How To Make A Barn In Little Alchemy 2 [Explained]

In Little Alchemy 2, a barn can be created by combining "Field" and "House" elements, after which you can create more fascinating items.

Making a Barn in Little Alchemy 2 is extremely easy and useful since you can use it in a variety of recipes and discoveries. It’s primarily constructed of simple ingredients, thus taking you a handful of steps to reach the final product. Given these factors, it’s recommended to craft a barn as early as you can to unlock new recipes early into your playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • In order to create a barn in Little Alchemy 2, players must follow three steps:
    1. Create a House using combinations of Fire, Earth, Air, Lava, Stone, and Wall.
    2. Create a Field by using different combinations of Stone, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Plow.
    3. Combine House and Field to create a Barn.
  • Once the barn’s complete, players can use it in a variety of crafting combinations in Little Alchemy 2, including a Hangar, Mouse, and Garage.

Steps For Creating A Barn In Little Alchemy 2

Making a barn in Little Alchemy 2 is a satisfying accomplishment. By following the step-by-step procedure given below, you can easily create a barn by combining the “house” and “field” elements.

Creating House

  • Mix Fire and Earth to create Lava.
  • Combine Air and Lava to create Stone.
  • Add Stone to Stone to create a Wall.
  • Mix Wall and Wall to create a House.
House in Little Alchemy 2 (Image by eXputer)

Making Field

  • Combine Stone and Fire to create Metal.
  • Mix Metal and Earth to create a Plow.
  • Combine Plow and Earth to create a Field.
Field in Little Alchemy 2 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Combinations And Recipes For Barn In Little Alchemy 2

Barn in Little Alchemy 2 (Image Credits: eXputer)
Important: Combine house and field to form a barn.

Little Alchemy 2 also provides many other ways of creating a barn; some of these methods of creating a barn include:

  • House and Cow 
  • House and Hay 
  • House and Farm 
  • House and Livestock 
  • House and Goat 
  • House and Sheep 
  • House and Field 
  • Container and Hay Bale 
  • Container and Hay 
  • Container and Goat 
  • Container and Cow 
  • Container and Horse 
  • Container and Pig 

After creating a barn, you can experiment with more combos using the barn as the base element, which results in many fascinating items as you delve deeper into Little Alchemy 2.

Some of these combinations are:

  • Bird and Barn = Chicken
  • Barn and Egg = Chicken
  • Barn and Chicken = Chicken coop
  • Livestock and Barn = Cow
  • Barn and Wolf = Dog
  • Farmer and Barn= Farm
  • Barn and Human = Farmer
  • Ambulance and Barn = Garage
  • Barn and Motorcycle = Garage
  • Ice cream truck and Barn = Garage
  • Barn and Bus = Garage
  • Car and Barn = Garage
  • Barn and electric car = Garage
  • RV and Barn = Garage
  • Barn and Sleigh = Garage
  • Snowmobile and Barn = Garage
  • Barn and Tractor = Garage
  • Airplane and Barn = Hangar
  • Barn and Helicopter= Hangar
  • Rocket and Barn = Hangar
  • Barn and Seaplane= Hangar
  • Spaceship and Barn = Hangar
  • Barn and Grass = Hay
  • Pitchfork and Barn = Hay
  • Barn and Hay = Hay bale
  • Animal and Barn = Livestock
  • Barn and Cheese = Mouse
  • Statue and Barn = Scarecrow
  • Barn and Wheat = Silo

Little Alchemy 2 is a captivating game that allows players to explore the art of combining elements to create new objects. By following the step-by-step guide provided in the above article, you can easily create a barn by combining the “house” and “field” elements. Continue to experiment with other combinations and discover more fascinating items as you delve deeper into the enchanting world of Little Alchemy 2. 

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