How To Make Wind In Little Alchemy 2 [Recipe]

Check out our guide to learn all about how to make Wind in Little Alchemy 2, and it's usage as a recipe for other elements.

The wind is an element in Little Alchemy 2. It is used to create various elements and other useful things. If players are confused about how to make Wind in Little Alchemy 2, they can simply combine the Air element with the Pressure element to form Wind.

Key Takeaways
  • The wind is a key element that can be crafted by combining 2 Air elements to create the Pressure element.
  • Once that is done, players must combine the Pressure element with another Air element to create Wind.
  • It is a key element that is utilized in creating a vast variety of other elements.
  • Many players have wondered how to make Wind without electricity in Little Alchemy 2.
  • The simple answer is electricity is not required to make wind at all.

Making Wind In Little Alchemy 2

  1. In order to learn how to make Wind Little Alchemy 2, players will have to merge 2 Air elements.
  2. This will create the Pressure element. 
Little Alchemy 2 Pressure
The Pressure Element | Image By eXputer
  1. Now, players must combine the Pressureelement with another Air element.
  2. Doing so will create the Wind element.
how to make Wind Little Alchemy 2
The Wind Element | Screenshot By eXputer
  1. In addition, this is the only way how to make Wind Turbine Little Alchemy 2 without electricity.

Recipes List

The wind element is used in the recipes of the following elements.

ElementsRequired Recipe
AeolusDeity, Wind
BlizzardSnow, Wind
ColdWind, Human
DuneWind, Sand/Desert/Beach
ElectricityWind Turbine, Wind
FluteWood, Wind
GustWind, Small
HailIce, Wind
KitePaper, Wind
LeafWind, Tree/ Flower/Orchard/Forest
MotionWind, Science/Idea/Philosophy
PollenWind, Plant/Flower
SailboatWind, Boat/Steamboat
SandWind, Stone/Pebble/Rock
SandstormDesert, Wind
StormWind, Rain
TornadoWind, Storm/Wind/Motion/Big
WaveWind, Ocean/Sea/Lake
Wind TurbineWind, Electricty
WindmillWind, House/Wheel/Flour/Wheat

Little Alchemy 2 is free to play online crafting game that has players combine various elements to form new items. There is a wide catalog of items, with each item having a unique recipe. The game is incredibly relaxing and can be a good time kill.

And there you have it; with our guide on how to make Wind in Little Alchemy 2 without electricity, you will be able to craft this element easily. While you are at it, learning how to make glass is also important, as it has a variety of uses. Also, make sure you learn how to make a Deity and the various combinations you can create with it. Lastly, here is how to make a Cloud, which is one of the main elements in Little Alchemy 2.


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