Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Tool [Explained]

A Tool in Little Alchemy 2 is used to make more unique elements.

Little Alchemy 2 teaches about different real-life things. It tells how certain things are made. One such example is that of Tools. The game tells a basic idea of how Tools are made in real life, and you’ll need to learn Step by step how to make a Tool in Little Alchemy 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Tool in the game requires a lot of steps to make.
  • You can make a Tool using Human or Wood elements.
  • Tools can be made without using Electricity too.
  • Once made, the Tool element helps make tons of different Elements in Little Alchemy 2.

Methods To Make Tool

In the game, there are a few different methods that you can use to make the Tool element. As in real life, you can use the Tool in the game to make other different elements. So, to begin with, we must first check out How to make Tool in the game.

In total, there are two main methods that you can use to make the Tool element. As the game is designed to allow different methods to make an element, all of the methods work. For the first method, the main ingredient you’d require is Human. As for the second method, you’d require Wood. So, here are all the methods that you can use to make Tool in the game.

Mainly, you can use Human to make the Tool element.

  • Wood with Human gives Tool.
  • Adding Stone with Humans gives Tool.
  • You can add Steel with Humans, which also gives Tool.
  • Rock added to Human also gets you Tool.
  • Metal and Human makes Tool.
Step by step, different element make tool in Little Alchemy.
There are different combinations that make Tool. {Image by: eXputer]

Similarly, you can use Wood to make the Tool element too. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Metal added in Wood gives Tool.
  • Stone combined with Wood will get you Tool.
  • Steel and Wood combine to make a Tool.
  • Rock with Wood makes a Tool too.
to make tool, you don't need to use Electricity too in Little Alchemy 2
Wood is also useful to make a Tool. {Image by: eXputer]

Now we’ll explain in our Step by Step guide how you can make Tool elements using Human and Wood in the game. You’ll find everything there is to know about it.

Making Tool Using Humans

Okay so, for our first method, we’d need to make Humans first. Humans invented Tools thousands of years ago. Although they weren’t as effective as they are today, through that invention, Humanity made rapid progress.

  • Adding Water and Earth will make Mud.

We’ll keep Mud Aside and then,

  • Air added to Air makes Pressure.
  • Combining Pressure and Earth will give you Stone.

Now, we’ll use the Mud that we kept aside.

  • Mud and Stone make Clay.

From there, here’s what we’ll do.

  • Add Water and Water to make Puddle.
  • Puddle and Puddle give Pond.
  • Mix Pond and Pond to get Lake.
  • Lake mixed with Lake gives Sea.
  • Adding Sea and Earth gives the Primordial Soup.

From here on, there are two different methods that you can use to finish making Humans. Again, both of these will have the same results. We’ll list both of them so it is easier for to go on with it.

Using Time

If you have unlocked the Time element, then you can go on with this method. Now, remember, you can’t ‘make’ time by combining different elements. You unlock time by unlocking a total of 100 elements. It seems like a big feat, but in reality, if you focus on the game, you’ll unlock time in no time, pun intended.

With time, here’s what you need to do,

  • Combine Primordial Soup and Time for Life.
  • Add Life and Clay finally make Human.
Human element in the game.
To make a Human, you’ll need Life and Clay elements. {Image by: eXputer]

There you have it, you have made the Human element.

Using Energy

If you haven’t yet unlocked Time, then we highly recommend unlocking that first. To know your progress, you can click on the encyclopedia button to the left. It will show you how much more Elements you need to discover to get to time which unlocks discovering 100 Elements.

Okay so, if you haven’t unlocked time, here’s what you need to do.

  • First, add Fire and Fire to get Energy.
  • Energy mixed with Primordial Soup gives you Life.

Then, it’s the same as before,

  • Life added to Clay will make a Human.

Making Tool

Once you have acquired a Human with any of these methods, it is time to make a Tool. For that, there is only one step left. You need Human and Stone, which we made earlier in the game.

  • Human and Stone combined give Tool.

There you have it, you have made the Tool element in the game. But that is not the only way to make Tool. We have another method, which, surprisingly doesn’t include Humans at all.

Making A Tool Using Wood

For our second method, as we’ve already explained, we won’t use Humans. Instead, we’ll be using Wood for it. It might be that you’re giving yourself the challenge to make the Tool element without using Human, or whatever the case may be, just know that it is possible. Wood has been the base of almost all Tools in our history. In Stoneage, Humans used to tie Rocks with Sticks to make some of the basic Tools.

Making Wood Using Time

Time helps make different elements in the game. To get an idea, imagine anything that will need time to develop. That will give you a basic idea of how Time works in the game. You can use it to make Wood too, and we’ll explain how. In addition to that, if you want to learn how to make Tool in Little Alchemy 2 without Electricity, it is one of those methods. Okay so, to make a Tool using Wood, here’s what you have to do.

