How To Create Atmosphere In Little Alchemy 2 [SOLVED]

Our how-to create atmosphere element in the Little Alchemy 2 guide entails basic combinations to help you in making complex combinations.

Little Alchemy 2 is a fun game that involves incorporating different elements to make new ones. In the beginning, you start with basic elements like air, water, fire, and Earth to combine and make new elements. After combining these fundamental elements, you progress to more complex combinations such as life, the internet, and time. This guide will cover some tips on how to create Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2.

Key Takeaways
  • The Atmosphere element is regarded as one of the hardest elements to form by some players. However, it is very simple to create in Little Alchemy 2.
  • In order to form the Atmosphere element, you only need four elements. These are the Sky, Planet, and Two Air elements.
  • You can create the Atmosphere element by putting together the Planet and Air elements in Little Alchemy 2.
  • You can also infuse the Air Pressure and Sky elements in order to create the Atmosphere element.
  • If you know how to create the Atmosphere element in Little Alchemy 2, you will be benefited in different ways.
  • You will be rewarded with unique items if you combine the Atmosphere element with various complex elements in Little Alchemy 2.

Players usually find it difficult to make the Atmosphere element in Little Alchemy 2, so here is a detailed guide for you. While you finish this guide, you can also read our other guide on Making Immorality in Little Alchemy 2

What is Atmosphere In Little Alchemy 2?

Creating Planet in Little Alchemy 2
Creating Planet and Air in Little Alchemy 2

Before diving into the details of creating Atmosphere, let’s have a look at what Atmosphere is. 

The layer of gasses that surrounds the Earth or any other celestial bodies is known as the Atmosphere. The composition varies depending on the nature of the body, but the composition of Earth’s Atmosphere is 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and 1% other gasses.           

Requirements To Make Atmosphere?

Players usually consider making the Atmosphere difficult, but it is surprising for most of them to know that there are only four elements required to make the Atmosphere. These four fundamental elements are listed below.

  • Air
  • Another Air
  • Sky
  • Planet

Guide to Creating Air and Planet

As you need Air and Planet to create the Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2, you first need to learn a few other combinations.

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Earth + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Air + Planet = Atmosphere

Making Atmosphere In Little Alchemy 2

Creating Atmosphere
Creating Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2

If you are a beginner and do not know how to make Atmosphere in the game, this step-by-step guide will be very helpful for you. Following are the best ways for making Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2.

Infuse Air With Planet

Above all, you need to get the air and infuse it with the Planet. Doing this will create pressure. This will lead you to the completion of the first step in developing the Atmosphere element in the game.

The formula for this is as follows:

  • Air + Planet = Pressure

Add Pressure To Another Air

The next step involves adding the outcome of the previous step to another air. Thus, adding pressure that was created in the previous step to another air will grant you the air pressure you need to create an Atmosphere. 

The formula for this is as follows:

  • Pressure + Air = Air Pressure

Add Air Pressure To Sky

This step involves utilizing the outcome of the previous step, which is air pressure. You will add air pressure to the sky to create the Atmosphere. This is the final step when it comes to creating the Atmosphere element via various combinations in the game.

The formula looks like this:

  • Air Pressure + Sky = Atmosphere

Some Useful Tips for Little Alchemy 2

Tips for Little Alchemy 2
Useful tips for Little Alchemy 2

Some tips may help you progress through the game easily. Keep clicking on the combinations you have created and hold onto them using your mouse button. This will not only show the elements you have used to create these combinations but will also help you find other possible combinations using these elements. 

You will be able to discover various undiscovered items through this step, and you can also create duplicates of one combination without the need to go through the entire list again.

The Basic Science of Mixing Things

Little Alchemy 2 is based on creating combinations. You can create these combinations using intuition and create all the possible combinations that make sense. You can also use the prevailing scientific theories on the formation of Earth, as they will help you create some useful combinations. Moreover, these theories can also get you started if you do not have some starting point. 

Most of the Planet was lava, which was transformed into rocks due to pressure and heat. Water is also one of the important factors that create Earth. It sounds unusual to relate scientific theories to a game, but Little Alchemy 2 will enable you to create some amazing combinations just by having these basic ingredients. 

Combinations To Make In The Start

Unlike the first Little Alchemy, the combination of fire and air now creates smoke. You should initially combine air with air or Earth with Earth, as these two combinations create pressure. Creating pressure is important because this is one of the essential elements in creating an atmosphere.

Experiment Freely in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy is a game that enables you to freely explore any options available. You can freely experiment with all sorts of combinations. Just keep combining different elements unless you get something new and exciting. Some combinations are fairly obvious, while some are unique and rare. You cannot fail at Little Alchemy 2 because there are more than 700 available combinations. You will always find new combinations by randomly combining elements and finding new pathways to success. 

Importance of Knowing Ways to Create Atmosphere

Creating Complex Combinations
Creating Complex Combinations in Little Alchemy 2

By knowing the ways of creating Atmosphere in Little Alchemy, you will be benefited in various ways mentioned below. 

  • Knowing the combinations of Little Alchemy 2 will save you time, as you will not have to experiment with different options. 
  • The game involves creating complex elements like dinosaurs, time, and life. Knowing these basic combinations and the strategy behind creating them will enable you to make complex combinations later in the game. 
  • Knowing the basics will help you progress faster in the creation race. This will give you an advanced advantage in winning the game. You will be able to easily manage the creation of complex elements. 


Little Alchemy 2 is a fun and easy game, but it can get difficult at times if you do not know the proper tips for creating combinations. This guide has got you covered, as it contains all the useful tips and combinations you need to know to create an atmosphere. 

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