Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Rainbow [SOLVED]

Paint your way to alchemical mastery in Little Alchemy 2 & explore the seven recipes that will result in a vibrant, awe-inspiring rainbow.

Creating a Rainbow out of the basic building blocks of nature is like weaving magic in Little Alchemy 2. In this game, you’re handed four simple treasures to start your adventure: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. With over 1000 different creations waiting to be discovered, one of the most enchanting is the Rainbow. This shimmering arc of colors can be born in seven distinct ways within the mystical lands of Little Alchemy 2. You are about to explore the step-by-step method of painting the canvas with the vibrant hues of a Rainbow!

Key Takeaways
  • There are seven different combinations to create a Rainbow step by step in Little Alchemy 2, that is:
    1. Rain + Light
    2. Water + Light
    3. Cloud + Light 
    4. Prism + Light
    5. Rain + Sun
    6. Water + Sun
    7. Sun + Prism
  • Light is a key ingredient used in four out of the seven recipes.
  • Obtaining the Light element involves several steps, including combining Earth elements to create Land, merging Land elements to make a Continent, and so on.
  • Water + Light is the simplest recipe for creating a Rainbow, as Water is one of the starting elements.
  • The Rainbow element can be used to create various other elements, such as a Butterfly, Chameleon, Crayon, Flower, Gold, Magic, and Wizard.
  • These combinations expand the possibilities and add depth, allowing players to explore and discover new elements.

Creating A Rainbow In Little Alchemy 2

Crafting a Rainbow is both delightful and straightforward, as there are several methods to achieve it. Seven unique combinations result in a Rainbow. 

Element 1Element 2Result

Interestingly, Light plays a crucial role in four out of the seven recipes. Once you obtain the Light elements, you’ll find that making a Rainbow becomes quite effortless. Enjoy the journey of discovering these combinations and unlocking the vibrant beauty of a Rainbow.

Getting The Light Element

making light in little alchemy 2
How to make light in little alchemy 2 [image by eXputer[
In Little Alchemy 2, there are three ways to get Light. I have covered all the combinations for obtaining Light in detail in our comprehensive guide called “How To Make Light Bulbs In Little Alchemy 2.” If you’re interested in illuminating your world, I recommend checking out that guide.

However, if you prefer a quick and straightforward method to get Light, here it is:

  1. Begin by combining two Earth elements to create Land
  2. Next, merge two Land elements to make a Continent
  3. Now, blend two Continent elements, and voila – you have a Planet!
  4. Heat things by mixing Planet with Fire to get the Sun
  5. Create a burst of Energy by combining two Fire elements
  6. Harness the Sun’s power with Energy to make a Solar Cell
  7. Channel the energy of two Solar Cells with the Sun to generate Electricity
  8. Combine two Air elements to create a Pressure
  9. Use Pressure with Earth to create a Stone
  10. Whisk the Stone with Air to get Sand
  11. Heat Sand with Fire to form Glass
  12. Connect Glass with Electricity to invent a Light Bulb
  13. Finally, illuminate your creation by pairing Electricity with the Light Bulb to produce Light

Now that you have light, follow the below combinations to get a colorful Rainbow.

Water And Sun

mixing water and Sun to get rainbow
Combining Water and Sun to get a Rainbow [image by eXputer]
Water is one of the four main starting elements in the world of Little Alchemy 2. This fact makes this recipe extremely simple since one of the ingredients is already handed to the players. However, obtaining the Sun element may pose a challenge for some players.

Below are the steps to conjure up a Rainbow from Water and Sun:

  1. Combine two Earth elements to create Land
  2. Merge two Lands to form a Continent
  3. Next, join two Continents to make a Planet
  4. Heat things by adding Fire to the Planet, and you’ll get a Sun
  5. Lastly, mix Water with the Sun, and behold, a Rainbow is born!

In this magical world of Little Alchemy, you have the power to bring forth a gleaming Rainbow by following these simple steps. Enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of your creation!

Rain + Sun

making rainbow from rain and sun
Combining Rain and Sun to get a Rainbow [image by eXputer]
After a refreshing rain shower on a sunny day, a magical sight appears in the sky—a stunning Rainbow. Similarly, in the enchanting world of Little Alchemy, players can create their very own Rainbow by combining the Rain element with the Sun. Let’s explore the process in detail.

