How To Make Evil In Little Alchemy 2 [SOLVED]

The guide covers steps of making Evil in Little Alchemy 2 and the possible combinations you can make using Evil.

Little Alchemy 2 requires you to combine different elements to create new ones unless you want to add some fun to the world you are creating. If you want to create some conflict in your world, you will create some evil. The guide will cover details on how to make Evil in Little Alchemy 2, so it will be really helpful for you if you are a beginner. While you’re at it, why not read our how to make Time in Little Alchemy 2 guide.

[Key Highlight] Basically, you need Human and Pandora’s Box elements to make Evil.

Step by Step guide in Little Alchemy 2
Step by Step Guide to Making Evil

At this point, creating Evil may sound difficult but do not worry; we have got you covered, as the next-mentioned steps will guide you from downloading the Pack and creating Evil to making new elements using Evil. 

Downloading Myths and Monsters Content Pack

The first step is to download the Myths and Monsters Pack either on your Android or iOS. We have covered the downloading procedure for both. 

For iOS Users

For iOS users, when you open the Little Alchemy 2 App, you will see a store icon on the upper left corner of the screen. Tapping on this icon will make another window pop up on your screen. 

For Android Users

For Android users, opening the Little Alchemy 2 will display the store icon at the bottom of the page with other menu options. The window that will appear has a purchase option for Myths and Monsters Pack, which only costs 2.99$. 

You can pay either by going back to the main window and purchasing the Myths and Monsters pack from there or by purchasing this Pack by tapping on the small purple bag on the main window that is the info page. Once the payment is made, the Myths and Monsters Pack is ready for you to enjoy. 

Accessing The Elements in Myths and Monsters Pack

After downloading the Myths and Monsters Pack, you will have access to the basic elements such as Immorality, Good, Monster, and Evil. On the subject of immortality, read our Little Alchemy 2 immortality guide and learn how to make it.

The list of items, heroes, and creatures you will get access to after downloading the Myths and Monsters pack are as follows.

  • Achilles – Trojan War’s Hero of the Greek
  • Baba Yaga – A ferocious old woman (Supernatural being)
  • Book of the Dead – Egyptian funerary text containing magic spells that will help in the journey of the dead.
  • Chimera – Fire-breathing female monster having a lion-like front, goat-like middle, and dragon-like back
  • Cupid – Ancient Roman god of love serving as one of the symbols of Valentine’s day
  • Curse – Invoking a supernatural power that will inflict harm or punishment
  • Elf – Supernatural being with magical powers and beauty.
  • Gargoyle – Guardians, protecting and frightening away evil spirits
  • Heaven – A place where supernatural beings like gods, angels, souls, and saints stay
  • Holy Water – Water that has been blessed by religious clergy used to ward off evil spirits.
  • Kraken – A sea monster with tremendous size and strength, similar to Octopus
  • Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer.
  • Mount Olympus – Home of the Greek gods and the highest mountain of Greece.
  • Pandora’s Box – Is a Greek artifact that releases physical and emotional curses on the mankind on its opening
  • Poseidon – Greek god of the sea
  • Sandman – A spiritual being that puts people to sleep and brings good dreams by sprinkling magic sand into their eyes.
  • Thor – Greek god of thunder
  • World Turtle – A cosmic turtle that bears the entire world on its shell.
  • Zeus – Greek god of the sky and the ruler, protector, and father to all gods and humans

Creating Human

Little Alchemy 2: How to make Deity
Human in Little Alchemy 2

Creating a Human is not that difficult; you just need to know all the steps to create it. Creating Human begins with combining base elements Earth and Water to create Mud and ends with combining Life with Clay to create a Human. There are various steps in the middle, but you do not need to worry as we have covered all of them in the formulas below. 

  • Earth + Water = Mud
  • Fire + Fire = Energy 
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Air + Lava = Stone 
  • Stone + Mud = Clay 
  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Puddle = Pond
  • Pond + Pond = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Primordial Soup + Energy = Life 
  • Life + Clay = Human

Creating Pandora’s Box 

Creating Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box in Little Alchemy 2

The next step is to make Pandora’s box which starts by combining Air and Fire to form Smoke and ends with combining Chimney and Santa to create a gift (Pandora’s Box). The steps in the middle are covered as formulas below.

  • Human + Immortality = Deity
  • Air + Fire = Smoke
  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud 
  • Cloud + Water = Rain
  • Rain + Soil = Plant
  • Fire + Stone = Metal
  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Wall = House
  • Air + Stone = Sand
  • Sand + Fire = Glass
  • Earth + Metal = Plow
  • Plow + Earth = Field
  • Field + House = Barn
  • Fire + Life = Phoenix
  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg
  • Barn + Egg = Chicken
  • Chicken + Egg = Philosophy 
  • Planet + Philosophy = Big
  • Big + Plant = Tree
  • Fire + Planet = Sun 
  • Sun + Energy = Solar Cell
  • Solar Cell + Sun = Electricity 
  • Electricity + Glass = Light Bulb
  • Light Bulb + Tree = Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Tree + Human = Santa
  • Smoke + Stone = Chimney
  • Chimney + Santa = Gift

Creating Evil 

Making Deity
Deity in Little Alchemy 2

Now, you have Human and Pandora’s Box created; the next step is to create Evil by Combining these two.

Human + Pandora’s Box = Evil

After Unlocking Evil, there are various other combinations you can make to have more fun. Some of these combinations are given below, but you can always explore other options.

  • Evil + Angel = Demon
  • Box + Evil = Pandora’s Box
  • Diety + Evil = Demon
  • Evil + Heaven = Hell

Easiest Way to Make Evil

Making Evil guide
Making Evil in Little Alchemy 2

You can easily create Evil in Little Alchemy 2 just by downloading the Myths and Monsters Pack, which has four basic elements, including Evil too. However, if you want to have fun playing Little Alchemy 2 and want to adapt the longest way, the following guide will be helpful for you. 

The main goal is to create Human and Pandora’s Box, as you will need these two elements to create Evil. This sounds easy but gets difficult in the long run. The following guide will discuss in detail the steps of making Human and Pandora’s box before diving into the depth of creating Evil. 

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