Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Thread [All Methods]

Here are all the methods to make Thread in Little Alchemy 2.

Thread has a lot of useful implications in Little Alchemy 2. If you are looking to advance your way into the textile industry, you won’t be able to get started without Thread. Thread is essential to make fabric and has several other practical uses. There are four ways you can get thread, but all of them require you to have cotton.

Key Highlights

  • You can Combine Cotton itself to make a Thread.
  • Another way to make Thread is to combine Cotton and a tool
  • Additionally, you can combine Cotton with a Machine or a Wheel to make a Thread
  • Thread is used in every recipe for Fabric, so you can’t make it without Thread.

All 4 Ways To Make Thread

 Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Thread
All Ways To Make Thread- [Image credit: eXputer]
Thread is pretty easy to get, and you can get it in many ways. You need to combine two things to create anything in the game. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Trying to get to that thing requires you to research and build many other things in the process. The Four Ways to make Thread are

  • Mixing cotton with itself.
  • Adding a tool to cotton.
  • Throwing cotton in a wheel.
  • Putting cotton inside a machine

Mixing Cotton With Cotton To Make Thread

Mixing Cotton With Cotton

Combing Cotton And Cotton- Image by eXputerSeeing as all recipes in the game requires two things, you’re in luck. Thread is one of the few items in the game that can be made by mixing one thing with itself. Since you only have to craft one thing now, it will be way faster and require fewer steps to craft thread this way. 

Here is how to make a thread step by step in Little Alchemy 2.

  1. The first thing you will need is to make cotton; for that, you will need to start by Mixing Earth with more Earth
  2. Once you have Land adding more Earth will lead to a Continent
  3. To get Planet mix together two continents.
  4. Now add some Air to the Planet to get an Atmosphere
  5. A Cloud can easily be formed by adding water to the Atmosphere.
  6. Now that we have a cloud, you need to make Energy. You can combine two fires together for that. 
  7. Keep that energy aside for now, and mix two water to create a puddle
  8. Continue adding water to the puddle and its results until you get to the Sea. So it should go something like a puddle, Pond, Lake, and then finally Sea.  
  9. Now simply add Earth to the Sea and create Primordial Soup.
  10. Use the Energy we made early and combine it with the Primordial Soup to create Life
  11. Give Life to your Earth and create Soil
  12. Add water to the cloud from before to make it Rain
  13. Once you have rain, combine it with soil to get a Plant
  14. Then use the Cloud on the Plant again and get Cotton.
  15. The final step will be to just add cotton to itself, and you have made Thread

We would recommend using this way since it is the fastest, and you are already making cotton for all the other recipes anyway. 

Making Thread From Tool and Cotton

Little Alchemy 2 Combing Cotton And Tool
Combing Cotton And Tool – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

You can also make Thread differently by using what you already have, such as a tool. Here is how you can make Thread in Little Alchemy 2 step by step. 

  1. We need are going to need a tool and cotton for the second method, so let’s start off by getting Land by mixing together 2 Earths.
  2. Make a Continent by adding a bit more Earth to Land. 
  3. Once you have a Continent combing two of them will make a Planet.
  4. To get an Atmosphere, add air to the planet. 
  5. Mixing the Atmosphere with some Water will give you a Cloud.
  6. Add some Water to the Cloud and make Rain
  7. Keep that aside and mix together 2 Fires and 2 Waters and make Energy and a Puddle
  8. Add more Water to the Puddle and form a Lake and keep going till you get to Sea
  9. You can add Earth to the Sea to get Primordial Soup.
  10. Make Life by mixing the Energy from before with Primordial Soup. 
  11. Mix together Life with Earth to make Soil
  12. Use Rain on the soil and make a Plant
  13. Combine Plant with cloud to get Cotton.
  14. Now Combine Air with Air to create some Pressure.
  15. Add that Pressure to Earth to get a Stone.
  16. Mix Water with Earth to make Mud.
  17. Combine Mud and Stone to Make Some Clay.
  18. Make A Human by putting some Life into the Clay.
  19. Now All you need is to get some Metal. For that, Heat up your Stone By mixing it with Fire.
  20. Give the Metal to the human, and you’ll get a tool.
  21. Now Mix Cotton and Tool together to get Fabric

Combine Cotton And Wheel To Make Thread

How To Make Thread With Cotton And Wheel
Combing Cotton And Wheel – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Another fun and easy way to make Thread in the game is by using Cotton and a wheel. It’s going to be pretty simple if you follow the step-by-step instructions on how to make cotton below. 

