Best Skyrim Follower Mods [Quests, Lines, Customizations]

Whether you're a noob or a veteran to the lands, you need to know about these five modded followers at all costs!

Some NPCs in Skyrim have a trust system that, if reached to a certain level, they’d become your followers. With loads of Follower Mods being available in Skyrim, it becomes difficult to figure out which follower might be the best when modded. Why do you need to mod the followers? Well, so that you can ask them do things that otherwise are not in game’s design. 

Key Takeaways
  • Skyrim has a follower system where players are able to gain the trust of people in order to make them their follower. 
  • Brhuce as a modded follower, is extremely blunt, never having a filter, and is known for having a sour-mouth as he curses so much.
  • Brhuce can be found in the Blackreach Area, where players can find him infront of a waterpump station. 
  • Recorder as a modded follower is akin to spooking the player here and there with her intense dialogues, and she is also able to show off as if she is in other games trying to find items for quests; hence her dialogues are quite interesting. 
  • Mirai is one of the followers that can sing explicably well, and players can go as far as to marry her, gaining her trust at an utmost level. 
  • When it comes to Acalypha, players are able to take note of three of her personalised outfits, one of them which are lore-based clothes, as well as having warmer outfits too. 
  • Acalypha’s Quests include two journals that seem like they are never-ending, and players are able to flip-through them in order to gain more detailed info. 
  • With Ambriel, players can expect her to be extremely intelligent, and she is able to keep note of everyone you meet, everywhere you go, every quest you do, making her feel alive almost. 
  • The main benefit of having modded followers is that players are able to customise their followers, have them do actions that they otherwise couldn’t do and much more!

Brhuce Hammar 

Brhuce Hammar
Brhuce Hammar (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, the first follower that players might want to look into will be Brhuce Hammar. He is a male follower, and one thing payers should know about Brhuce is that he has an excellent personality

  • While being the player’s companion, he can be innately powerful, but players can choose to lower his overall power if they feel like it. This highly depends on the player’s needs and preferences. 
  • If players have Brhuce by their side, they can always expect him to ride a mount that has been customized to fit Brhuce perfectly, and this is triggered anytime the player ends up riding a mount themselves, and it makes things a whole lot more interesting. 
  • Another thing players can note when having Brhuce is that his dialogues are his redeeming quality. Not only are his dialogues insanely funny, but they are filled to the brim with enticing questions and personality. One of our favorites has to be where he tells the player that we are his followers instead of him being ours. 
  • He can also be extremely witty with his remarks and does not back down when berating the player. One example of his dialogue is, “So lemme get thie straight, you built a keep to keep your dragon, but you made it out of wood? Brilliant Nord engineering there”, basically being able to call out the player when needs are. 

When it comes to Brhuce’s location, he can be found whenever the player heads over to the Blackreach area, and there is a water pump station where he can be found infront of a large door. 


Once the player has managed to carry out 30 battles while having Brhuce by their side, players can gain access to their first quest

  • The quests themselves will be able to reward the player with many customized armor pieces, and their names will be extremely interesting. 
  • One of the weapons is called “Bow of the Edge,” and another is called “Oh For god’s Sake!”. There is also a waifu egg that players can gain access to. 


Recorder (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the next mod, it will be for Recorder, a female follower with an interesting personality and can be pretty exciting to have by your side at all times. 

  • Suppose there’s one thing that players should know about her. In that case, it’s that it seems like she has been a part of previous games and will always seem to be searching for something, as one of her dialogue options has her mumbling something like, “Gotta get him a new green tunic, master’s sword, pointy hat.. Where is the file?”. 
  • She doens’t back from spooking the player with her dialogues. Still, nonetheless, players find themselves being intrigued by the topics that she chooses to talk about and the way that she can carry out her conversations. 
  • If you are a player who likes to have followers with singing capabilities, then Recorder can do so since one of her features also has her sing to you if the player desires to hear her voice. Regardless, she will mostly hum or mumble tunes and won’t sing full-on lyrics. 
  • She is pretty useful in battles as well, and she can tag along with you during your fights, and players can take her companionship in their battles too.


When it comes to quests, while there is a chance that she might end up getting new quests here and there, there hasn’t been a whole load of updates for new content for her, but the quest that she does have is pretty interesting nonetheless.

Interesting Lines 

As your follower, she has a few interesting lines that players can look out for, which can reveal a lot about her. 

  • One of her lines has her looking for a few items before she says, “ugh! That is the last time I ride a Chocobo! Damn thing ended up messing my files up!.. Or did I leave them on the Airship?”
  • One of her freakier lines includes, “Okay.. oh, and if you find a snowman following you, just know that it’s probably me!”


Mirai (Image Credits Exputer)

Another follower that players might be overlooking is called Mirai, the girl known for her dragon heart. When it comes to her location, players can find her once they go into the Markarth area, where she has resided since her last place of stay in High Rock. 

  • Players will need to carry out quite a lot of quests if they are to gain her trust since she can be quite iffy about anyone and anything. But the main thing that players need to give to her is time, and with time, she can warm up to the player, gain their trust, and eventually become a follower
  • Apart from her trust, players can also hear her sing here and there, and that too is done with an extremely angelic voice that just amps up the emotion and ambiance of her being your follower even more. 
  • While you are doing her quests, you start to gain even more trust, and there comes the point where you can even marry her, making her your ultimate companion. 
  • She can also carry out spells and melee combat whenever the need arrives. 


