Skyrim: Health Potions [How To Make & Best Ingredients]

Discover the secrets of Skyrim's health potion recipe in this guide, and learn how to combine health potions with other effects!

As you explore Skyrim’s vast and mystical realm, you’ll encounter countless challenges and adversaries. To survive and thrive, you must rely on powerful concoctions that combine Health Potions with other effects. In this guide, we’ll unveil the secrets of Skyrim’s health potion recipe combining ingredients to create versatile and potent elixirs, offering you the edge in battle and support in your adventures. 

Key Takeaways

Alchemy in Skyrim is a versatile skill that lets you create potions with various effects, including Health Potions with additional benefits. Key points:

  1. Synergy: Combining ingredients with common effects yields potions with multiple benefits.
  2. Skill and Perks: Invest in Alchemy skill and perks to enhance potion potency.
  3. Discovering Recipes: Visit vendors, trainers, and stores to find new potion recipes.
  4. Mod Support: Mods like “Skyrim Potion Combiner” allow you to create custom potions.
  5. Experimentation: Try different ingredient combinations for unique effects.
  6. Crafting: Use Alchemy Labs to combine ingredients and create potions.
  7. Higher-Level Potions: Valuable potions can fetch more gold when sold.
IMPORTANT: To create versatile and potent Health Potions, you must combine ingredients that share multiple effects, allowing you to create potions with both health restoration and additional benefits.

What Are Health Potions And Their Recipes

health potion recipe in skyrim
Health Potions

Health potions are vital for healing during challenging battles. To create a Restore Health potion, you must combine ingredients with the “Restore Health” effect at an alchemy lab. Several combinations of ingredients can be used, and some are more accessible than others.

  1. Blue Mountain Flower and Wheat: This is a common combination for crafting Restore Health potions.
    • Blue Mountain Flowers are found near the Temple of Mara in Riften.
    • Wheat can be located in bushes around Whiterun.
  2. Blisterwort and Wheat: Another readily available combination for crafting Restore Health potions.

Other ingredients with the Restore Health effect include:

  • Blue Dartwing
  • Butterfly Wing
  • Charred Skeever Hide
  • Daedra Heart
  • Eye of Sabre Cat
  • Imp Stool
  • Rock Warbler Egg
  • Swamp Fungal Pod

Mix and match any two ingredients with the Restore Health effect to create a Restore Health potion.

For the most potent Health Potions, consider investing in the following alchemy perks:

  • Alchemist: This perk strengthens your potions with each rank.
  • Physician: It makes Health Potions 25% more powerful.
  • Benefactor: This perk increases the potency of potions with beneficial effects by 25%.

Keep in mind that certain Creation Club content can introduce additional ingredients to the base game. For example, Rare Curios and Saints and Seducers content packs may offer Ambrosia, Corkbulb Root, and Flame Stalk. These supplementary ingredients can potentially be used to create even more powerful Restore Health potions.

Best Ingredients For Crafting Restore Health Potions

health potion recipe in skyrim
Combining Ingredients

To craft Restore Health potions in Skyrim, you must combine ingredients with the Restore Health alchemical effect at an alchemy lab. Some of the top ingredients for creating Restore Health potions include:

  1. Blisterwort: Commonly found in caves and mines throughout Skyrim.
  2. Blue Mountain Flower: These flowers can be found along roads, meadows, and mountain slopes throughout the world.
  3. Wheat can be obtained in abundance by locating the large bushels at farms surrounding Whiterun and other farm locations situated in the plains to the west of Whiterun.
  4. Swamp Fungal Pod: Found in swamps and marshy areas, mainly around Morthal.
  5. Imp Stool: Another common ingredient, Imp Stool, can be found in caves and mines.
  6. Red Mountain Flower: These flowers can be found along roads, meadows, and mountain slopes throughout the world.
  7. Charred Skeever Hide: Obtained by killing skeeves and looting their corpses.
  8. Rock Warbler Egg: Found in bird nests, particularly in rocky areas and cliffs.

Combine at least two ingredients at an alchemy lab to make a Restore Health potion. Individuals can uncover the most efficient alternatives tailored to their unique requirements through experimentation with various ingredient combinations.

How To Make Health Potions 

health potion recipe in skyrim
Fortify Potions (Image Credit: ESO YouTube Channel)

Mastering Skyrim’s alchemy can be an essential skill for players, as it allows them to create useful potions, such as Health and Fortify Health potions. Here’s a guide to help you get started:

  1. Learn the ingredients: To craft potions, you must know which ingredients have the desired effects.
    • Some key ingredients for Health and Fortify Health potions include Blue Mountain Flower, Wheat, Swamp Fungal Pod, and Imp Stool.
    • Red Mountain Flower is for Restore Health, and Bear Claws, Giant’s Toe, and Hanging Moss are for Fortifying Health.
  2. Gather ingredients: Search the in-game world to collect these ingredients. You can find them in various locations, such as caves, mines, roadsides, and meadows, as well as from vendors and alchemists.
  3. Visit an alchemy lab: To begin crafting potions, locate an Alchemy Lab, which can be found in several locations throughout Skyrim, including player homes, inns, and shops.
  4. Experiment with combinations: Combine different ingredients to create potions with varying effects.
    • For example, combine Blue Mountain Flower and Wheat for a Restore Health potion or Bear Claws, Giant’s Toe, and Hanging Moss for a Fortify Health potion.
    • Be cautious while experimenting, as some ingredient combinations may have negative effects.
  5. Improve your Alchemy skill: As you craft more potions, your skill will improve, allowing you to create more potent potions. Consider investing in Alchemy perks to enhance your potion-making abilities further.
  6. Discover recipes: While exploring, you may come across written recipes, which can help you learn new ingredient combinations for various potions, including Restore Health and Fortify Health potions.