To start, obtaining Rain is a breeze. Simply mix clouds and water, and rain will fall from the sky. Once you have the rain element, the next step is to infuse it with the radiant Sun. By following this step by step, you will witness the emergence of a mesmerizing Rainbow in Little Alchemy 2.

So, harness your alchemical powers, bring together rain and sun, and embrace the enchantment of creating your very own Rainbow in the realm of Little Alchemy.

The Combination Of Sun With Prism

Mixing prism and sun to get rainbow
Mixing Prism and Sun to get Rainbow – image credits: eXputer

The Sun, just like the Light source encountered before, has a recipe that resembles the Light + Prism combination. It’s another looping recipe, which means that to create the Prism element, you still need a Rainbow. This unique twist adds an interesting dynamic.

Let’s explore the steps required to unlock the Prism element using the Sun and Rainbow:

  1. When you mix two Earth elements, you create Land
  2. Combining two Lands forms a Continent
  3. Join two Continents together and voilà, you have a Planet!
  4. Add a touch of Fire to a Planet and suddenly, there’s a Sun
  5. Blend two Air elements and you get Pressure
  6. Pair Earth with Pressure and you’ve forged Stone
  7. Combine Stone with Air and you’ll have Sand dancing in the wind
  8. Heat Sand with Fire and you’ve crafted smooth Glass
  9. Bring Water and Sun together, and a colorful Rainbow emerges
  10. When Glass meets a Rainbow, you’ll capture its beauty in a Prism
  11. Shine Sunlight through a Prism, and you’ll paint the world with a new Rainbow

In this recipe, the Sun and Rainbow work hand in hand to create the extraordinary Prism element. It’s a captivating journey that reminds me of the mesmerizing beauty that Little Alchemy 2 holds.

Creating Rainbow From Light

As earlier mentioned four of the seven methods of obtaining the rainbow included Light. By understanding the processes involved, players can appreciate the magic behind the formation of rainbows even more. Now that you have seen how to get the Light element, let’s take a look at how you can obtain the Rainbow.

Recipe With Water

making rainbow from water and light
Mixing water with light to get Rainbow – image credits: eXputer

Water, one of the fundamental elements in the world of alchemy, is readily available from the beginning of your journey. It serves as an essential ingredient in creating a magnificent Rainbow from Light. The simplicity of this recipe makes it an effortless and delightful process.

All you need to do is combine the Light element you have already obtained with Water. The result? A sparkling, vibrant Rainbow that will capture your imagination and fill you with wonder. It’s a magical transformation that showcases the beauty and harmony of nature’s elements coming together in perfect harmony.

So, grab your Light and let the Water work its enchantment, unveiling a mesmerizing rainbow that will paint the sky with its radiant colors.

Cloud + Light

mixing cloud with light to get rainbow
Method of getting Rainbow by cloud and Light [image by eXputer]
Yes, you can also create a Rainbow by mixing Clouds with a Light element. Follow these steps:

  1. Combine two Earth elements to create Land
  2. Mixing two Land elements results in a Continent
  3. Pair two Continent elements together and you’ll form a Planet
  4. A Planet mixed with Air yields Atmosphere
  5. Combine the Atmosphere with Water and you’ll get a Cloud
  6. Finally, combining Cloud with Light reveals a Rainbow

Through this enchanting process, you have successfully discovered one way to craft a Rainbow. However, let your curiosity guide you further, as there may be more recipes and combinations to explore. Keep experimenting and unlocking the secrets hidden within this wondrous alchemical world.

Combining Light With Rain

rain + light also gives rainbow
Mixing Rain and Light to get a Rainbow – image captured by eXputer

To obtain Rain in Little Alchemy 2, you just need to take an additional step from the previous combination of Clouds. Begin by combining two Cloud elements, and Rain will start to fall from the skies. Now, with Rain in hand, it’s time to bring the magic of a Rainbow into existence.

Merge the Rain with the element of Light, and behold a vivid and enchanting Rainbow will appear before your eyes.

