How To Make Dough In Little Alchemy 2?

Having well-done Dough in Little Alchemy 2 will let you make many other unique recipes.

Little Alchemy 2 is a game that offers loads of recipes that can then be mixed together, and some of these, like the Dough, can be made in multiple different ways. Knowing which method is the fastest is key, and the dough itself is used for further recipes, such as cakes and other baking goods.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dough is one of the more complicated recipes to make, as the materials required are not quickly made available.
  • There are three very efficient methods to make Dough In Little Alchemy 2
    1. The first method to make Dough is by mixing Flour with Water.  
    2. Mixing Flour and Rain is how you make Dough in our second method. 
    3. Lastly, for the third method, you can mix Flour with Puddles to make Dough.
  • The dough is an important component of the game, as players can craft a variety of items using it, such as Pie, Pizza, Cake, and more.

Flour And Water

making dough and other stuff in little alchemy 2 all best methods
First Method | Screenshot from eXputer

First and Foremost, the players will need to make themselves some Field. It is a necessary ingredient required to make other stuff that will eventually take us to our final material, which is Flour.

Accurately replicate the steps that I have mentioned below: 

  • Start by mixing Earth with Fire to get Lava.
  • Then, grab Air and add it to the Lava to obtain Stone.
  • Fire will come in handy here again, so use it with Stone to get Metal.
  • Combine Earth with Metal to acquire a Plow.
  • Lastly, mix the recently made Plow with Earth to get yourself some Field.

Moreover, it is as easy as just picking up and mixing the materials the way we tell you to. You will get the material you need in no time. Just keep following our guide till the end.

Making Flour 

The next thing that we need to make for this method is Grass. It is by far the most complicated thing to get on our guide. So pay extra attention and follow each step carefully. After getting Grass, you will quite quickly get your hands on some Flour

  • Mix Water with Water to get a Puddle.
  • Then, use Puddle with more Water to make a Pond.
  • Grab the Pond and mix it with Water again to get Lake.
  • Add more Water to the Lake, and you will get Sea.
  • Use Sea with Earth to get Primordial Soap
  • Add Fire to Fire to get Energy
  • Next, combine Energy with Primordial Soap to get Life.
  • Take Life and add it to Earth to get Soil.
  • Earth plus Earth gets you Land.
  • Use the Land with Earth to get a Continent.
  • Combine two Continents to get a Planet.
  • Add Air to the Planet to get Atmosphere.
  • Mix the Atmosphere with Water to learn how to make Clouds.
  • Pick up Clouds and Mix them with Water to get Rain.
  • Grab Rain and mix it with Soil to get Plants.
  • Finally, mix the Earth and Plant to get Grass.

We know that getting Grass is a chore as there are so many steps, but it is essential for obtaining Flour. Thankfully, the next step, getting Flour, is almost instantaneous.

Just follow these steps:

  • Mix Field with Grass to get Wheat.
  • Now combine two Wheat to get Flour.
  • Lastly, combine the Flour with Water to make Dough. 

Now that we are done with the most complicated steps, the other two methods won’t seem that hard. Once again, it is up to you to use whichever of these three methods you want. The hardest thing about making Dough in Little Alchemy 2 is acquiring Flour. 

Flour And Rain

how to make rain in little alchemy 2
Rain is used in our Second Method | From eXputer

As shown in the screenshot above, the second method requires using Rain. Now that you have Flour, thanks to the first method, the most time-consuming part of the second method is already done.

Carefully take a look at the following steps to make some Rain:

  • Start by adding Earth to Earth to obtain Land.
  • Mix that Land with Earth to get yourself a Continent.
  • Now, combine a Continent with a Continent to make a Planet.
  • Use the recently made Planet with Air to get Atmosphere
  • Now mix up the Atmosphere with Water to get Clouds.
  • In the end, combine Water with Clouds to get Rain

Now that you have Rain, add it to some Flour to get Dough. It is as simple as that. Once you get past the main steps we listed in our first method, making Dough in Little Alchemy 2 is fairly easy. Now, onto the third method. 

Flour And Puddle

Making Puddle In Little Alchemy 2
The Third Method requires the use of a Puddle | Image grabbed by: eXputer

Our last method is very easy once you have gotten your hands on some Flour. All it requires is that you add the Flour to a Puddle. Making a Puddle is among the easiest things in the game.

Just follow these short steps, and soon, you will have some Dough in your hands:

  • Get a Puddle by adding Water to Water
  • Mix the Puddle you just acquired with Flour to get Dough.

And there you have it. It is as simple as that. Getting the Flour is the only hard thing here, and we have already explained how to do that in a step-by-step format. You are free to use any of these methods as they all work and are, naturally, equally good. 

Uses With Dough 

Dough happens to be among the most useful materials in the entire game. As it should be, considering how long it takes to finally have all the materials to make it. Following are many of the things you can create by combining Dough with another material. 

  • Mix Dough with a Candle to get Cake.
  • Dough and Cheese make a Pizza
  • Dough plus Fruit makes Pie.
  • Combine Dough with a Blade to get a Cookie Cutter.
  • Mix Dough and a Banana together to get Banana Bread.
  • Adding Fire to a Dough will reward you with some regular Bread.
  • Combine Dough with a House to get a Gingerbread House.
  • Dough and Oil or Wheel together make a Donut.
  • Add Life, Magic, or Story to a Dough to get Gingerbread Man.
  • Mixing up Dough with Sugar will give you Cookie Dough.

While it isn’t a hit, Little Alchemy sure has got itself a short cult following of sorts. So, what are your thoughts on the game? How much time have you spent on it? Did you know you can make electricity? Do you know how to make Blade or how to make Cotton? Let us know all about your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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