How To Make Planet In Little Alchemy 2 [Explained]

Turn into a master alchemist in Little Alchemy 2 as you create and reign over planets.

Making a Planet in Little Alchemy 2 is rather simple, but it can get complicated for newcomers if they don’t know most of the recipes. So, we will teach you how to make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2. It can be used to craft loads of other materials in the game, such as its other planetary beings, including Mars and Jupiter.

Key Takeaways
  • Most materials in Little Alchemy 2 have multiple ways in which the player can make them; fortunately, Planets can only be formed by using one effective method.
  • Creating a Planet is far easier than most other things in the game, as the main component players need in order to craft it for the effective method is via the Continent material.
    1. Most of the process contains mixing Water with Lakes or Ponds until you get Earth. 
    2. Earth plus Earth will give you Land.
    3. Players can then get Continents by adding Land to Earth.
    4. Two Continents make a Planet in the game.
  • While players are making a Planet, they will also acquire other valuable materials and recipe components; these include the Primordial Soup or Life.
  • Using planets, players are able to combine them with other materials in the game to create other planetary lifeforms such as Mars, Jupiter as well as the Solar System.

Making Planet In Little Alchemy 2

planet recipe in the game how to make guide
A Planet in Little Alchemy 2 | By eXputer

If you have played the game for a couple of hours, you are probably aware of how the crafting process works. You can’t create stuff by mixing nonsensical things together. The system is somewhat based on logic. For example, to create a Pond, you will need to combine Water with a Puddle. 

Moreover, the process of making materials is done like this to incentivize experimentation. If it were all mixing up random stuff to get random material, it wouldn’t be a very engaging experience. That is why as we proceed forward with our guide, the process will come to you naturally. 

Furthermore, our guide will ensure that you are able to make a Planet as conveniently as possible.

Now, carefully follow all the steps we have stated below, and soon you will make a Planet:

  • Start by mixing Water with Water to get a Puddle
  • Use the Puddle with Water again to form a Pond
  • Now, use the Pond again with Water to get Lake.
  • Next, combine the Lake with Water to obtain Sea.
  • Take Fire and mix it with more Fire to get Energy.
  • Grab Sea and add it to Earth to get Primordial Soap.
  • Now, mix the Primordial Soap and Energy you just got to form Life
  • Add Life to Earth to get Land
  • Now grab Earth and add more Land to get a Continent. 
  • Lastly, combine two Continents to form a Planet

That is the entire process of making a basic Planet in the game. As you can imagine, Planets are very useful and viable materials that can be used to make many things. These are as follows. 

Craftable Recipes With Planet

Once the player has made a Planet, they can mix it with other materials to form many different new things. Below are some of the most valuable things you can manufacture by utilizing your alchemy skills.  Most of these are just other planets that you can make. 

  • Combine Planet with Air to make the Atmosphere.
  • Planet plus Cloud, Gas, or Big makes Jupiter.
  • Planet plus Acid Rain makes Venus.
  • Mix Planet with Container to get Solar System.
  • Mixing a Planet with Desert results in forming Mars
  • A Planet combined with Glass makes a Telescope
  • Combine Planet with Heat to make Mercury.
  • Planet plus Fire or Light makes Sun.
  • Planet and Ocean make Primoridial Soap
  • Planet plus Philosophy make Big.
  • Mix a Ring with a Planet to form Saturn.
  • Planet plus Night, Sky, or Stone make Moon.

These are just some of the many things the player can choose to make. There are also multiple different ways to make these. Which one to choose depends on the player. 

Wrapping Up

It is obvious by the discussion under this Subreddit post that Little Alchemy is indeed a fairly long title to beat. It has loads of content, and if you get hooked, you won’t run out of it soon. The massive content on offer is one of the main selling points of the game. 

It is crystal clear that the developers are passionate people who have developed a good sequel instead of making a quick cash grab. Little Alchemy 2 might be a very niche title, but the developers made sure that they fully pleased the fans that they have. 

What is your favorite thing about the game? Have you tried making Electricity? Did you know you can make light bulbs in Little Alchemy 2? The game offers a creative mini sandbox filled with tons and tons of options the player can play around with. So, let us know all about how you play the game in the comments section below. 

While you are here, consider checking out the following guides if you need further help with Little Alchemy 2. 

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