Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Wheat [SOLVED]

A guide on making wheat in Little Alchemy 2, to make you aware of the very important item of the game. Learn how to make it in order to achieve benefits from it in the game!

To know how to make wheat in Little Alchemy 2 you need to collect a few items and mix them together. Recloak created this game full of alchemy stuff, where the players would create new things by mixing up some things. Initially, you would need to get a mixture of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to produce elements. Check out how to make rain in Little Alchemy 2, and also have a look at how you can metal and nine ways to make wood in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can form Wheat with ease compared to other elements in Little Alchemy 2.
  • There are several steps that you will need to follow in order to make the Wheat element in Little Alchemy 2.
  • You will have to create a Puddle element which is essential to form Wheat. You can get this element by combining Two Water elements together.
  • For the next important step, put together the Metal and Earth elements which will then create the Plow element.
  • The Grass element is another important element that is required in order to make Wheat. You can form this element by combining the Earth and Plant elements. You can further combine Grass with the field element to create the Wheat element. 
  • There are more steps about how to make Wheat which this guide will showcase in detail.
  • You can make unique Items in Little Alchemy 2 by combining the Wheat element with various elements.

Wheat In Little Alchemy 2

To be able to make Wheat is not a big deal. The players have been after the question for so long, even though the game has sometimes given hints or cheats. However, they do not always help. Our guide will give you detailed know-how on wheat, its benefits, and how to make it.

Making Wheat in Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Wheat

Below, there is a detailed guide for you to know how to make Wheat. Follow these steps carefully, do not miss out on any detail, and you will have wheat created in no time. Moreover, knowing how to make wheat would require you to be able to make all the other items as they would help you in the creation of wheat at the end.’

  1. First of all, you would need to make a puddle. Do that by combining water and water together.
    How to Get Wheat
  2. To create energy, players need to mix up fire and fire together.
  3. Similarly, you need to mix up Earth and Earth together so that you can get land in Little Alchemy 2.
  4. In order to make lava in Little Alchemy 2, you need to get a mixture of Earth and Fire.
  5. Next up, you would need a pond. To make a pond in Little Alchemy 2, mix up puddles and water together.
  6. Now, you need to get Stone in the game. To do that, get a combination of lava and air.
  7. You can start making a continent in the game by mixing up earth and land together.
  8. Now, you need to get metal. In Little Alchemy 2, you can get metal by combining fir and stone together.
  9. Now, you need to get a planet in the game. Combine two continents together to form a planet.
  10. Now, you would need to get a piece of the lake in the game. Form a lake by mixing up ponds and water together.
  11. You can make a plow to know how to make Wheat. Make a plow by combining metal and Earth together.

More Steps

  1. You can also get the atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 by mixing up planet and air with each other.
  2. Now, you need to get the sea in Little Alchemy 2. You can do so by combining lake and water together.
  3. Get clouds in Little Alchemy 2 by mixing up the water with the atmosphere.
  4. In order to make a piece of field, get a mixture of plow and Earth.
  5. You also need to have a soup of primordial in Little Alchemy 2. Get it by combining Earth and sea together.
  6. To make it rain in the game, get a combination of water and cloud.
  7. Now, you need to make Life in Little Alchemy 2. Do so by mixing up the primeval soup with energy.
    Little Alchemy 2 Wheat
    Primordial Soup
  8. To enjoy having soil in Little Alchemy 2, get a combination of Life and Earth.
  9. Moreover, you need to get the plant in the game. Mix up rain and soil together for the combination.
  10. You need to have grass for making wheat. Get grass by mixing Earth and plant together. 
  11. Get a combination of grass and field in Little Alchemy 2 in order to get Wheat.

Checking Available Inventory

If there is wheat available in the inventory of the game. Furthermore, to make wheat in other ways, you would need to have the following things in the inventory as well:

  1. Make wheat by having domestication put in grass.
  2. Moreover, you can also have wheat by putting y=the farmer inside the grass.
  3. Having a field in the grass can also help you to know how to make wheat.

Making Items Using Wheat

Wheat can be used in making several other things in Little Alchemy 2. Now, as you already know how to make wheat, let’s discover other items as well. 


You can make beer with the help of wheat. All you got to do is mix it up with alcohol and turn it into beer.


You can mix wheat into the following things to turn it into a scythe:

  • Mix up Ax in wheat to make a scythe.
  • You can also make a combination of blade and wheat to turn it into a scythe.
  • Sword can also be added to wheat to turn it into a scythe.


A silo can be made with the help of wheat by adding the following things to it:

  • Mix up the bank with wheat.
  • Take the barn and combine it with wheat.
  • Mix up wheat and container together to form a silo
  • The farm added into wheat can also turn into a silo
  • House and wheat together can be used to make a silo as well
  • Adding safe to wheat can turn help to turn it into a silo.
  • You can also make a silo by combining wall and wheat together


Making cereal with the help of wheat is not much of a difficult job. Add the following ingredients to wheat and create cereal.

  • Adding chocolate and coconut milk into what can help form a cereal in Little Alchemy 2.
  • Adding just normal milk into wheat can also turn it into a cereal


Get a mixture of alcohol and wheat to form the following items in the game:

  • Mix up fruit in wheat to form alcohol.
  • Adding juice to wheat can also create alcohol


Flour can be made by mixing the following items with wheat

  • Adding rock and stone to wheat can help form flour in the game.
  • You can also mix wind and windmill into wheat to create flour


A windmill can be made with the help of mixing wind with wheat.


The game basically goes by the logic of the player; make sure you combine elements carefully. Unlock brand-new recipes. Playing Little Alchemy 2 is rather an easy job. Grab the items from the main menu and bring them over to the middle screen. Combine both items by putting one over the other. If you make a good combination, you get rewarded with new and different items. Your recipes get presented in the encyclopedia. It can be used to track down your progress and know all the newly discovered items. 

However, combining all the elements does get a little hectic and messy at times, but do not worry. There is an option for clearing up your mess on the top side on the left. Furthermore, you can also make use of the searching option in order to go directly to the elements that you have created. Knowing how to make stone and how to make philosophy in Little Alchemy 2 is also important for making wheat in the game.

There are over 700 different elements to be combined in Little Alchemy 2, where certain types of combos are far more apparent than others. Moreover, you may use more than one ways to create something completely different and new, where some use your logic while others are barely based on your creativity level. Without any further delay, let’s jump right into our topic, which is how to make Wheat.

Little Alchemy seems to be a pretty interesting game. All you need to do is make the right combo, mix up a few ingredients and create something magical every single time. Knowing how to make wheat is a similar thing, don’t rush. Just take your time and create more stuff once you have got the wheat in your hands. 

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