Skyrim Restoration Potion: Ingredients & Glitch

Want to enhance your power to an unprecedented level? Read our guide to exploit one of the most powerful glitches in Skyrim

One of the most powerful glitches in Skyrim is the Restoration Potion Glitch, which makes your character craft armor gear with insane stats, something that would make you the most powerful character in all of Tamriel. We will be discussing how to exploit this glitch and make the Skyrim Restoration Potion in our guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The Restoration Potion In Skyrim is a tonic used for exploiting Restoration Potion Glitch that enhances the player’s power.
  • To exploit this loop, Potions are made to boost players’ stats as well as help them craft armor gear with unprecedented power.
  • We follow these steps to make the Restoration Potion:
    1. First, enchant the four pieces of armor i.e. braces, necklaces, rings, and helmet, to Fortify Alchemy on them.
    2. Then, use ingredients like Salt Pile, Abecean Longfin, and Cyrodilic Spadetail while making the Potion. 
    3. Consume the Restoration Potion and repeat the process to make more potions to gain strength and craft unbreakable armor gear.
  • Also, craft Fortify Smithing and Enchanting Potions, which give the character added strength.
  • These Fortified Potions are crafted through the same process but with different ingredients.

Restoration Potion Glitch Overview

This is a powerful loop that will buff our character’s power to the game’s unintended levels. What makes this glitch special is that it can be applied permanently to the character. To use this glitch to our advantage, we need to craft incredibly effective potions, which in turn, would make the armor gear almost unbreakable.

Having said that, we have to be a bit careful, as repeated potion consumption could possibly crash the game. It’s recommended not to exceed beyond when Fortify Potions are around 36,000% stronger. Here’s the process we follow to make the Restoration Potion. 

Requirements for the Skyrim Restoration Potion

Image shows Whiterun
Image shows Whiterun (Picture Credits: eXputer)

First, we fulfill all the requirements to exploit the Skyrim Restoration Potion Glitch, and the basic requirement is that our character needs to have an Alchemy level at a bare minimum level. It doesn’t have to be at level 100, which is the maximum. However, an Alchemy level of 40 would do it for the players as this level will upgrade their Alchemist Perk to point 2 out of 5

Apart from this, we also need to get the Physician and Benefactor perks which can be acquired at the Alchemy level of 60. The next thing we need is four pieces of armor on which we have to Fortify Alchemy on them. These item pieces can be found in the dungeon while playing the game.

If you have not found these pieces, then you can make your own too. For this, you need to go to Whiterun and reach the Forge where you can make all these pieces by selecting them through the inventory menu. These four pieces are braces, necklaces, a ring, and a helmet.

Enchanting the Pieces of Armour 

Once all these pieces are collected, we need to enchant all of them with Fortify Alchemy. For this, we follow these steps.

  • Go to the Dragon’s Reach to reach the Grand Soul Gems that give the enchanting ability.
  • In case of non-availability of these gems, select the miscellaneous option from the menu and click on the Grand Soul Gem and use it to enchant the armor, as these gems will make the potions 25% more powerful.
  • To enchant the armor, first, fortify Alchemy on the necklace.
  • To fortify it,  choose the items section from the menu, select the necklace and pick the option enhancement, and click the fortify Alchemy option, and this is how the necklace is enchanted.
  • Now we do the same for the remaining three items. 

How to Make Restoration Potent Loop in Skyrim

Image Shows How To Do The Restoration Loop
Image Shows How To Do The Restoration Loop (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Once we are done with the enchantment process, it is time to make the Restoration Potion Loop. For this, we craft the Restoration Potion. Here’s the process we follow to make the Restoration Potion

  • Get ingredients such as Salt Pile, an Abecean Longfin, or Cyrodilic Spadetail.
  • All these ingredients are available in the inventory menu.
  • Now go to the Alchemy lab came near the enchantment table, and start crafting the Fortify Restoration Potion with the help of those ingredients. 
  • Afterward, we go to the inventory menu and selected the apparel option, and unselect all of the Fortify Apparel items that we enchanted before i.e. braces, necklaces, a ring, and a helmet.
  • After this, we swallow the potion and return to the Alchemy lab again
  • Select the apparel option to put the apparel back on.
  • Create another Fortified Restoration Potion with the help of these ingredients, and again consume the potion.
  • Rinse and repeat the process as many times as repeating the process would make the potion more powerful and give the character more strength to craft powerful armor gear.

Note: There is a time of 60 seconds to make the potion

We can also craft Fortify Smithing Potions and Fortify Enchanting Potions through the same process. However, for the former, you can use a Glowing Mushroom and a Blisterwort, and for the latter, we use Snowberries and a Blue Butterfly Wing.

These potions are necessary to part of this process as they will boost the stats of the player to an unprecedented level. Drinking these potions gives players the power to make indestructible armor and enchant items with powerful effects.


So this marks the end of our guide. If you want to craft and exploit the Restoration Potion Glitch in Skyrim carefully, go through the same process we discussed. The impact of the loop is enormous, as it can make you an untouchable entity in the game. With that said, go and craft this potion and enhance your skills in the game.

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