How To Make Glass In Little Alchemy 2 [Explained]

Making Glass from scratch is not an easy task, so take a look at the various ways you can make Glass in Little Alchemy 2.

Glass has several uses in Little Alchemy 2, and without it, you can’t make a lot of essential items like a Snowglobe and an Aquarium. So how do you make Glass in the Little Alchemy 2 step by step? And what can you do with it in the game? You can easily make Glass by mixing Heat and Sand. You can also use Fire and Sand for making Glass, which you can then use for several applications.

Key Takeaways
  • You can make Glass by mixing Sand with Fire. 
  • Additionally, you can apply Heat to Sand and get Glass. 
  • Applying Electricity to Sand also gives you Glass, but that method is longer. 
  • You can get the same result by mixing Sand and Lightning. 
  • Glass can be used to make Aquariums, Snowglobes, Mirrors, and Telescopes.
  • You can also use Glass to make Ant Farms, Microscopes, and Glasses, among others.

How To Make Glass

There are four ways through which you can make Glass in the game. Here is how you can make Glass:

  • Combine Heat and Sand.
  • Apply Electricity to Sand.
  • Mix Sand with Fire.
  • Combine Sand with Lightning.

Sand + Heat

Little Alchemy 2: How to make Glass by combining Heat and Sand
Using Heat and Sand to make Glass [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
There are many ways you can make glass in the game. However, combining sand with heat is the most efficient way to make glass. If that is what you are going for, then here is the full build path:

  1. First, combine two Fires to make one Energy. Energy is a basic component in Little Alchemy that will help you build several other elements later on. 
  2. Next, combine two Air elements to make Pressure. 
  3. After that, you will need to fuse Earth with Pressure to create a Stone. 
  4. You can then use the Stone to create Sand by combining it with Air. You will need it later.
  5. Then, combine Air with Energy to make Heat. 
  6. Finally, mix Heat with Sand and create Glass. 

Making Glass With Sand And Electricity

Little Alchemy 2: How to make Glass by combining Electricity and Sand
Using Electricity and Sand to make Glass [Image by eXputer]
You can also make Glass with Sand and Electricity, though the process is a bit lengthier than the others. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Mix Earth with Earth to create Land.
  2. Then, mix Fire with Fire to create Energy. 
  3. Next, combine Land and Earth to make your first Continent. 
  4. You can then combine 2 Continents to make a Planet
  5. After that, use the Planet and some Fire to make a Sun in Little Alchemy 2.
  6. Mix the Sun with Energy and create a Solar Cell.
  7. Lastly, use the Sun and Solar Cells to make Electricity. 
  8. Then, you will need to make Sand by combining two Air elements to make Pressure. 
  9. Apply Pressure to Earth to make Stone. 
  10. Then, use Stone and Air to make Sand. 
  11. Finally, combine Sand with Electricity to make Glass.

Sand And Fire

Using Fire and Sand for Glass
Using Fire and Sand to make Glass [Image Captured by eXputer]
Moreover, there is another way to make Glass in Little Alchemy 2. The method is a bit more straightforward than the previous one. Follow these steps:

  1. Initially, you’ll need to combine Fire and Earth to make Lava. 
  2. Then, you can fuse Lava with Air to make Stone.
  3. Next, mix Air and Stone to generate Sand. 
  4. Lastly, combine Sand and Fire to make Glass. 

Sand And Lightning

Little Alchemy 2: How to make glass using sand and lightning
Using Lightning with Sand to make Glass [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The last method to make Glass is to combine Sand with Lightning. However, you will need to make Energy and Land first, though. The following is the build path to follow for making Glass:

  1. Mix two Earth elements to make Land and two Fires to make Energy. 
  2. Combine Earth and Land to make a Continent. 
  3. Mix two Continents to get a Planet. 
  4. Then, apply Air to the Planet to create an Atmosphere. 
  5. The Atmosphere can then be used to make Clouds by combining it with Water. 
  6. Now, to make Lightning, combine Energy and Clouds to generate Lightning. 
  7. For Sand, you will need to make Lava by combining Fire and Earth. 
  8. Next, apply Air to Lava to make Stone. 
  9. You can use Stone to make Sand by combining it with Air. 
  10. Finally, mix Sand and Lightning to create Glass.

Glass Combinations

Glass is a highly resourceful compound that can be used in several applications. Here are all the various useful combinations of Glass in the game:

  • Combine Glass with Ants to create an Ant Farm.
  • Make a Snow Globe by mixing Glass with Blizzard, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree, Santa, Snow, Snowball, Snowman, or Snowmobile.
  • Mix Glass with Bacteria to get a Microscope.
  • Create an Aquarium by combining Fish or Water with Glass.
  • Make a Greenhouse with Glass and Grass, Garden, Plant, or Tree.
  • Obtain a Telescope by giving Glass to Supernova, or combining it with Star, Space, Universe, Venus, Jupiter, Planets, Moons, or Sky.
  • Combine Glass with Steel or Metal to get Glasses and a Mirror.
  • Mix Glass with Double Rainbow or Rainbow to create a Prism.
  • Get your first Light Bulb by applying Electricity to Glass or combining Light with Glass.
  • Make a Blender by mixing Glass with a Blade.
  • Obtain a polished Lens by giving Glass to an Engineer or combining it with a Tool.
  • Create Glasses by adding Glass to more Glass or combining a Human with Glass.
  • Make a Jar by mixing Glass with Jam.
  • Create a Crystal Ball by combining Glass with Magic or giving Glass to a Witch or Wizard.
  • Make a Thermometer with Glass and Quicksilver.
  • Obtain Obsidian by combining Lava with Glass.
  • Get an Hourglass by combining Sand with Glass.
  • Create a Mirror by giving Glass to Wood.

Final Words

Making Glass in Little Alchemy 2 can seem tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, you now know all about how to make Glass in Little Alchemy 2 step by step and what you can do with it. To conclude, there are several ways to make Glass.

The easiest method is to use Heat and Sand. You can also use Sand and Fire to create Glass. If you already have Electricity or Lightning made, you can combine them with Sand for Glass. But these methods are longer to implement if you’re starting from scratch.

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