How To Make Blade in Little Alchemy 2 [SOLVED]

Blade in Little Alchemy 2 will help you unlock many items, and it can make lots of new other things!

The Blade is an extremely resourceful item you should get early on in the game. If you are wondering how to make Blade in Little Alchemy 2, then worry not, as there are four best possible ways for it. Not only will making Blade get you other items along the journey, but you will also be able to capitalize Blade’s use as it can have up to forty-two different combinations to make items like Katana, Scythe, and Sword.

Key Takeaways
  • The Blade is an important item in the game if you want to get a huge amount of items easily.
  • There are four methods of making Blade.
  • The Best Method of making a Blade is by combining Metal with Stone.
  • Apart from that, you can combine Rock with Metal, Steel with Rock, and Steel with Stone to get Blade and other things on the way.
  • Once you make Blade, you can use it in forty-two combinations possible to make items like Durendal, Rose, and Swordfish.

4 BEST Ways To Make Blade In Little Alchemy 2

In total, there are four ways through which you can make Blade. The shortest method is combining Metal with Stone. However, if you are trying to explore the game’s mechanics, you should also try the others so you can unlock more items.

4. Combine Rock With Metal

Little Alchemy 2: How to make Blade using Rock and Metal
Combining Rock with Metal [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
You will need to do the following to get Blade:

Make Metal

  1. First, you will need to combine Earth with Water to get Mud.
  2. Then you have to combine two Air to get Pressure.
  3. With Pressure, you can combine Earth to get Stone.
  4. Then, Stone with a combination of Mud will get you Clay.
  5. Hold on Clay, for now, and make a Puddle by combining two Water.
  6. However, Puddle will not be enough, so combine two of them to get a Pond.
  7. Since Pond will not do the trick, combine two of them to get Lake.
  8. Now you will need to combine two lakes to get Sea.
  9. With Sea and Earth, you can get Primordial Soup which will help you in creating life.
  10. Once you make Primordial Soup, keep it aside and combine two Fires to get Energy.
  11. Now we need Life, and for that, we will need to combine Energy and Primordial Soup.
  12. Combine Life with Clay, you are going to get a Human.
  13. Combine Humans with Stone to get a Tool.
  14. Combining Tool with a Stone will get you a Hammer.
  15. Hammer alongside Earth in combination will get you an Ore.
  16. Then lastly, you will need to combine Ore with Fire to get Metal.

Make Rock

For a rock, you will need to combine Big with Pebble, and so you should:

  1. Combine two Earths to get Land.
  2. Combining Two Lands will get you a Continent. 
  3. However, a Continent is not enough; combine it with one more to get a Planet.
  4. Now for Sun, you will need to combine Planet with Fire.
  5. Once you get a Sun, combine two Fires in order to get Energy.
  6. Using Energy with the Sun will get you a Solar Cell.
  7. With Solar Cell and Sun, you will be able to get Electricity in the game.
  8. Now, we will need two Air to make Pressure.
  9. Once we have Pressure, we can simply combine it with Earth to get a Stone.
  10. Mixing Stone with Air will result in Sand.
  11. However, when you use Sand with Fire, you get a Glass
  12. To light up things in your world, you will need to combine Glass with Electricity in order to get Light Bulb.
  13. However, once you combine the Light Bulb with Water, all you get is Mud.
  14. Mud might not seem interesting, but combining it with stone will give you Clay.
  15. Now you will need to combine two Water in order to make Puddle, then two of them for a Pond, then two for a Lake, and then two for Sea, as mentioned earlier.
  16. Putting that aside, you will now need to combine Earth with Fire to get Lava.
  17. Combining Lava with Sea will grant you the Primordial Soup.
  18. Then, combining Lava with Earth will get you a Volcano.
  19. Combine Volcano with Primordial Soup to get Life.
  20. Then combining Life with Clay will get you a Human.
  21. Use the Light Bulb you got earlier and combine it with a Human to get Idea.
  22. Now, combine the Idea with a Human in order to get Philosophy.
  23. Once you have Philosophy, combine the two Planet to get a Solar System.
  24. Then combine two Solar Systems to make a Galaxy.
  25. After that, combine a couple of Galaxies in order to get a Galaxy Cluster.
  26. Then, by combining two Galaxy Cluster, you will be able to make a Universe.
  27. Now, combining Universe with Philosophy will give you Big.
  28. Now that you have Big combine Life with Mud to get Bacteria.
  29. Combining Bacteria with Philosophy will then give you Small.
  30. Combine Small with Earth to get a Pebble.
  31. Now combine Pebble with Big to get a Rock.

Once you are able to get Rock and Metal, combine them to get the Blade easily.

3. Combine Steel And Rock

Make the Item using Steel and Rock
Combining Steel and Rock [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
The second method for making Blade in Little Alchemy 2 is to combine Rock and Steel step by step. To do that, you will need first to make Steel and Rock.

Make Steel

  • The first thing you will need to do is combine two Water to get Puddle.
  • Then, by combining Puddle and Water you will get Pond.
  • Now, by combining a Pond and Water you will get Lake.
  • When you add water to Lake, you will get Sea.
  • For Primordial Soup, combine Earth with Sea.
  • Now combine to Fire to get Energy.
  • With Energy and Primordial Soup, you will be able to get Life.
  • Combining Life with Earth will get you Soil.
  • Now, you will need to combine two Earth to get Land.
  • Then for a Continent, you will need to combine Land and Earth.
  • Now for Planet, combine two Continents.
  • Then make an Atmosphere by combining Planet with Air.
  • Now, combine Water with the Atmosphere to make Cloud.
  • Combining Cloud with Water will give you Rain.
  • By combining Soil and Rain, you will get Plant.
  • Then, for Ash, you will need to combine Plant and Fire.
  • Once you have Ash, combine Earth with Fire for Lava.
  • Then, make a Stone by combining Lava and Air.
  • Lastly, combine Stone and Fire to make Metal.

