How To Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2 [SOLVED]

While you might think that you can make a plant just by a few combinations, this is not actually the case. As it is one of the most complex life on Earth, making the element is not easy. Our guide will show you how to make a Plant in a detailed and step-by-step way.

Key Takeaways
  • The Plant is one of the intricate elements in Little Alchemy 2.
  • There are multiple ways in which you can form the Plant element.
  • You can create the Plant element by combining Life and Soil.
  • In order to make Life, put together the Lightning element with any water-based elements such as Lake, Sea, or Ocean.
  • The Soil element can be simply created by combining the Life and Earth elements.
  • On the other hand, you can also make the Plant element by fusing Rain and Soil.
  • Once you have formed the Plant, you will have access to more than 30 combinations that you can try out.

Making Plant In Little Alchemy 2 

The plant is an important element; you will need it to make oxygen, trees, seeds, and even a farmer. It is also an important element as combining its deity will form the Green Man. Plants are living things, and for that, we need to make life first.

Making Life

To make life, you need water-based elements like Ocean, Lake, or the Sea. Combining any of these elements with the Lightning element will make the Plant. To make Lake, Sea, and Ocean, follow the steps below.

The first step is to combine water with other water to form a puddle.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Combine the puddle with another puddle to form a pond.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

The pond, in combination with another pond, will form a lake.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Lake with another lake will form a sea.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

A sea in combination with another sea will form an ocean.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Now, the next step is to make lightning elements to form life.

The first step in making lightning is to form land. To do it, combine earth with earth.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Next, you will have to make the continent. To make the continent combine land with another land.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Once you have the continent element, combine two of these elements to form a planet.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

The next step in making lightning is the atmosphere. To get the atmosphere, you will have to combine the planet with air.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

The resulting atmosphere can be combined with water to form a cloud.

How to make Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Now the final element you need to make lightning is the storm. To make a storm, combine a cloud with another cloud.


Once you have the storm element, simply combine it with land to form lightning.


The lightning element will show up on your screen as a bolt of vibrant golden lightning with a message that reads, “When clouds try to be flashy”.

Now that you have your basic elements like the Lake, Sea, and Ocean, you just have to combine any of these with lightning to form the life element. The life icon will appear as a colorful image of DNA with a message that reads, “It finds a way”.

Making Plant

Now that we have the most important element of life to make our main element, that is, the plant, the next step is to combine it with an element that is related to the plant. While you might think the answer to it might be seed, it is actually not the case. In fact, you will need the plant element to make the seed.

In order to make a plant, you will need the soil element. But before you use soil to make the plant, you need to make the soil first.

You can make the soil easily in the game. To do that, you just need to combine the life element with the earth. In this way, you will get soil.


The soil icon will appear as a pile of dirt plopped on the ground. It will pop up with a message that reads, “The organic scalp of earth, where plants, not hair grow!”.

Now that you have soil, you just need to combine it with the life element to form a Plant. You will see the plant pop on your screen a stem with two leaves with a message that reads, “The original solar-powered organism”.


Alternative Methods to Make a Plant

The plant does not have a single combination, only in Little Alchemy 2. Combining the elements related to plants will make the elements through different combinations. One such example is combining the Tree element with Small or the Grass element with Big.

But make sure you’ve made the Tree and idea-based elements like Big and Small first. This is not the only combination available for making a plant. You can also make a plant by combining the  Earth or Land element with Algae. Combining the Seed element with Soil, Land, Earth, or Water will also yield a Plant.

But make sure first you make all the elements needed for these combinations. You can also combine the Soil you just made with Rain to make a Plant.

To make the Rain element in Little Alchemy 2, consider the following steps:

  • The first step in making the Rain is to form the Land element. For this, you simply have to combine two Earth elements with each other.
  • Once you have the Land element, you need to make the Continent. To make the Continent element, combine two Land elements together.
  • Now, in the next step, we have to make a Planet by combining two continents together.
  • The next step is to make the Atmosphere element. It can be done by combining the Planet we made with one of the basic elements from your element panel, the Air.
  • Now we have to make a cloud; that is the final element we need to make Rain. To make a cloud, simply combine Atmosphere and Water.
  • The final step is to combine the Cloud with water, which will result in the Rain element.