We’ll first start with these elements;

  • Add Water with Water to get Puddle.
  • Puddle with Puddle will get you Pond.
  • Similarly, Pond added Pond gives Lake.
  • Combine Lake and Lake to have Sea.
  • Earth and Sea make the Primordial Soup.
  • Primordial Soup combined with Time gives you the Life element.
  • When you combine Life and Earth, it gives a Soil element.
  • Add Life and Soil which will give you a Plant.

Here, you’ll need time to make Tool.

  • Add Time and Plant and that will get you Tree.

After making the Tree element, here’s what you need to do.

  • Combining Air and Air gets Pressure.
  • Pressure and Earth combined will give Stone.
  • Stone with Fire makes Metal.
  • Metal and Stone combined make the Blade.
  • When you combine Blade with Metal it gives Sword.

Now, we’ll use the Tree element that we made before.

  • Sword and Tree will finally get you Wood.

It isn’t the only method through which you can make Wood in Little Alchemy 2. There is another method that is possible if you still haven’t unlocked the Time element.

Making Wood Without Using Time Element

If you want to challenge yourself, and want to do something different. Or if you still haven’t unlocked Time Element, here’s what you can do to make Tool in Little Alchemy 2.

  • Start by adding Fire and Fire to make Energy.
  • Add Water and Water which gives Puddle.
  • Then, add Water into a Puddle to make the Pond.
  • In that Pond, add Water to get Lake.
  • Add Lake and Lake to make Sea.
  • When you add Earth to the Lake, you’ll get Primordial Soup.
  • Now, combine Primordial Soup and Energy to make Life.
  • Take the Life element and combine it with Earth to get Soil.
  • When Life is added to Soil, it gives a Plant.

We have made Plant, now we need to make the Big element into a Tree. To make the Big Element, you’ll have to follow these steps.

  • Add Earth and Water to make Mud and keep that aside.
  • Then, make Pressure by adding Air and Air.
  • When you add Pressure and Earth, it makes Stone.
  • Add Stone and Mud to make Clay.
  • When Clay and Life are combined, you’ll get Human.

Human is vital to make Big. From there on, here’s what you need to do.

  • First, we’ll make Land by adding Earth and Earth.
  • Then add Land and Land to make the Continent.
  • Combine Continent and Continent to make Planet.
  • Now, we will make Sun by adding the Planet and Fire elements.
  • Combine Sun with Energy to make a Solar Cell.
  • Then, add Solar Cell with Sun to make Electricity and keep that aside.
  • Add Stone and Air to make Sand.
  • When Fire is added to Sand, it makes Glass.
  • Use the Glass with Electricity to make a Light Bulb.

Complete Making Wood

From now on, we have all that we need to make Big. Here’s how to do it.

  • Add Human and Bulb, it will give you an Idea.
  • Combine an Idea with a Human and you’ll get Philosophy.
  • When you add Philosophy with Planet, you’ll finally get Big.
  • When you combine Big with the Plant, you will make Tree.

Then, you can use the same procedure we have explained earlier to make Sword. When you have a sword, combine it with Tree Element.

  • Add a Tree and Sword to get Wood.
Wood made using different elements.
Make a Wood element by combining a Tree and a Sword. {Image by: eXputer]

Once you have Wood ready, you can go on and make a Tool. For that, you can either use Metal or Stone that you have already created the choice is left to you.

  • Adding Wood and Stone will give you a Tool.

Uses of Tool

These are the two methods that make Tool in Little Alchemy 2. We’ve explained all of the necessary steps that you’d need to make them. You might’ve noticed that they are relatively hard to make. That means they must be pretty important to make further progress in the game. And that is true. Anyways, here’s what you can use the Tool in.

Different element require tool as main source in Little Alchemy 2.
You can make tons of Elements using Tool. {Image by: eXputer]

Free Elements

Now, remember, the game is free-to-play. But there are a few special items you’d need to get the DLC. Anyways, here are all of the Elements you can make with Tool in F2P mode.


To make an Axe, make these combinations:

  • Wood + Tool
  • Lumberjack + Tool


These combinations will get you the Boiler in the game.

  • Pressure + Tool
  • Steam + Tool


The bullet is made by the following combination.

  • Gunpowder + Tool


Make butter using these elements.

  • Milk + Tool


Cashmere element is made using these items.


Cheese is made by using this method.

  • Milk + Tool


The following methods make a Clock element.

  • Time + Tool
  • Sundial + Tool

Coconut Milk

Here’s how you make Coconut Milk.

  • Coconut + Tool


The computer is made by using,

  • Hacker + Tool


To make Fabric, you’ll have to add these.


The factory is made using these elements.

  • House + Tool


The Field in the game can be made using,

  • Earth + Tool
  • Land + Tool
  • Soil + Tool

Fishing Rod

Use these elements to make Fishing Rod.

  • Fish + Tool
  • Piranha + Tool
  • Swordfish + Tool


The following elements make Flashlight.

