Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Dinosaur [SOLVED]

A complete and comprehensive guide on how to make a dinosaur in little alchemy 2 and other recipes related to dinosaurs.

Creating something in a game that is specifically designed to test your creativity is just as fun as it sounds. But sometimes you really are stuck at a specific thing, and you need help to fix the final piece in the puzzle. We are here to do just that. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to make dinosaurs in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 tests how well you are able to piece things together. It also tests your ability to remember things at your fingertips. But it’s quite unfair when the game has something as complex as this. Making a dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2 is a 26-step process where you combine various elements in various ratios to create what you desire finally.

Key Points

  • Making Dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2 is a long process unlike making other elements.
  • In order to make a Dinosaur element, you will need to make Big and Lizard elements.
  • After you are done making Big and Lizard, you will have access to the Dinosaur recipe in Little Alchemy 2.
  • You can make different kinds of Dinosaurs with the materials at hand. They vary from soaring pterodactyls to humongous kaiju.
  • You will have access to an infinite number of options from which you can choose any kind of Dinosaur you want from this huge torrent of underrated dinosaurs in Little Alchemy 2.

Steps Required To Create Dinosaurs

Achieving this is no simple task as the game only provides you with four basic elements, namely Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Mixing these up in various quantities gives rise to various kinds of things in the game. There are two things we must do before Dinosaur. First is a “Lizard”. The second is “Big”. Now that we know the basics let’s get into the steps.

How To Make Big

Making “Big” is the lengthy part of this equation. It requires most of the steps involved in making a dinosaur. The following are the steps on how to make it. 

  • First, we take two units of fire and join them to make energy.
  • The second step requires that we mix two units of water to create a puddle.
  • Now that we have a puddle join the puddle with water to make a pond.  
  • Now we join the pond with water to make a bigger unit called a lake. 
  • Following the same pattern, join another water with the lake in order to form a sea. 
  • Now we combine the sea with the earth to make the primordial soup.
  • The primordial soup, when combined with a unit of energy, gives birth to “life”.
  • When we combine life with fire, we get a bird that’s very difficult to kill, that is, a Phoenix.
  • When you combine a phoenix with another phoenix, you get an egg.
  • Now that we are done with creating an egg, the next step to making a dinosaur includes combining two units of Earth to make land. 
  • Then we combine the land with another unit of Earth to make a continent. 
  • The next addition in this process of making a dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2 is combining the continent with more earth to form a planet.
  • Now we set the planet aside and instead combine fire and earth to create lava.
  • We combine the lava with the air, and it results in the formation of stone. And speaking of stones, consider reading our guide on how to make stones in Little Alchemy 2.
  • When a stone is combined with fire, it converts into solid metal
  • Combining the recently formed metal with earth, we get a plow.
  • So now we add Earth to the plow to get a field.
  • If you put two stones together, they form a wall.
  • So when we combine two walls together, they make a house.
  • Combine the house and field to get a barn.
  • So, if you put an egg in the barn, it becomes a chicken.
  • So, once we put Chicken and Egg together, we make Philosophy. For a more detailed guide on Philosophy, consider reading our guide on how to create Philosophy in the game.
  • Since we already made a planet before, we can combine it with Philosophy to make one of the two fundamental parts of making a dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2, that is, we get “Big”.

How To Make Lizard

Making Lizard is very easy. Most steps that are required to make it are already explained before. The two main steps you need to do to form Lizard is making Life and stone. Once you have these two, all you have to do is follow the rest of these steps. After that, you can make a dinosaur. 

  • Combine life and land, and we can get an animal.
  • Once we combine the animal with the stone, we get a lizard.

Now that you have finished making Big and Lizard, just combine the two. The final product that you are awarded is the one and only Dinosaur. Before we continue our guide, consider reading out guide on how to make Good in Little Alchemy 2.

Dinosaur Recipe In Little Alchemy 2

Now we will discuss what kind of dinosaurs we can make with provided materials. They range from the soaring pterodactyls to humongous kaiju. We have an unlimited amount of options to choose from so that you can get whatever dinosaur we want from this giant plethora of underrated and relevant dinosaurs that you can make in Little Alchemy 2.


If you have air or if you crafted an airplane in Little Alchemy 2, then you can combine it with your dinosaur to form a Pterodactyl, which is one of the most visually appealing dinosaurs in the game.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you combine your dinosaur with blood, it will form a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Chinese Dragon And Kaiju

When you use a deity, you end up with a Chinese dragon. When combining it with “city” would lead to a kaiju.

Dinosaur Egg

Now, if you combine two dinosaurs together in Little Alchemy 2, then following the golden rule of 2 living things create a life, you can say that the egg is formed.

Fossils and Panteologist

Dinosaurs, along with the earth, will form a fossil, and with a human, they will form paleontologists. Once you combine the stories with the legends, then a Kaiju + Nessie are formed.

Wrap Up

Making a dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2 is a rather simple process. It doesn’t take that long to make as long as one follows the necessary guideline guiding you through the step. That concludes our guide on how to create dinosaurs in Little Alchemy 2.

We hope this guide helped you. Please let us know your thoughts about the game in the comment section below. If you liked this guide check out How To Make Moon In Little Alchemy 2.  

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