Now that you have Rain, combine the elements with soil to make a plant.

Important Plant-Related Elements 

There are many Plant-related elements in Little Alchemy 2. These elements are very important as most of them are a must in different combinations of other elements. Furthermore, one of the plant-related elements like grass can help you make a Park, Picnic, Lawn, Lawn Mower, Hay, Fence, Scythe, Wheat, Ant, Carrot, and Cow.

Another important element is a Tree in Little Alchemy 2 that can be made by using Plant. The tree can add a lot of elements to your list. These items include Christmas Tree, Family Tree, Fruit, Leaf, Nuts, Sap, Bonsai Tree, Swamp, Dam, Beehive, Treehouse, Lumberjack, Ash, Charcoal, Smoke, Monkey, and Sloth. 

Not only that, but you can even make the Norse Sacred Tree of Life and the universe called the Yggdrasil. You can also make Dryad, the Greek tree spirit. It just shows how much importance the Plant element has in the world of Little Alchemy 2.

Elements To Make Using Plant

The plant is a very important element for us, and Little Alchemy 2 made sure that we don’t forget its importance. The game offers a lot of combinations that you can try with Plant to form a plethora of unique elements. Keep in mind that some of the combinations might require you to buy additional resources and packs for Little Alchemy 2.

You will find more than 30 combinations with Plant.

Below are all of them:

  • Plant + Night = Carbon Dioxide
  • Plant + Carbon Dioxide= Oxygen
  • Plant + Sun = Oxygen & Sunflower
  • Plant + Dawn = Dew
  • Plant + Wind = Pollen
  • Plant + Pollen = Seed
  • Plant + Desert = Cactus
  • Plant + Sand = Cactus
  • Plant + Fog = Dew
  • Plant + Water = Algae
  • Plant + Lake = Seaweed
  • Plant + Sea = Seaweed
  • Plant + Ocean = Seaweed
  • Plant + Cat = Catnip
  • Plant + Earth = Grass
  • Plant + Land = Grass
  • Plant + Boulder = Moss
  • Plant + Rock = Moss
  • Plant + Stone = Moss
  • Plant + Swamp = Peat & Reed
  • Plant + Puddle = Reed
  • Plant + Pond = Reed
  • Plant + River = Reed
  • Plant + Big = Tree
  • Plant + Time = Tree
  • Plant + Wood = Tree
  • Plant + Tree = Forest
  • Plant + Dust = Pollen
  • Plant + Cloud = Cotton
  • Plant + Sheep = Cotton
  • Plant + Fabric = Cotton
  • Plant + Thread = Cotton
  • Plant + Jack-O-Lantern = Pumpkin
  • Plant + Mouse = Squirrel
  • Plant + Flower = Garden
  • Plant + Grass = Garden
  • Plant + Wool = Cotton
  • Plant + Human = Farmer
  • Plant + Farmer = Vegetable
  • Plant + Field = Vegetable
  • Plant + Domestication = Vegetable
  • Plant + Fruit = Fruit Tree
  • Plant + House = Garden
  • Plant + Lawn = Garden
  • Plant + Glass = Greenhouse
  • Plant + Fire = Ash & Smoke & Tobacco
  • Plant + Smoke = Tobacco
  • Plant + Deity = Green Man
  • Plant + Garden = Flower
  • Plant + Rainbow = Flower
  • Plant + Double Rainbow! = Flower
  • Plant + Blade = Rose
  • Plant + Love = Rose
  • Plant + Fence = Hedge
  • Plant + Wall = Hedge & Ivy
  • Plant + Bottle = Vase
  • Plant + Pottery = Vase
  • Plant + Aquarium = Greenhouse
  • Plant + Container = Greenhouse

Little Alchemy 2, just like its prequel, is full of experimentation and allows you to discover new elements from the four basic ones. With a very amusing flavor text and soothing gameplay, Little Alchemy 2 is one of the best educational games right now. With so many different combinations and items to discover and create, such as making moon in Little Alchemy 2, evil and human, one might get lost. Sometimes even trial and error won’t help you get the element you desire. 

This concludes our detailed guide on how to make the Plant in Little Alchemy 2. Hopefully using this method, you will be able to craft the plant easily.

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