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to mastering alchemy in Skyrim and creating potent Health and Fortify Health potions to aid you in your adventures.

Beginner Potion Recipes In Skyrim

If you’re new and looking for an easy-to-follow health potion recipe, you’re in luck! Here are some simple recipes to help you get started:

  1. Restore Health Potion: This potion helps you regain lost health points. One of the easiest and most accessible recipes combines Wheat and Blue Mountain Flowers.
    • You can find Wheat in large bushels at farms surrounding Whiterun and other farm locations in the plains west of Whiterun.
    • Blue Mountain Flowers are common in the wild and can be found along roadsides, especially on your way to Riverwood.
  2. Fortify Health Potion: This potion temporarily increases your health bar, providing an extra boost in combat. A simple recipe for this potion combines Blue Mountain Flower and Wheat.
    • While this recipe is the same as the Restore Health potion, it’s worth noting that using these two ingredients together will create a potion with both Restore Health and Fortify Health effects.
  3. Regenerate Health Potion: This potion helps your health regenerate over time. A beginner-friendly recipe involves combining Garlic, Salt Pile, and Juniper Berries.
    • These ingredients can be found in various locations throughout Skyrim, such as in barrels, sacks, and on shelves in homes, shops, and inns.

To strengthen your Health Potions further, consider investing in Alchemy perks, such as Alchemist, Physician, and Benefactor.

Tips And Tricks For Alchemy

health potion recipe in skyrim
Recommended Ingredients

Mastering Skyrim health potion recipe allows you to create powerful Health Potions that greatly aid you during your adventures. Here are some tips and tricks for creating the ultimate Health Potions:

  1. Ingredients: The key to the ultimate healing potion Skyrim recipe is finding the right ingredients.
    • Blisterwort and Wheat are known to be used for crafting a Fortify Health potion that restores 217 points of health when combined with maxed Enchanting and Alchemy skills.
    • Blue Mountain Flower and Orange Butterfly Wings can also be combined to create a basic Health Potion.
  2. Alchemy Perks: To make the strongest Health Potions, focus on upgrading the following perks:
    • Alchemist (strengthens your potions with each rank), Physician (Health Potions are 25% more powerful), and Benefactor (potions with beneficial effects are 25% better).
  3. Skill Bonuses, Books, and Trainers: Bosmer, Khajiit, Bretons, and Dunmer each gain a +5 boost to Alchemy.
    • Additionally, consider Standing Stone bonuses, such as the Thief Stone, which increases thief skills, including Alchemy, faster.
    • Seek out Alchemy trainers and read books to improve your Alchemy skill further.
  4. Harvest and Buy Ingredients: Harvest every ingredient you can find along the roads, in forests, and in cities, and buy ingredients from alchemy shops to ensure you have a wide variety to choose from when crafting potions.
  5. Experiment and Discover: Discover the effects of ingredients by eating them, reading recipes, or brewing them into potions.
    • You can also learn recipes by visiting Alchemy vendors, trainers, and general goods stores.
  6. Crafting Stations: Locate and utilize Alchemy Labs throughout Skyrim’s world to craft your potions.

Following these tips and tricks, you can become a master alchemist and create the ultimate healing potion Skyrim recipe to keep your Dragonborn at their strongest.

Discovering Unique Health Potion Ingredients

Discovering a unique Skyrim health potion recipe can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

  1. Restore Health potions can be crafted using various ingredients throughout the game’s expansive world.
  2. These ingredients include Blue Mountain Flower, Wheat, and Imp Stool.
  3. You can find these ingredients in the wild, in containers, or by searching slain NPCs and enemies.
  4. When you first encounter an ingredient, you can eat it to discover one of the four potential effects it can have when used in potion crafting.
  5. However, this method comes with the risk of experiencing negative effects from the ingredient.
  6. Another option for discovering an ingredient’s effects is to experiment with combining different ingredients at an Alchemy Lab.

In various ways, these ingredients can result in unique and powerful potions that can aid you in your adventures.

Combining Health Potions With Other Effects In Skyrim

health potion recipe in skyrim
Combining Ingredients for other effects

Mixing Skyrim health potion recipe with other effects can result in potions that restore health and provide additional benefits.

  1. To create potions in Skyrim, you must combine ingredients that share common effects at an Alchemy Lab.
  2. Combining Blue Mountain Flower with Wheat will create a potion with Restore Health and Fortify Health effects.
  3. Canis Root, Imp Stool, and Mora Tapinella will result in a potion that causes Paralysis and deals Lingering Health Damage.
  4. Death Bell and River Betty create a potion with a Slow effect and deals significant health damage.
  5. Alchemy in Skyrim is highly synergistic, so knowing which ingredients have common effects can help you create potions with multiple effects.
  6. Experimenting with different combinations of ingredients can lead to discovering new and powerful potions.
  7. It’s essential to level up your Alchemy skill and invest in perks to enhance the potency of the potions you create.
  8. You can visit Alchemy vendors, trainers, and general goods stores that might sell recipes you can learn instantly.
  9. Crafting potions with multiple effects makes them more potent and increases their value.
    • This makes them a lucrative business in Skyrim.

Alchemists experiment with different ingredient combinations to create potions with multiple effects, including Health Potions combined with other benefits. They can increase their potions’ potency and sale value by leveling up their Alchemy skill.

With this Skyrim health potion recipe guide, you can craft unique elixirs in Skyrim that greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Furthermore, this crafting of the ultimate healing potion Skyrim recipe is achieved through understanding the mechanics of alchemy and experimenting with different ingredient combinations. Remember to watch for valuable ingredients and continue to hone your alchemy skills!


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