits

As the Dragonborn, you may encounter dragons throughout your journey in Skyrim. While it is unlikely that you’ll come across a dragon directly at Deep Folk Crossing, there is a dragon lair, Dragontooth Crater, located to the northwest. If you venture to this location, be prepared for a challenging fight and the opportunity to learn a Word of Power from the Word Wall.

Dwemer Automatons

While the place lacks Dwemer automatons, nearby Dwemer ruins like Bthardamz are filled with these ancient constructs, such as Dwarven Spiders, Spheres, and Centurions. These formidable enemies can be challenging to defeat due to their powerful attacks and resistance to certain types of damage.

As you explore the place, you may encounter various challenges, such as hostile creatures, booby traps, and puzzles that require careful thought and strategy to solve

Deep Folk Crossing Mod Recommendations 

Mods can significantly enhance your experience. While there are countless mods available for Skyrim, the following recommendations focus on improving the atmosphere, visuals, and gameplay associated with it and similar locations:

  1. Project AHO: This extensive quest mod adds a new Dwemer-themed adventure that takes players to a hidden city beneath Skyrim.
    • While not directly linked to it, it provides a new, immersive Dwemer experience, expanding upon the lore and mysteries of the ancient race.
  2. Dwarven Mechanical Equipment: This mod adds Dwemer-inspired weapons, armor, and items to the game, allowing players to equip themselves with gear that complements the Dwemer aesthetic and further immerses them in the experience of exploring the ruins.
  3. Immersive Dwemer Ruins: This mod aims to improve the atmosphere and visuals of Dwemer ruins, adding new lighting, clutter, and details that create a more immersive and engaging experience when exploring sites like it.
  4. Dwemer Spectres: Dwemer Spectres is a mod that populates Dwemer ruins with the ghosts of long-dead Dwemer, adding a new layer of challenge and lore to these ancient sites.
    • While enemies do not typically inhabit it, this mod can enhance your experience in other Dwemer ruins throughout Skyrim.
  5. Dwemer Beards: This aesthetic mod adds unique Dwemer-style beards for the player character, allowing you to further immerse yourself in the Dwemer world by adopting their distinctive appearance.
  6. Animated Dwarven Headgear: This mod introduces animated Dwemer helmets with moving parts, bringing the ancient race’s advanced technology to life visually strikingly.
  7. Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation: This mod expands upon the Aetherium items available in the game, adding new weapons and armor crafted from the powerful Aetherium material. 

Before installing any mods, read the mod descriptions, requirements, and compatibility notes to avoid conflicts or issues with your game. Always back up your saved files and consider using a mod manager, like Vortex or Mod Organizer 2, to simplify the installation and management. With the right mods, you can significantly enhance your experience at the crossing and other Dwemer ruins throughout Skyrim, creating a more immersive and engaging adventure.

Deep folk crossing Skyrim provides players with a tantalizing peek into the world of the enigmatic and technologically advanced Dwemer race. While modest in size, it is an important location for those seeking to embark on the “Lost to the Ages” quest and unravel the secrets of the Aetherium artifacts.


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