Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Rain [Explained]

In our guide on how to make rain in Little Alchemy 2, we will guide you through all the ways that rain can be formed and how you can benefit from it.

To know how to make rain in Little Alchemy 2 is very simple; all you have to do is combine a few things to make it rain. In our guide, you will look at all the ways through which you can make it rain in the game. Furthermore, you can also have a look at our guide on How To Make Flower in Little Alchemy too, and while you are at it, do not miss out on how to make stone.

Key Points

  • You can make the Rain element with ease in Little Alchemy 2.
  • A total of Three items will be required in order to form the Rain element.
  • Creating the Cloud element plays an essential role in forming the Rain element in Little Alchemy 2.
  • You will also have to form an Atmosphere element which can be done in different ways.
  • The process of forming the Rain element requires adding moisture to the cloud element. This can only be done after the cloud formation is finished.
  • Rain plays a huge role in Little Alchemy 2. You can use the rain element to moisturize plants and animals.
  • Once you have the Rain element, you can further use this element to form additional 17 elements in Little Alchemy 2.

How To Make Rain In Little Alchemy 2

We have concluded all three items that are used in the formation of rain, in the game Little Alchemy 2. You can also check out our guide on how to make a cloud in Little Alchemy 2

Creating A Cloud

The first thing that you need to have while making rain in Little Alchemy 2 is making sure you have the element Cloud. Unlike the previous version of the game, it is rather difficult to make a cloud with the combination of just two types.

To make a cloud, you may use one of the following combos:

  • Mist + The Atmosphere
  • The Atmosphere + Water
  • The Sky + Mist
  • Water+ The Sky

On the contrary, the most important element that you need to make sure you have is the Atmosphere element or the Sky one, as, without these both, you would not be able to create a Cloud. However, you need not put any stress on because of that as we have got you covered there as well.

Atmosphere Formation

To form Atmosphere, you will have to combine the following elements: Before you get into it, have a quick look at how to form Atmosphere In Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2; How To Make Rain
  • Land = Earth + Earth
  • Continent = Land + Land
  • Planet = Continent + Continent
  • Atmosphere = Air + Planet
Little Alchemy 2 Rain Process.
Atmosphere + Water.

Another simple way of creating Atmosphere is by combining Air + Sky, but for that, you would need to have the element of Sky. In case you have never formed a Sky in the past, there might be a problem for you.

  • Planet + Fire = Sun
  • Sun + Atmosphere = Sky

Although several other ways can help you form a Sky, two of those need to have the Cloud element in them.

  • Air + Cloud
  • Atmosphere + Cloud

Consequently, one of the best ways for the formation of the Sky is to combine the elements of the Sun and the Moon. But it would work only if you already have the Moon in your access.

Adding Moisture To The Cloud

After the cloud is formed, you can easily make the element for rain in an uncomplicated method.
All you need to do is drag and put the element that is the most associated. It would be the element of Water. Place it on the top of the cloud.

As a result, the icon that is on the element of Cloud would turn into the icon for rain cloud, where a text would appear that would say “Tears of the clouds”.

Some Other Combinations To Use

One of the reasons why players enjoy the typical alchemy types of games is so that they can mix up different elements together and create something magical. In Little Alchemy 2, while creating rain, you can make use of the following two types of combos:

• Cloud + Heat
• Cloud + Pressure

Rain In Little Alchemy 2
Adding Pressure.

Heat and Pressure cannot be named as elements of the basic kind. In this case, you need to have a combination of some other types of elements to gather them. In the formation of Heat, you can mix up the following elements:

  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Air = Heat

One of the simplest methods of creating Pressure is just to combine all the elements related to air in any of the following combos:

  • Air + Air
  • Atmosphere + Atmosphere
  • Air + Atmosphere 

As a player makes his way through the game, Little Alchemy 2 offers you several others ways through which you may be able to create all kinds of elements. For example, Heat can be created by mixing up Fire with an Idea. It can also be made by combining Science/Lava with Philosophy.

Furthermore, Pressure can also be formed when you mix up two Oceans or a Geyser and Science.

Importance Of Rain In Little Alchemy 2

After creating the element of Rain and having access to it, there are several mind-blowing things that you can do with it. We are all well aware of the importance rain has in our real lives. Also, for Little Alchemy 2, rain turns out to be just as crucial.