One thing that players might find interesting about her is that she has tons of quests that players can do. 

  • Almost all of the quests she is involved in have voice acting that has been carried out immaculately, and when we mean immaculate, we mean it. Excellent line delivery, tons of emotion that have been put into the lines, and all in all, her quests are ones that really shouldn’t be skipped over at all. 
  • Her questlines are mostly placing their focus on the storyline rather than focusing on pure combat, 
  • When it comes to her marriage quest, players must first figure out a way to get close to her heart and then take her out on quite a few dates. 

Interesting Lines 

She has a few interesting lines that can be found during her quests, such as. 

  • If you carry out a favor for her, she might ask you to do another one like “heyy.. Uh.. thanks for your help. But I need another favor”. 
  • During one of her quests, she can be heard saying, “Now.. why don’t we go to places like this more often? You can’t keep taking me to dark and smelly caves all the time!”
  • She also says that you should treat her like a girl more often and stop taking her to smelly areas. 


Acalypha (Image Credits Exputer)

If you are into having followers that are on the more enticing sides, then Acalypha is one for you. That is even better when she’s modded. 

  • Acalypha is a follower that is more on the customized side that has fully been voiced with personalized lines. 
  • She is a follower that, albeit having a short number of quests, never seems lacking. The main reason is the immersive way she can carry out her quests and how interesting they might be. 
  • Players can see her level up alongside them, making her all the more useful. 

Other than that, she also has 3 outfits that have been fully customized, and players can change them once they have been downloaded. Players get three options if they want to have her go into different clothes. 

  • One of the outfits is Lore-friendly clothes, while another one is warm clothes, and the third option is where there is an option for her to take off her clothes, and the player can give her other clothes. 
  • Players can also change out the different hairstyles and switch up the eye colors that are made available. 

When it comes to her weapons, she has a pretty interesting weapon with which she can fight. 


When it comes to her quests, players can play through them with little to no difficulties, and if there’s one thing about her quest, it’s that they are mostly focused on a storyline where players can figure out more while they do it. 

Players can flip through 2 journals that give an in-depth storyline, and players interested in knowing more can read on for hours about it all. 

Interesting Lines 

For all the down-bad players of Skyrim, there are a few particular lines that players can take a look at, such as : 

  • One of the lines that Acalypha can be heard saying is on the more seductive side includes, “My my. What do we have here? How did you get here..?”
  • She can also sing with excellent proficiency, and her voice is immaculate


Ambriel (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next follower that players can look into is Ambriel. Ambriel herslef is a follower that has a pretty interesting questline. 

  • She has a pretty vast knowledge about all kinds of NPCs. she can keep count of any NPCs that you may have interacted with or any NPCs that you might have known too, and it makes her quite an interesting follower to have. 
  • Apart from this, she is also pretty attentive, and she takes a keen interest in the kinds of people that you might encounter, the places that you visit, any storylines that you take part in; and she will also always have something to say about the kinds of activities that you do. 
  • While compared to basic followers, she is akin to using a sort of affection system, and once she becomes a follower, she basically places her focus on her affection towards you. 

If she ends u losing her affection for you, then she starts to slack off on her activities, and she basically becomes negligent of the task that she is given to do and starts to ignore her responsibilities. 

  • If she ends up having her affection go below a certain point for the player, then you can expect her to head home for about 3 days in order to recharge so that her affection can become the same as it was before. 
  • Her affection can be increased or decreased based on the way that you interact with her and her environment as well, meaning that if it is too cold, then her affection starts to drop even more. 
  • Anything peaceful can allow her to increase her affection, and it can allow for an overall bump in it. 

Interesting Lines 

A few of the interesting lines regarding Ambriel are from the following:

  • When introducing herself, she is able to say the lines “I am Princess Ambriel from Tamriel. I was born 500 years ago, and i can’t die.”
  • She can also be heard saying, “Step by step, I end up losing my patience. A pity that the Thalmor died. I could have tortued him for more informations”. 

What Are Followers? 

Followers are essentially NPCs that players are able to get attached to themselves. These NPCs are able to follow the player around, and there are also followers that are able to assist players in combat, storylines, questlines and more. 

  • Followers are also able to have their own quests
  • Followers also act like proper people, with most of them being unique, having their own personalities, traits, attitudes, behaviors, responses, dialogues whenever you interact with them. 

What Role Do Followers Have? 

Typically, followers mainly have a few roles, but typically it is pretty self-explanatory. Players are able to make relations with their follower NPCs, command them, tell them to do quests, take part in their quests, tell them to go to a specific area, all the while also being able to command these followers to listen to whatever you say. 

  • Most of your followers end up being attached to you, and players need to cater to them as well. 

What Are Follower Mods? 

Follower Mods, in the simplest terms are mods that players are able to install externally through websites, and they are mods such as the ones for Brhuce Hammar, which players can download. 

  • These mods often end up adding dialogue options to your followers, and such as the one for Brhuce Hammar, it is able to also provide players with equipment, as well as five quests that are tailor-made for Brhuce. 


And there we have it! 5 Skyrim Follower Mods that players can try out and see which one is to their liking, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our Skyrim Serana guide to see how you are able to make her your follower since it includes the entire process on how to do it! You might want to check out our Skyrim Wives guide that covers 30 potential wives and how players are able to marry them!

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