How To Make Coal In Little Alchemy 2 [SOLVED]

Learn all about how to make Coal in Little Alchemy 2 and its usage in the recipes of various items.

Coal is an element in Little Alchemy 2. It is used to create various elements and other useful things. Learning how to make Coal Little Alchemy 2 is a lengthy process, as it requires you to mix various elements together in a row.

Important: Keep in mind, the Time element is required if players wish to craft the Coal element in Little Alchemy 2 as fast as possible. The Time element can only be created after attaining 100 different elements.
Key Takeaways
  • Coal is one of the trickier elements to create in Little Alchemy 2 as the process is a bit lengthy.
    1. Players will have to combine the Water elements with each other until they make the Sea element.
    2. Afterward, mix Sea with Earth to create a Primordial Soup.
    3. Now, mix Primordial Soup with Time to make the Life element. Similarly, mix Life with Time to create Death.
    4. After this, mix Life and Death to make Organic Matter. 
    5. Finally, combine Organic Matter with Pressure to create Coal.
  • As the Time element is a rare one to acquire, players can opt for crafting this element without using it as well.
  • Although, this makes the recipe extremely long and a bit tedious.
  • The Coal element is utilized in the recipes of many valuable elements such as Fire, Diamondand Steel.

How To Make Coal In Little Alchemy 2

In order to learn how to make Coal Little Alchemy 2, players will have to mix the following elements in the correct order.

  1. Combine Water + Water to make a Puddle.
  2. Mix Puddle + Puddle to create a Pond.
  3. Combine Pond + Pond to create a Lake.
  4. Merge Lake + Lake to create a Sea.
  5. Now, combine Sea + Earth to create a Primordial Soup.
Little Alchemy 2 Primordial Soup
The Primordial Soup Element | Image By Us
  1. After that, mix Primordial Soup + Time to make the Life element.
  2. Merge Life Time to create Death.
  3. Combine Life + Death to create Organic Matter.
  4. Mix Air + Air to create Pressure.
  5. Finally, merge Organic Matter + Pressure to create Coal.
How To Make Coal Little Alchemy 2
The Coal Element | Image By eXputer

Making Coal In Little Alchemy 2 Without Time

  • The Time element can only be attained after creating 100 elements in Little Alchemy 2.
  • In addition, the recipe for Time can also be very tedious.
  • For this reason, players can opt to make Coal without utilizing the Time element. Although, this makes the process a little longer.
Little Alchemy 2 Time
The Rare Time Element | Image By eXputer
  1. Combine Water + Water to make a Puddle.
  2. Mix Puddle + Puddle to create a Pond.
  3. Now, Combine Pond + Pond to create a Lake.
  4. Merge Lake + Lake to create a Sea.
  5. Now, combine Sea + Earth to create a Primordial Soup.
  6. After that, merge Fire + Fire to make Energy.
  7. Add Primordial Soup + Energy to create Life.
  8. Mix Water + Earth to create Mud.
  9. Combine Air + Air to create Pressure.
  10. Now, add Pressure + Earth to create Stone.
  11. Mix Stone + Mud to make Clay.
  12. After this, add Clay + Life to create a Human.
  13. Merge Stone + Air to make Sand.
  14. Combine Sand + Fire to create Glass.
  15. Now, mix Earth + Earth to make Land.
  16. Afterward, create a Continent by mixing Land + Land.
  17. Mix Continent + Continent to create a Planet.
  18. Combine Glass + Planet to create a Telescope.
  19. Join Human + Telescope to make Science.
  20. Now, add Life + Science to craft Organic Matter.
  21. Mix Air + Air to create Pressure.
  22. Finally, add Organic Matter + Pressure to make Coal.

Recipes To Make Using Coal

Coal is utilized in the recipe of the following elements.

DiamondCoal + Pressure
FireCoal + Fire
PencilCoal + Wood
SnowmanCoal + Snow/Snowball
SteelCoal + Metal

Little Alchemy 2 is free to play online crafting game that has players combine various elements to form new items. There are a lot of elements in Little Alchemy 2, with each element having a unique recipe. The rarer items have extremely complex recipes and can prove to be a great time kill.

And there you have it, with our guide on how to make Coal Little Alchemy 2, you will be able to easily craft this tricky element.

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