Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Primordial Soup [2023]

Learn how players will be able to make primordial soup with all the methods that are needed to make it!

Little Alchemy 2 takes its experimental design and offers countless opportunities for players to mix different elements to achieve their desired results. Primordial soup is one of the most crucial ingredients needed to make life, and players might need assistance with knowing Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Primordial Soup!

Key Highlights
  • Primordial Soup is an element that will be the key ingredient required to make life in Little Alchemy 2
  • There are six different methods that players can try to make primordial soup with, most of which will require players to combine different elements. 
  • Two Methods will involve using an ocean and earth, and the other will require the combination of earth and sea. 
  • Two methods will require the use of lava, including lava and ocean, as well as lava and sea!
  • The main benefit of such a wide variety of combinations is that players will have ultimate freedom on which method to choose. 

Earth And Sea 

1st Method
1st Method (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first ways that players will be able to make primordial soup will be with the help of using two main ingredients that will include earth as well as sea

  • When it comes to making earth, players can’t make it since it is considered a basic element, and players will be able to find it right when they enter the game, and it will be needed to make other items. 

There are quite a few methods to create the sea.

  • One of the first ways will be by combining big, which can be made using a galaxy cluster and philosophy, or it can also be achieved by combining philosophy and planet, or combining philosophy and sun, or even combining philosophy and universe. 
  • Once big has been made, players will want to make a lake, and a lake can be achieved by combining a big and a pond, or even by combining by making a small and then combining it with the sea. 

Earth And Ocean 

Second Method
Second Method (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the second method, players will be able to take the combination of the earth, as well as take ocean, and to make an ocean, there are quite a few options that players can go for: 

  • First, make big by using the previous methods, such as combining philosophy and planet, or even by taking philosophy and universe or any of the other mentioned methods. 
  • After that, players want to make the sea, which can also be achieved if they take the lake they have made, which can be made by combining sea and small, or even by taking pond and water, or even by combining pond twice. 
  • Once that is created, players can go ahead and combine sea and use it twice, which will result in them making an ocean

Another method of making the ocean will be as follows: 

  • Water will be considered to be the game’s base element. However, players can combine heat and snow or heat and ice, which will melt it and cause it to make water. 
  • Make a sea, and then go ahead and combine the water and sea to make an ocean. 
  • Then, players can combine earth and ocean to achieve the primordial soup. 

Ocean And Planet 

Third Method
Third Method (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s take a look at the third way of knowing Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Primordial Soup, which will be by combining ocean and planet. If players want to know how to make an ocean, then they can try the techniques that are listed below: 

  • Apart from the previous methods we have mentioned that involve using the sea two times, as well as sea and water, players can also use container and tide together. 

To make tide, there will be four different methods that players can try out to see which fits them best: 

  • Combine the moon, made by using cheese and sky, night and planet, or even by combining planet and stone, or by using sky and stone, or anything else, and then combine it with the ocean that was made before. 
  • The second method will be to use the ocean and combine it with time, which can’t be made since it is one of the base elements found, and it will be used instead to make items. 
  • Another method will be to use the combination of the moon, made by further mixing sky and time, sky and stone, night and stone, night and planet, and mixing it with the sea
  • The final method will be combining sea, made by combining lakes twice, mixing big and lake, or ocean and small, and then combining it with the base element time

Once that has been made, players want to go ahead and create a containerwhich will have philosophy as the main ingredient and can be made by: 

  • Combining chicken and egg (clever) or combining a human and an idea.
  • Containers can be made by mixing a bottle and philosophy, or by combining house and philosophy, philosophy and safe, philosophy and pottery, or anything in between. 

Mix the container and tide together, and you’ve got yourself an ocean, which can be mixed with a planet, and then the primordial soup can be achieved. 

Lava And Sea 

4th Method
4th Method (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the next method that payers can try out, it will be by combining lava and sea, and to make the sea, players can use the method of putting together water which is a based element and then mixing it with a lake, which can be created with the following methods: 

  • Players can use the sea that can be made and then combine it with Small, and the main ingredient behind making small will be philosophy. We have already talked about how players can make philosophy.
  • To make it small, players can go ahead and combine philosophy with ant, or even go ahead and combine both bee and philosophy. Anything considered small, and you use the metaphors to make small, such as confetti, oxygen, a rivulet, scorpion, or even using ozone, a pebble, carbon dioxide, a spider, or even a sea horse. 
  • Combine the lake with the water to get to the sea. 

Now, as for making lava, there will be a few methods that players can try out to know Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Primordial Soup

  • One of the main methods will be by combining earth, which is a base element that cannot be created by itself, and then mixing it with the liquid. There will be three main ways that players can create a liquid
  • A liquid can be made by using an idea and water, and making an idea can be quite simple. 

Using an engineer and a lightbulb, or even by using a lightbulb and science, as well as taking science and philosophy, will result in players getting an idea. Other than that, taking any two professions will give you an idea, such as two alchemists, two astronauts, cyclists, engineers, farmers, gardeners, or divers, or even taking two doctors and putting them together will give players an idea. 

  • Once players have made the lava by mixing the earth and liquid, they can mix it with the sea, giving them a primordial soup

Sea And Planet 

Primordial Soup
Primordial Soup (Image Credits Expu

The fifth method of making a primordial soup will be putting down two more ingredients that will be pretty easy to archive but will still have quite a few methods that it can be made, which will be by combining a sea and planet. To make a planet, players will be able to use the following, one of which will be by combing continents twice

  • There will be four main methods that players can try out to make a continent
  • Players can combine big elements, after which they can go ahead and put together with land, which can be made by either putting together two soils or can also be achieved by combining two piles of earth or even combining a continent and small or by putting together earth and stone or by combining big and soil. 
  • Another method will be by using the combination of earth and land; as mentioned before, the earth cannot be created. 
  • The third method will be to put together two mountain ranges, which can be made after players combine a continent with a mountain. A continent can be made by using two lands, or one earth and land, or one big and one land, while a mountain can be made using big and earth, earth and earthquake, two hills, one earthquake, and one hill, or one earth and one hill or more. 
  • The fourth method will involve simply combining two lands, and land can be achieved by using big soil, by combining two piles of earth, by putting together two soils, or by placing together earth and stone. 

After this is done, simply make a sea, and combine it with the planet to make primordial soup.

Lava And Ocean

The final method that players can try out if they want to make primordial soup will be to use lava and ocean, and the lava can be made by using two more methods as compared to the ones we mentioned before.

  • One of the methods to make it will be by using earth, as well as fire, which will already be offered up to players as a base element; however, players are also able to combine the use of alcohol

Alcohol can be achieved by combining fruit and sun or by putting together juice and wheat, or players can also go ahead and make a mixture of juice and time or fruit and wheat. 

Fire can also be achieved by mixing fire, as well as coal

  • Another method of making lava will be by using earth and heat, and there are many ways that players can try to make heat, one of which will be to make a mixture of fire and science or by putting together philosophy and lava. It can also be made by combining energy and air. 


And there we have it! All the ways that players can make primordial soup, and with that, we will wrap up our Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Primordial Soup guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our How To Make Blade In Little Alchemy 2 guide?

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