  1. To start off, Mix together 2 Earths to make Land.
  2. Add more Earth to the land and make a Continent.  
  3. Combine a Continent with itself to make a Planet.
  4. Add air to the planet you just made to make an Atmosphere
  5. Make a Cloud with water and Atmosphere.
  6. Then make Rain by combining that cloud with water. 
  7. For Energy get a Fire and Mix it with another Fire
  8. Add Water to Water to make a Puddle.
  9. Add more Water to the Puddle and form a Lake and keep going till you get to Sea
  10. Now Primordial Soup can be made by mixing Earth with the Sea.
  11. Combine Energy with Primordial Soup and get Life
  12. Add Life to Earth and get Soil
  13. Use Soil with Rain to create a Plant
  14. Once you have a plant just add a cloud to it to get Cotton.
  15. Air plus Air will make Pressure.
  16. Put pressure on Earth to get Stone.
  17. Combine Water and Earth to make Mud.
  18. Make Clay by mixing Mud and  Stone.
  19. Give the Clay some Life and make a Human.
  20. For Metal, mix fire and Stone.
  21. Make a tool by giving Metal to a Human.
  22. Simply add water to the tool and make a Wheel.
  23. Finally, combine both the Wheel and Cotton together and make a Thread.

Combining Cotton and Machine To Get Thread

Mix Cotton And Machine
Combing Cotton And Machine – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The Final method to make Thread in Little Alchemy 2 requires you to make a machine. This one is the longest of all the methods of making Thread in Little Alchemy 2. However, it is just one extra step, so you won’t notice the difference and get a Machine out of it.

  1.  You will need Land to start off, so use two Earths for that. 
  2. Keep adding Earth to Land to get a Continent.  
  3. Mixing two continents will give you a Planet.
  4. To get Atmosphere, you need to add Air to your Planet. 
  5. Now mix water with the Atmosphere to make a cloud.
  6. Then add more water to make it Rain
  7. Make some Energy by mixing 2 Fires.
  8. Make a Puddle by adding water to water.
  9. Mix more water with the puddle to get a Pond and continue till you get to Sea. 
  10. You can now make Primordial Soup by mixing Earth with the Sea.
  11. You can now create Life by mixing the Primordial Soup with Energy. 
  12. Then Add Life to Earth and get Soil
  13. Now mix Rain and Soil together, and you will make a Plant
  14. Plants mixed with a Cloud will get you Cotton.
  15. Now mix together Air with more Air to create Pressure.
  16. Add Pressure to Earth and make Stone.
  17. You can make Mud with water and Earth.
  18. Make Clay by mixing Mud and  Stone.
  19. Then you can make Humans by giving Life to clay.
  20. Now throw that Stone in the Fire and get Metal.
  21. You can now make a Tool out of Metal and a Human.
  22. Mix two tools with each other and create a Machine.
  23. Add Cotton to a Machine and create Thread.

Uses Of Thread

Mix Thread And Tool- [Image credit: eXputer]
Combing Thread And Tool- Image Captured by us
Thread has a few uses in Little Alchemy two, but its most essential use is to create Fabric. Without Thread, you will be unable to Make Fabric. You can combine Thread with a number of things to create items such as Candles and Cotton Candy. Additionally, you can reserve an engineer and turn it back into Cotton. 

Final Words

You can also make all types of fun animals in Little Alchemy 2, such as a Dog, Chicken, or even a Wolf. Moreover, if you want to create some fun things, check out our how to make time and how to make Good guides. 


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