How To Make Livestock In Little Alchemy 2 [All Recipes]

This guide includes all details required on how to make Livestock Little Alchemy 2 and all the uses of Livestock too!

If having a few animals just isn’t cutting it, Little Alchemy 2 has the solution. You can make your own Livestock in the game, which is fairly easy! This guide is a How to Make Livestock in Little Alchemy 2 step-by-step guide, where all the different recipes have been discussed. Check which recipe is the best for you, considering your own inventory, and then begin creating.

Key Takeaways
  • Little Alchemy 2 has many elements to create, and one of these is Livestock
  • Livestock is a very useful element as it is a main ingredient in many recipes.
    1. To make Chicken.
    2. To make Meat.
    3. To make Babe the Blue Ox.
  • There are four different recipes for making Livestock in Little Alchemy 2
  • The main ingredient for all four recipes is Animal.
  • Other elements include Barn, Domestication, Farmer, and Field.
  • The quickest method to make Livestock is by combining fields with ‘Animals.’

Recipes To Make Livestock

Making Livestock in Little Alchemy 2 has four separate recipes, but there is one similarity in all of them. Each recipe requires the use of the Animal Element, making it the prerequisite to creating Livestock. All recipes have been listed below.

  1. Animal + Barn
  2. Animal + Domestication
  3. Animal + Farmer
  4. Animal + Field

How To Make Animal

animal used in the how to make livestock little alchemy 2 guide.
Animal in Little Alchemy 2.

Since Animal is the main requirement for all the recipes, making that is of the utmost priority. You can follow the steps below and easily make an Animal yourself. It is recommended to make Animal before you proceed to any other recipes, so no matter what you choose, you can make it in a jiffy.

  1. Combine Earth and Earth to create Land.
  2. Join Fire and Fire to make Energy.
  3. Combine Water with Water to create Puddle.
  4. Combine Water with Puddle to make Pond.
  5. Mix together Pond with Water to make Lake.
  6. Join Lake and Water together to make Sea.
  7. Mix Earth and Water to procure Primordial Soup.
  8. Join Energy and Primordial Soup to Make Life.
  9. Finally, Join Life and Land to create Animal.

Method # 1: Animal + Barn

The first recipe in how to make Livetsock Little Alchemy 2 involves combining together Animal and Barn. Since Animal has already been made, let’s proceed toward making the Barn.

barn used in livestock creation little alchemy 2
Barn in Little Alchemy 2.

Making a Barn has never been easier, so just follow the steps below.

  1. Join together Earth and Fire to create Lava.
  2. Mix Air and Lava together to make Stone.
  3. Combine a Stone with another Stone to create a Wall.
  4. Combine Fire with Stone to make Metal.
  5. Now, join Wall with Wall to Make a House.
  6. Mix Earth with Metal to make a Plow.
  7. Mix Earth and Plow together to create a Field.
  8. Finally, join Field and House together and make Barn

Now that all requirements for this method have been fulfilled, to create Livestock, just combine together Animal and Barn. 

Method # 2: Animal + Domestication

Another recipe to create Livestock involves combining Domestication with Animal since Livestock are domesticated animals. Below you can find the steps to easily create Domestication. 

Domestication in Little Alchemy 2.
Domestication in Little Alchemy 2.

The steps below can be used to make Domestication; make sure to follow the steps exactly.

  1. Combine Fire with Fire to make Energy.
  2. Combine Earth with Earth to create Land.
  3. Join Earth with Water to make Mud.
  4. Mix together Earth and Fire to create Lava.
  5. Join 2 ‘Water’ together to make a Puddle.
  6. Mix Air and Lava together to get Stone.
  7. Combine Water with a ‘Puddle’ to make a Pond.
  8. Mix Pond with Water to make a Lake.
  9. Mud and Stone will then combine to make Clay.
  10. Lake will be joined with Water to make Sea.
  11. Then, Earth is combined with Sea to make Primordial Soup.
  12. Energy is joined together with Primordial Soup to make Life.
  13. Life is then joined with Life to make an Animal.
  14. Clay and Life are joined together to make a Human.
  15. Finally, join ‘Animal’ and ‘Human’ to produce Domestication.

Since all prerequisites for this method have been met, Livestock can be created in a singular step. Combine together Animal and Domestication, and you will have successfully made Livestock.

Method # 3: Animal + Farmer

The third method for making Livestock includes the involvement of Animal and Farmer, more so, the union of both elements. Since Animal has already been procured, now it is time to get to Farmer.

Farmer used in the how to make livestock Little Alchemy 2 guide.
Farmer in Little Alchemy 2.

Follow the steps below to easily create Farmer.

  1. Join Fire with Fire to make Energy.
  2. Join Earth with Water to make Mud.
  3. Mix together Earth and Fire to make Lava.
  4. Combine Water with another Water to make Puddle. 
  5. Combine together Air and Lava to make Stone.
  6. Puddle is then joined with Water to make a Pond.
  7. Fire and Stone join together to make Metal.
  8. Water further joins a pond to make a Lake.
  9. Earth and Metal combine together to form a Plow.
  10. Mud is joined together with Stone to create Clay.
  11. Lake is then joined with Water to make Sea.
  12. Earth and Sea are joined to make a Primordial Soup.
  13. Energy joins hands with Primordial Soup to make Life.
  14. Clay and Life make Human.
  15. Finally, Humans and Plows are joined together to make a ‘Farmer.’

All requirements for this method have been successfully created; join together Animal with Domestication, and you will have successfully created Livestock.

Method # 4: Animal + Field

The final method involves the unionization of Animals and Fields. The steps to create a Field can be found below. 

Field in Little Alchemy 2.
A field in Little Alchemy 2.

Ensure to follow the steps below exactly as shown to easily create a Field.

  1. Earth is joined with Fire to make Lava.
  2. Lave is then joined with Air to make Stone.
  3. Fire and Stone join to make Metal.
  4. Earth and Metal then combine to make Plow.
  5. The Plow is joined with Earth to finally make a Field.

Uses Of Livestock

Livestock is of utmost importance in Little Alchemy 2, and now that you know about making Livestock, let’s move further on to its uses.

Element  Recipe
  • Livestock + Axe
  • Livestock + Sword
  • Livestock + Tool
  • Livestock + Butcher
  • Livestock + Barn
  • Livestock + Farmer
  • Livestock + Field
  • Livestock + Grass
  • Livestock + Bird
  • Livestock + Egg
  • Livestock + Christmas Tree
  • Livestock + Santa
  • Livestock + Cloud
  • Livestock + Hill
  • Livestock + Land
  • Livestock + Wool
  • Livestock + Desert
  • Livestock + Dune
  • Livestock + Sand
  • Livestock + Barn
  • Livestock + Hay
  • Livestock + Horseshoe
  • Livestock + Saddle
Babe the Blue Ox
  • Livestock + Giant
  • Livestock + Paul Bunyan
  • Livestock + Hill
  • Livestock + Mountain Range
  • Livestock + Mountain
  • Livestock + Mud

That about wraps it all up, folks. This is all there is to know regarding how to make Livestock, so make sure to put it to good use! Check out other Little Alchemy 2 recipes, such as How To Make Fabric or maybe Deity. Let us know in the comments below if you would like any more guides like this one!

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