It comes as a part of all the storms, floods, rivers that flow, streams, and even ponds. Rain in Little Alchemy 2 is something that moisturizes plants and even animals. It helps in the formation of rainbows while it snows or is in sunlight.

Moreover, it provides hail when the weather becomes freezing. If there is no rain, then droughts occur, and all the crops lose their life. Also, the river ends up drying. The wildlife also begins to perish.

Process Of Rain In Little Alchemy 2.
Rain In Little Alchemy 2
Raining In Little Alchemy 2.
Acid Rain.

Elements To Make Using Rain

Having rain in Little Alchemy 2 would help you in the addition of 17 elements as it forms them.
These elements that are created due to rain can be natural and manmade.

Following are all the elements that rain can help create:

  • Rain + Air = Mist
  • The Sun + Rain = Rainbow
  • Light + Rain = Rainbow
  • Hill + Rain= River
  • Soil + Rain = Plant
  • Flower+ Rain = Fruit
  • Forest + Rain = Rainforest
  • Flour+ Rain= Dough
  • Electricity + Rain = Lightning
  • Energy+ Rain= Lightning
  • Wind + Rain= Storm
  • Big+ Rain= Flood
  • Rain + Rain = Flood
  • Lake+ Rain + Lake= Flood
  •  River + Rain= Flood
  • Time+ Rain= Flood
  • Human + Rain = Cold
  • Cold+ Rain= Snow
  • Mountain Range + Rain = Snow
  • Ice+ Rain= Hail
  • City + Rain = Acid Rain
  • Smog+ Rain= Acid Rain
  • Smoke + Rain = Acid Rain
  • Sickness+ Rain= Acid Rain
  • Campfire + Rain = Ash
  • Fabric+ Rain= Umbrella
  • Tool + Rain = Umbrella
  • Deity+ Rain = Rainbow Serpent

The game might seem a little animated to you. Considering all the combinations of earthly elements of Landmasses or Moon. Furthermore, thanks to the various combinations of Planet and Sky, it would seem that these all use the real world’s logic.

However, to make rain in Little Alchemy 2, the combinations of elements also have very logical reasons. Let’s go a little back to our formation of the element of Pressure. In Little Alchemy 2, while this element is being formed, when you are doubling up the elements related to air, you increase them, and so the pressure is formed.

Similarly, the pressures of the Ocean and geysers are something that we also see in our daily life.
In addition to that, the same logic can be applied while you are mixing up Water and Lava. It helps in the formation of Steam and Obsidian. 

The same logic is used in this case, where all the actions are very natural in order to make it rain in Little Alchemy 2. Furthermore, a lot of different monsters and various types of myths are also included in the game. 


Little Alchemy 2 is nothing like your usual video game, and it includes several elements that you mix up to create new and different things. Moreover, if you have always been into science and want to become an alchemist, then this game would catch your attention very easily. 

Little Alchemy 2 was created by Jakub Koziol, and Recloak and came out on the 23rd of August in 2017. The game is about crafting certain elements and creating new ones from them. To play this game, you will need to merge the Earth, Air, Water, and Fire so that you can make something completely astonishing out of it.

However, it would help if you were extra careful about the chemicals that you combine and make sure it does not turn up to be a disaster. In our guide, you will also find information regarding how to make Grass and how to make Sand In Little Alchemy 2.

Players will be able to discover about 720 different kinds of items and unlock certain recipes from time, The Universe, or simple matter. In addition to that, Little Alchemy 2 is available on iOS, browser for Web, or on your Android Phones for completely free! Before we dive into how to make rain in Little Alchemy 2, why don’t you have a look at how to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2?

To make it rain in Little Alchemy 2, the first thing that you need to do is make sure all the elements you have gathered are authentic. Moreover, there are three types of various elements that you can combine in Little Alchemy 2 to initiate the rain.

While you are using the element of Rain, a lot of other mind-blowing elements that are also fun to have can be created. There are a total of 800 combinations and elements that are very special and accessible in Little Alchemy 2.

Players need to grab all the items that they want to mix up with the other ones from your menu that are on the right of the screen, and then you need to pull them to the center. Furthermore, what you need to do is take one of the items and put it onto the other one so that they can combine.

You will get additional items along with their recipes as a reward for getting the right, logical combo in Little Alchemy 2. The game gives you plenty of opportunities, but it does get a little chaotic. However, an icon for clearing is available on the top left side. Secondly, if you want to keep a check on how you are progressing, there is another feature that is available at the top of your screen which you can easily access.

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