This method is crucial for those on a quest to uncover all the hidden recipes in Little Alchemy 2. While the Cloud recipe alone may get you partway, incorporating the Rain step adds depth and unlocks a whole new realm of possibilities. It showcases the interconnectedness of elements and the intricate balance within the game.

Passing Light Through Prism

Making rainbow from prism and light
Mixing Light and Prism to get a stunning Rainbow [image credits: eXputer]
Little Alchemy 2 mimics real-life phenomena, where passing light through a prism or combining a Light element with a Prism will produce a Rainbow. This attention to detail and realism in the mechanics make it more than just a simple game—it becomes an engaging and immersive experience.

Interestingly, there is a loop recipe in involving Rainbow and Prism. To obtain the Prism element, you need a Rainbow. However, to create a Rainbow, you also require a Prism.

This may seem perplexing at first, but it adds an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to the gameplay, making it even more enjoyable and captivating. It’s like a puzzle within a puzzle, challenging players to think creatively and discover unique combinations.

Here are the steps for making a rainbow from the prism element.

  1. Combine two air elements to create pressure
  2. Mix two sets of pressure to make a stone
  3. Blending stone with air results in sand
  4. Fuse sand and fire to craft glass
  5. Mingle two earth elements to form land
  6. Unite two portions of land to create a continent
  7. Merge two continents to fashion a planet
  8. By adding fire to a planet, you can make a sun
  9. Using water and the sun, you will get a rainbow
  10. Join glass with a rainbow to produce a prism
  11. Lastly, the alliance of a prism and light brings forth another rainbow

By incorporating realistic elements and introducing these intriguing loops, they have created an experience that stimulates curiosity and imagination. It is quite a looping recipe but if you are on a journey to become the ultimate alchemist, you should know this.

Uses Of Rainbow In Recipes

After the spellbinding adventure of conjuring a Rainbow, it’s now time to explore the kaleidoscope of possibilities this element unfurls. Rainbow, with its spectrum of colors, can be the catalyst for an array of imaginative combinations.

Let’s take a glimpse into some of the fascinating elements you can derive from utilizing Rainbow:

  1. Mix an Animal with a Rainbow to create a fantastical Butterfly
  2. Blend a Lizard/Snake/Turtle with a Rainbow and witness the birth of a color-shifting Chameleon
  3. Fuse Wax/Pencil with a Rainbow, and you’ll be sketching with every Crayon imaginable
  4. Watch as a Rainbow meets another Rainbow to create a breathtaking Double Rainbow!
  5. Blossom into a Flower by pairing a Plant/Grass with a Rainbow
  6. Alchemize Gold by blending Metal/Steel with a Rainbow
  7. Unlock the arcane power of Magic by combining Life with a Rainbow
  8. Stir up a pot of Paint by marrying Water/Tool/Pottery/Liquid to a Rainbow
  9. Flaunt your feathers as a Peacock by combining a Bird with a Rainbow
  10. Bend light and color into a Prism by merging Glass/Crystal Ball with a Rainbow
  11. Summon the mythical Rainbow Serpent through divine intervention with Deity/Jörmungandr and Rainbow
  12. Sweeten your day with Sprinkles by Sugar-coating a Rainbow
  13. Take flight as a vibrant Toucan when a Bird flaps its wings through a Rainbow
  14. Gallop into legend as a Unicorn by leading a Horse through a Rainbow
  15. Conjure ancient wisdom as a Wizard by melding Human essence with a Rainbow

By following these combinations, players can unlock the Rainbow element. Additionally, they can explore its potential in creating new and fascinating elements in the world of Little Alchemy 2.

In conclusion, Little Alchemy 2 offers a delightful and immersive experience in which players can create a Rainbow using various combinations. With seven unique recipes, it presents multiple paths to unlock the vibrant beauty of a Rainbow. 

Overall, Little Alchemy 2 captivates players with its realistic mechanics, intricate connections between elements, and the enchanting process of creating different elements like coal, Bread, Livestock, and Motion. Shocked already? Well, let me tell you that Little Alchemy 2 also allows you to make elements like NightAlgae, and Wood.

That’s all from our side, let me know your thoughts and your favorite recipe for making Rainbow in the comments below. Happy Alchemizing! 

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