Make Rock

Now for rock, you will need to:

  • Combine Earth with Fire to create Lava.
  • Then, you will need to combine Lava with Air in order to get Stone.
  • After that, combine Earth with Water to create Mud.
  • Use the Stone you made and combine it with Mud in order to get Clay.
  • Next, you will need to make Sea, as mentioned earlier, by using two Water and then adding Water again and again.
  • Now, combine Lava with Sea to make Primordial Soup.
  • Once you do that, make a Volcano by combining Lava and Earth.
  • With Primordial Soup and Volcano, you can make Life.
  • Then, with Life and Clay, you can make a Human.
  • Making Glass is essential, so you will need to make Sand first by combining Air and Stone.
  • Once you have Sand, combine it with Fire to get Glass.
  • Now do multiples of Earth, then their multiplicative until you get Planet.
  • Combine Fire with Planet to get Sun.
  • Now make Energy by combining two Fire.
  • With Energy and Sun in hand, you can make Solar Cell.
  • Then, with Solar Cell and Sun, you get Electricity.
  • Combine Electricity with Glass to get a Light Bulb.
  • Now combine Light Bulb with Human to get an Idea.
  • Then combine the Idea itself with Human to get Philosophy.
  • Now, you need to make a Galaxy, and for that, do the multiplicative of the items you get after combining Earth.
  • Once you get Galaxy, combine it with Philosophy to get Big.
  • Then combine Big with Stone to get Boulder.
  • Now use the method of Small mentioned earlier and combine it with Boulder so you can get a Rock.

After that, simply combine Rock and Steel to get Blade in the game.

2. Combine Steel And Stone

Make the Item by combining Steel and Stone
Combining Steel and Stone [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
The second best method of making Blade is by combining Steel and Stone, for which you should:

  • Combine two Earth to make Land.
  • Now combine two Land to make a Continent.
  • Then make Planet by combining two Continent.
  • Now combine Planet with Air in order to make the Atmosphere.
  • Combining Atmosphere and Water will then give you Cloud.
  • Now combine two Fire to make Energy.
  • Then make Heat by combining Air and Energy.
  • Now combine Heat and Cloud to make Rain.
  • Then, you should combine Land with Life to get Soil.
  • Once you have Soil, combine it with Rain to make Plant.
  • Now, with Plant and Land, you will be able to make Grass, nature’s carpet.
  • Now combine Grass with Fire to make Ash.
  • After Ash, you will need to combine two Air to make Pressure.
  • Combine Pressure with Earth to make Stone.
  • Now make Metal by combining Stone and Heat.
  • After that, combine Metal and Ash to make Steel.
  • Now that you have Steel and Stone combine them to make Blade.

1. Mixing Metal With Stone

Little Alchemy 2: How to make Blade by using Stone and Metal
Combining Stone with Metal [Image Captured by eXputer]
The final and shortest way of making Blade step by step is by:

  • Combining two Fire to get Energy.
  • Then combine the Energy with Air to make Heat.
  • Now combine Energy with Earth to make an Earthquake.
  • Then, combine Earth with Earthquake to make a Mountain.
  • Once you get Mountain, combine two Air to get Pressure.
  • Then, combine Pressure and Earth to get Stone.
  • After that, combine Stone with Fire to get Metal.
  • Then, combine Human with Metal to get Tool.
  • Now that you have Metal and Tool combine them to get Hammer.
  • Use the Mountain and combine it with Hammer in order to get Ore.
  • Now make Metal by combining Heat and Ore.
  • Once you get Metal, combine it with Stone in order to get Blade.

Uses Of Blade In Little Alchemy 2

<strong>Here are all forty-two uses of Blade:

  • Airplane + Blade = Helicopter
  • Ambulance + Blade = Scalpel
  • Beehive + Blade = Wax
  • Blade + Blade = Scissors
  • Coconut + Blade = Coconut Milk
  • Cook + Blade = Knife
  • Cookie Dough + Blade = Cookie Cutter
  • Cow + Blade = Leather
  • Doctor + Blade = Scalpel
  • Dough + Blade = Cookie Cutter
  • Electricity + Blade = Blender
  • Fabric + Blade = Bandage
  • Fish + Blade = Swordfish
  • Flower + Blade = Rose
  • Glass + Blade = Blender
  • Grass + Blade = Scythe
  • Gun + Blade = Bayonet
  • Heat + Blade = Katana
  • Holy Water + Blade = Durendal
  • Hospital + Blade = Scalpel
  • Human + Blade = Blood + Corpse
  • Metal + Blade = Sword
  • Motion + Blade = Blender
  • Mouse + Blade = Mousetrap
  • Ninja + Blade = Katana + Shuriken
  • Paladin + Blade = Durendal
  • Paper + Blade = Confetti + Scissors
  • Pencil + Blade = Pencil Sharpener
  • Pig + Blade = Leather
  • Plant + Blade = Rose
  • Seaplane + Blade = Helicopter
  • Shark + Blade = Swordfish
  • Sheep + Blade = Leather + Wool
  • Shuriken + Blade = Katana
  • Star + Blade = Shuriken
  • Steel + Blade = Sword
  • Sword + Blade = Scissors
  • Tree + Blade = Sap
  • Blade + Wheat = Scythe
  • Wind + Blade = Turbine Blender
  • Windmill + Blade = Blender
  • Wood + Blade = Axe + Sword

Final Words

All in all, these are the best methods to create Blade in Little Alchemy 2 step by step. We recommend you combine Metal with Stone if starting from scratch, as it will take less time. However, if you want to unlock more items on the way, you can also try other methods.

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