  • Lamp + Tool
  • Light + Tool
  • Light Bulb + Tool


Hammer is made using these elements.

  • Metal + Tool
  • Rock + Tool
  • Steel + Tool
  • Stone + Tool
  • Woodpecker + Tool


You can make House using these elements.

  • Wall + Tool


Tools also make Human. These are the combinations that you should use.

  • Animal + Tool
  • Monkey + Tool

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower is made using these combinations.

  • Grass + Tool
  • Scythe + Tool


You can make Leather using these elements.

  • Cow + Tool
  • Pig + Tool
  • Sheep + Tool


The lens is made using:

  • Glass + Tool


Use the following combinations to make Machine.

  • Wheel + Tool
  • Tool + Tool
  • Chain + Tool
  • Engineer + Tool
  • Boiler + Tool


Meat is made using different combinations. Here are all of the combinations that use Tool.

  • Livestock + Tool
  • Chicken + Tool
  • Pig + Tool
  • Cow + Tool
  • Animal + Tool
  • Fish + Tool
  • Swordfish + Tool
  • Flying Fish + Tool
  • Shark + Tool
  • Frog + Tool


The tool makes Metal using this combination.

  • Ore + Tool


The microscope is made through these elements.

  • Lens + Tool


You can get Milk using the following items.

  • Cow + Tool
  • Goat + Tool


To make Needle, you’ll need the elements mentioned below.

  • Thread + Tool


Use these combinations to make Omelet

  • Egg + Tool


Paint requires these element combinations.

  • Double Rainbow + Tool
  • Rainbow + Tool


You’ll need the following elements to make Pipe.

  • Tobacco + Tool


Pitchfork is made with these elements.

  • Hay + Tool


Make the Plow using these items.

  • Field + Tool


To make Pottery, you’ll need:

  • Clay + Tool


The rope is made using the following combinations.

  • Wire + Tool
  • Boat + Tool
  • Sailboat + Tool
  • Pirate Ship + Tool


The saddle is made with these elements.

  • Horse + Tool

Safety Glasses

Make Safety Glasses using the following materials.

  • Glasses + Tool


You can make Shovel using these items.

  • Gardner + Tool

Solar Cell

Solar Cells can be made using:

  • Sun + Tool
  • Light + Tool


You can make the Stethoscope using these elements.

  • Doctor + Tool
  • Hospital + Tool
  • Sound + Tool


Sundial is made using these items.

  • Day + Tool
  • Light + Tool
  • Sun + Tool


To make the Sweater, use the following combination.

  • Wool + Tool


The Syringe can be made using:

  • Needle + Tool


To make Thermometer, use these items.

  • Quicksilver + Tool


You can make the Thread using the following combination.


Toolbox is made using these elements.

  • Box + Tool
  • Container + Tool
  • Safe + Tool


If you want to make Umbrella, combine these elements

  • Rain + Tool
  • Storm + Tool


The Wand can be made using:

  • Wizard + Tool


The Wax is made using this method.

  • Beehive + Tool


To make the Wheel, use a Tool with these items.

  • Motion + Tool
  • River + Tool
  • Stream + Tool
  • Water + Tool


Wood can be made using these combinations.

  • Forest + Tool
  • Tree + Tool


Using the following combination to make Wool.

  • Sheep + Tool

DLC Elements

The game has a DLC named Myths and Monsters. When you get it, you’ll unlock more items in the game. Here’s what you’ll get when you combine Tool with them.


Use Zeus from the DLC to make Aegis. Here’s how to do it.

  • Zeus + Tool


The Ankh can be made using these DLC elements.

  • Baast + Tool
  • Maahes + Tool
  • Ra + Tool
  • Tawaret + Tool


With the DLC, use the following Elements to make Axe

  • Paul Bunyan + Tool


Although there are different Bows recipes, if you have the DLC, you can make it using these combinations.

  • Elf + Tool
  • Cupid + Tool


Broom is made using this combo from DLC.

  • Baba Yaga + Tool


You can make Durendal using the following items.

  • Paladin + Tool


Kanabo is made using these Elements.

  • Oni + Tool


Combine these elements to make Lightning.

  • Cyclops + Tool
  • Zeus + Tool

Maul’s Fishhook

Maul’s Fishhook is made using:

  • Maul + Tool


The Hammer of Thor is made using these items.

  • Thor + Tool


Although you can make Pitchfork even without DLC. But, with DLC, here is the combination that you need to do.

  • Demon + Tool


Wine in the DLC is made using:

  • Dionysus + Tool

Final Words

These are all of the combinations that you can get from a Tool element. Our guide is a Step by Step guide on How to make a tool Tool in the educational game. There are different methods that help make a Tool in the game. We also have explained Step by Step what to do when you want to make a Tool without using an Electricity element in Little Alchemy 2. We’re hopeful that the guide will have answered all of your questions on the topic.

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